Global Development

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#1 Nancy M. Birdsall 
Founding president Center for Global Development . Tweeting mostly on dev issues. Views are my own not necessarily (but probably) ok at
#2 David McKenzie 
Development Impact blogger, World Bank researcher focusing on small businesses and migration, All Blacks fan...
#3 Charles Kenny 
Senior Fellow Center for Global Development, columnist Businessweek and Foreign Policy, author Getting Better & The Upside of Down
#4 David Evans 
Development economist tweeting about education, health, social protection, impact evaluation, & African lit. Tukopamoja = We Are Together in Kiswahili
#5 Rachel Glennerster 
Development economist, researcher, ex policy maker. Tweet on translating evidence into policy, West Africa, education, governance, life.
#6 Markus Goldstein 
development economist and dad
#7 Ruth Levine 
Participant-observer in the development community, impressed by arguments that use facts; all tweets personal views; RTs not endorsement. No longer .
#8 Duncan Green 
Links/RTs from Oxfam Strategic Adviser. Usual disclaimers. New book (2016): HCH FP2P development blog
#9 Vijaya Ramachandran 
Senior Fellow, . Private sector, finance, growth, transparency, Africa. Views are my own.
#10 Paul Niehaus 
Co-founder @ GiveDirectly, Segovia; Associate Professor @ UCSD.
#11 Justin Sandefur 
Senior Fellow | Development economics | Global poverty & inequality | Education | Data & evaluation
#12 Seth Berkley 
CEO of , the Vaccine Alliance. Medical doctor specializing in infectious disease epidemiology and global health.
#13 Dina D. Pomeranz 
Development economics prof , formerly | Board member | Fellow | Faculty affiliate
#14 Makhtar Diop 
World Bank Vice President #Africa passionate about #economicdevelopment #education, #energy, #sport & opportunity for all.
#15 Orin Levine 
Vaccines, global health, researcher, advocate, father, husband, fly fisher. Gates Foundation Director but tweets are my own.
#16 Bill Savedoff 
Eclectic economist at large (... and Sr Fellow ). Views in T's are mine; in RT's are theirs.
#17 Karen Grepin 
Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University: #globalhealth #maternalhealth #healtheconomics & the occasional bowl of ramen
#18 Karthik Muralidharan 
Development Economist at UC San Diego; Focus Areas: Education, Health, Social Protection, Program Evaluation, Public Finance, Service Delivery
#19 Martin Ravallion 
Strives to use ideas, data and analysis to help fight the scourge of global poverty. More at
#20 Owen Barder 
Vice President & Europe Director . Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes economics, evidence, ending poverty, feminism, triathlon, tech.
#21 Amanda Glassman 
COO & Senior Fellow - global health policy with a focus on financing and economics. Board Tweets are personal views, RT not endorsement.
#22 Bill Gates 
Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...
#23 Arianna Legovini 
impact evaluation research to mobilize change in development policy--healthy disregard of rules--subversion of status quo
#24 Michael Clemens 
Fellow +. My views only. Assoc. Editor & . Author of , coming in 2018. YouTube:
#25 Shanta Devarajan 
Shanta Devarajan is the Senior Director for Development Economics at the World Bank
#26 Peter A Singer, OC 
Chief Executive Officer of Grand Challenges Canada 🇨🇦. Senior Advisor to Director General. Here I speak for myself alone.
#27 Mushfiq Mobarak 
Development Economist at Yale
#28 Andy Sumner 
Development Economist (kind of), King's College London & #PoliticalEconomy of #Poverty #Inequality #Growth #Aid
#29 Alix Zwane 
CEO Evidence, scale, justice. Berkeley, Google, Gates, Evidence Action. YGL. Wife, mom, cook. Bench presses. High heels. Views own.
#30 Mark Suzman 
Chief Strategy Officer & President Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Tweets my own, interested in all things development & education
#31 Dean Yang 
Development economist. Researcher on migration, microfinance, behavioral econ. Prof at and . Born and raised in Manila, Philippines.
#32 Jeffrey D. Sachs 
Director of the and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network ()
#33 Andrew Zeitlin 
Assistant Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
#34 Sue Desmond-Hellmann 
CEO of , MD, MPH
#35 Dean Karlan 
Economics Professor, Yale University; President and Founder, Innovations for Poverty Action; co-Founder, stickK; co-Founder, ImpactMatters
#36 Seema Jayachandran 
Development economist. Tweets mostly about economics + other social science research that catches my fancy.
#37 Todd Moss 
By day, energy & Africa . Board . Former . Pre-dawn, Ryker diplo-thriller series
#38 Mead Over 
Senior Fellow . Interested in #globalhealth, #AIDS, health economics, impact evaluation.
#39 DFID Research 
Highlights of research, evidence, evaluations, innovation, science and technology funded by the Department for International Development
#40 Tony Addison 
Chief Economist , but otherwise human. Tweeting on anything I fancy. Tweets my own. εἰρωνεία alert
#41 Joe Cerrell 
Managing Director, Global Policy & Advocacy, Gates Foundation. Avid follower of intl development, foreign policy, media/comms. Views expressed are my own.
#42 Tom Murphy 
Independent journalist investigating the humanitarian/aid/development industry. Former . Craft beer drinker/brewer and coffee snob.
#43 Jim Yong Kim 
12th President of the Group. Working to end extreme poverty & boost shared prosperity. Past: pres, HIV/AIDS director, co-founder
#44 Max Roser 
Researcher – Follow me for data visualizations of long-term trends of living standards – mostly from my web publication:
#45 Molly Kinder 
Social impact, tech, innovation, policy. director+ professor. Frmr Views my own
#46 Lee Crawfurd 
Research at and Econ PhD candidate at
#47 Paul Romer 
Chief Economist, World Bank
#48 Matt Collin 
Development economist by day. Eccentric billionaire crime-fighter by night. Calm, collected, ginger. All views my own.
#49 Raj Shah 
President of . Fellow & . Former Administrator . Proud father of 3
#50 Morten Jerven 
Professor Development Studies Author: Poor Numbers () & Why Economists Get Africa Wrong ()