Thursday at 2 pm EST I will give a live-streamed talk about how cliff-edged fitness functions and selection for gene transmission at the expense of health can help explain diseases whose high heritability arises from thousands of alleles with tiny effects.
The April 2nd USA launch event for my new book on evolutionary psychiatry will be live-streamed at 6 pm PDT, 9 pm EDT at It will feature real engagement with experts who have strong opinions. Full information about the book is…
Can't make it to our noon seminar with Andy Clark ? Watch our live stream!
USA launch event for live-streamed April 2 at 9 pm EDT Cynthia Stonnington, and and debate "Can evolutionary thinking improve psychiatric treatment?"
My new podcast on Simplify about evolutionary psychiatry is just out! Sounds good. And at noon today (Thursday) MST I give a live-streamed talk about why natural selection can't get rid of genes that cause disease.