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26 11 Repurposing drugs on a heterogeneous network
This project aims to predict new therapeutic indications for small molecules. We will focus on repurposing drugs for well-studied complex human diseases, relying on recently-available high-throughput data sources. The approach is integrative, seeking to combine multiple information domains throug...
9 4 Microbial resistance to disinfectants in animal shelters
Each year animal shelters provide essential care for millions of animals, many of which enter the shelter without receiving any prior veterinary care. Animal shelter housing typically has high occupancy of highly stressed, potentially immunosuppressed animals. Consequently disease transmission is...
19 9 ThinkLab meta
Meta is a project to discuss ThinkLab itself. We welcome your feedback in all areas. What features would you like to see? Which parts of the site need improvement? How can we do a better job growing the community? What can we do to help science become more open, collaborative, and efficient?


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