#51 Joel Miller 
Applying Mathematics to Disease Control and to Networks.
#52 Florian Krammer 
Viruses, viruses, viruses and vaccines Professor at the Department of Microbiology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
#53 erik m volz 
#54 Caroline Colijn 
Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics for Infection, Evolution and Public Health
#55 Katie Hampson 
Disease Ecology and Control, Rabies Epidemiology
#56 Pejman Rohani 
#57 Kai Kupferschmidt 
science journalist. molecular biologist. curious. Contributing Correspondent at , reporting on #covid19. Interested in all things #blue
#58 Dylan George 
VP at In-Q-Tel; former USG science, tech advisor - White House OSTP, HHS/BARDA, DoD; viz from the great ...views my own...
#59 Michael White 
Epidemiology, serology, and modelling of malaria and other infectious diseases at Institut Pasteur. Get in touch if you're ever in Paris 🇮🇪
#60 A Marm Kilpatrick 
#61 Steve Bellan PhD MPH 
Assistant Prof in Epidemiology and Biostatistics . Data-driven infectious disease modeling, study design, clinical trial ethics.
#62 James Wood 
Infectious disease epidemiologist, studying emerging and zoonotic diseases
#63 Ottar Bjornstad 
Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology, J. Lloyd & Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair of Epidemiology at the Pennsylvania State University
#64 Ben Cooper 👏🌈 
Infectious disease epidemiologist. Prof at Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, University of Oxford.
#65 Maciek Boni 
Mathematical Modeling, Epidemiology - Penn State CIDD
#66 Kristian G. Andersen 
Infectious diseases & genomics. Immunologist in (voluntary) exile. Sarcasm score of 0.01. Fierce HOA (Hater of Acronyms).
#67 Quirine ten Bosch 
Infectious Disease Modeler. Interested in the complexities of mosquito borne disease transmission and the challenges for control
#68 Dan weinberger 
Asst Prof of Epidemiology at Yale; Research on vaccines, respiratory disease dynamics, bacterial ecology
#69 José Lourenço 
Infectious diseases lecturer . Spaceships, evolution and coffee. Views are my own. 🇵🇹🇬🇧🇪🇺🌈
#70 Marcel Salathé 
Private account. Many hats: Prof , Acad. Dir. EPFL Extension School , co-founder , co-organizer , YC alumnus
#71 neil_ferguson 
#72 Xavier Didelot 
Professor of Statistical Epidemiology and Genomics at
#73 Ch. Julian Villabona-Arenas 
🇨🇴 Fellowship researcher at LSHTM 🇬🇧. Phylogenies and boardgames. Now would b a good time 2 follow me, I’m going 2 the bar. 🏳️‍🌈 [Opinions are my own].
#74 Kaiyuan Sun 
Postdoctoral Fellow; Infectious Disease Modeler; Network Scientist
#75 Dr Emma Hodcroft 
Die Virenjägerin! ☣️🏹🧬 Co-developer of at ! Using programming & phylogenetics, I study & track viruses. I like airplanes & cats
#76 Chiara Poletto 
Researcher - network epidemiology, network physics, disease ecology, outbreak analysis
#77 Gytis Dudas🇱🇹 
Evolutionary biologist by training, a rogue & a villain by nature; -ssRNA virus geek, matplotlib wizard, Lithuanian. Social media manager .
#78 Niel Hens 
Professor at Hasselt University and University of Antwerp. Research interests: biostatistics & infectious disease epidemiology.
#79 Andreas Handel 
Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics. Analysis and Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Mostly flu 🤧, Norovirus 🤮 and TB 😷. Currently also COVID.
#80 Jeff Eaton 
Epidemiologist, demographer, applied statistician. Love data and transport infrastructure.
#81 Bryan Greenhouse 
Interested in bringing the immunology and transmission epidemiology of malaria into focus with laboratory and analytical tools.
#82 Dr. Maia Majumder ✊🏾 
Faculty at & . Alum of (PhD/SM), (postdoc), , (MPH/BS), & . Married to .
#83 Samir Bhatt 
lies, damned lies, and statistics
#84 Joël Mossong 
Head of Epidemiology and Microbial Genomics at National Health Laboratory
#85 James Hay 
Postdoc at Harvard Chan School of Public Health using maths and stats to look at immunity to infectious diseases. I like playing outside.
#86 Hannah Clapham 
Dengue modeler and epidemiologist, Vietnam
#87 Ellie Murray 
Epidemiology assistant prof | Associate editor for social media | cohost podcast | #epitwitter |
#88 Maria Van Kerkhove 
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist; COVID-19 Technical Lead , WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Mother of 2. Opinions are my own
#89 Sebastian Bonhoeffer 
microbial population dynamics and evolution, drug resistance
#90 Ben Althouse 
#91 David A. Rasmussen 
#92 Dr. Tara C. Smith 
Professor, infectious disease epidemiologist, writer, K & teen wrangler. Antibiotic resistance, zoonotic disease, scicomm, zombies. She/her. No one's sweetie.
#93 Kath M O'Reilly 
Epidemiologist at LSHTM with keen interests in polio, other viral diseases, math modelling and statistics. And a healthy obsession with cycling.
#94 Daniel Streicker 
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow | infectious disease epidemiology and evolution | vampire bat rabies | transmissible vaccines | hills and lochs
#95 Peter Daszak 
President. Forum on #microbialthreats Chair. Zoologist. Parasitologist. Ecologist. British. American.
#96 Simon Frost 
Computational biologist, data scientist, interested in all things infectious
#97 Richard E. Lenski 
Evolving better E. coli for over 70,000 generations. Prof at MSU. Opinions tweeted are my own. (Ok, I also speak for billions -- er, TRILLIONS -- of E. coli.)
#98 Nick Loman 
microbial (meta) genomes, sequencing, clinical applications, bioinformatics, prof , fellow &
#99 Thibaut Jombart 
Associate Prof Senior Lecturer Founder of Outbreak analytics, stats, genetics, #rstats, extreme metal vocalist.
#100 Dr Muge Cevik 
Infectious Diseases / Virology Clinician & Researcher • #HIV #TB #emerginginf #GlobalHealth • #SciComm • #vegan🌱• RT ≠ endorsement