How it works: promoting better public discourse

Thinklab's mission is to promote public discourse that's more civil, rational, and intellectually honest. We have several strategies to accomplish this:

  • Strategy 1: Building a movement for a new political center

    Political polarization has reached extreme levels as the left and right are barely talking to each other. Thinklab is taking advantage of this opportunity to build a movement for a new political center. A movement that has civil, rational, and intellectually honest conversation as it's core values.

  • Strategy 2: Expert news curation to tackle "fake news"

    Facebook has created a world where news propagates based on the immediate reactions of people with little expertise who (often) are only reading headlines. The result is a lot of content of dubious quality that simply reinforces narratives of one side's moral virtue while generating outrage about the other side's lack thereof. When everyone has their own facts -- and when people don't respect each other -- conversation becomes almost impossible. Thinklab is reversing this trend through news communities where content is curated by the thoughtful response of subject matter experts that are respected amongst their peers and accountable to the community. We're calling these people "community thought leaders". We expect this to go a long way towards tackling fake news and creating an environment where civil, rational, intellectually honest public discourse can flourish.

  • Strategy 3: A unique crowdfunding model

    Thinklab is pioneering a unique model to financially support the journalists, academics, intellectuals, and content creators on our platform. Here's how it works: individuals and organizations pledge money each month to support healthy public discourse related to one of our news communities. We then distribute that money to people in the community according to metrics that approximate the value they're adding. These metrics are derived from the actions/opinions of the community's thought leaders. This model has three positive impacts: it removes the corrupting influence of advertising, it spreads financial support to a larger portion of the community (not just the superstars), and it gives us the flexibility to reward certain types of content and behavior that we expect to be highly beneficial to the public good.

  • Strategy 4: Rewarding socially beneficial content and behavior

    We believe it benefits society for people to have civil, intellectually honest public conversation on difficult topics. For this reason we will be introducing content rating buttons to allow people to identify and reward such content/behavior. Another button will allow people to identify and reward thought provoking content that tackles group think and expands peoples minds. The people involved with creating this type of content will benefit from increased exposure and a bigger portion of the monthly payouts.