Thinklab is promoting public discourse that's more civil, rational, and intellectually honest

How it works

Content is curated by experts

Facebook and Twitter have created a world where content proliferates based on the rather thoughtless immediate reactions of people who have little understanding of the subject matter. It's why we have "fake news". Thinklab offers an alternative for people that care about truth. Our algorithms identify the most respected people in their fields, and we curate content based on what those people are sharing and saying.

Incentives for intellectually honesty civil dialog

Social media has been rewarding outrage, exaggeration, and dishonesty. Political polarization has increased and it's become difficult to have civil conversation. Thinklab aims to reverse this trend through an algorithm that respects expertise, and through new social sharing buttons that explicitly reward certain types of content and behavior. We want to reward thought provoking content that challenges people, makes them think, and potentially alters their views. And we want to reward people for engaging opposing ideas and people with honesty and civility.