Christopher Hitchens: "because anti-Semitism is the godfather of racism and the gateway to tyranny, it should be regarded as the common enemy of humanity and civilisation" #EnoughIsEnough
YouTuber “A #trans woman by definition can’t be a biological female” Full Interview YouTube iTunes Spotify Hosts #transition
Presenting "Ingredients of Real World Robotic RL" at ICLR 2020, 4/26 10pm-12am PST & 4/27 5am-7am PST. Blog: Paper: Descriptive Video: … Poster livestream:
Last year, I joined colleagues at an event defending the value of philosophy in schools. Here's a taster of my talk in which I argue that a philosophical education is part of a sensible response to the #ClimateCrisis … #EngagedPhilosophy #P4C
- The only woman photojournalist on the Gaza frontline A 21-year-old Palestinian medic has been killed in Gaza today near the Israeli border. She is reported to have been shot in the chest, with dozens of others
A little bit of relevant advice regarding flagging content that’s critical of your character on .
Credit to & Alisyn Camerota for correcting their reporting a week ago. Not something many in the media or in public office for that matter are willing to do these days. v=T4swLBX9AA8&sns=tw
lmfao you can disable ads in youtube by browsing to the video with an extra . after the .com - - It causes a CORS violation. Try it on any channel you know always has ads
Busted: Hillary Pictured W Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Who Was Also at hearing on Russia left of Obama's eight days after & Met With FusionGPS Before & After! v=aMJkgS
Join our #WorldHealthDay 2018 Media Panel Discussion on #UniversalHealthCoverage #HealthForAll Follow live stream on Wednesday 4 April 2018 at 11:00am Cairo time (GMT+2): English Live Stream: Arabic Live stream:
yes, i do my lecture tonight Europe time via Video--yes, open access to all via #DiEM25TV In times of global pandemics, DiEM25 is launching a special online and completely free
#Klartext von Volker #Kauder im #Bundestag zur #AfD! Abonnieren Sie jetzt unseren #YouTube-Kanal 📺 #Haushaltsdebatte
Speaking at conference on Strategic implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative right now. Can be viewed at . Thanks to and fellow panelist 1/6
If you haven’t watched “How the #WTO Could Help to ‘Build Back Better’” during the ongoing #GenevaTradeWeek on … with from and from you should! Many important #trade & #climate insights provided! #GTW2020
Анна Попова, руководитель Роспотребнадзора, главный государственный санитарный врач РФ отвечает на вопросы в программе Познер #COVID19
1/ We’re launching new health panels that trigger when you search for health-related topics in . Today, we’re starting with COVID-19. (i.e. “coronavirus symptoms” or “COVID-19 treatment)
If you want visit Google service (YouTube, Search) as not logged person, then just type "." (=dot) at the end of url: . .
Just change the adress from to then you can watch his channel. Viewer from germany
MARINE GEOGRAPHY AT CARDIFF FILM ON YOUTUBE if you would like to see a short film about Marine Geography seen from the perspective of being out on our reserach vessel Guiding Light, check out:- English version:...
انضم للحلقة النقاشية الإعلامية في يوم الصحة العالمي عن التغطية الصحية الشاملة #الصحة_للجميع تابع البث المباشر، الأربعاء، 4 أبريل 2018 11:00 صباحاً بتوقيت القاهرة (GMT+2) البث بالعربية: الإنجليزية:
Congratulations to Gisella Rojas winner of Thomson foundation mobile journalism competition. The Ecuadorian journalist received trophy at #mojofest in #galway for her piece on the #migrantbus
#YGL Alumni Tan Le, CEO of , was featured on CNBC's #TheBraveOnes. Tan tells her incredible journey from refugee to global neuro tech leader who's merging the human brain w/ technology. Watch 🎥👉
Just change the adress from to then you can watch his channel. Viewer from germany
YouTuber “Things have never been better for #trans people” Full Interview YouTube iTunes Spotify Hosts #transweek
ACC #lavoixdesrares InnovSanté - InnovHealth Adnan El Bakri PassCare connecte et sécurise votre santé ! Dr Adnan El Bakri InnovHealth … #PassCare...
#Ghana #Africa #Nkrumah From the archives March 8, 1961 President John F. Kennedy welcomes Kwame Nkrumah at the airport during his U.S. visit. The U.S. played a role in his ouster during the Johnson administration in 1966.
Thanks to and for interviewing me on our predictive model to identify patients with #ProstateCancer at high risk of germline DNA damage repair mutations, available at and
Shelley Segal - The Atheist Experience Song[]
A whale-y good #EarthLiveLesson on YouTube channel with 🐳🐋🐳 Watch the full live lesson here … Download our very own S4 worksheets for this live lesson 👉
Today we celebrate 🌈Pride on SILVERMAN: On Sports 4-6p ET 📻: 1210am in South FLA. 🖥: 📺: search 1210 The Man. Guests: Abby Smith Michael Kimani Erin Parisi
Lots of emails from students starting co-living houses. Wondering if this trend persists after Covid. The new university is , new campus is
1) go to 2) open up any trending video 3) scroll down 4) suddenly every tweet you see will seem relatively excellent
DNA Origami: How do U fold a genome? Watch our trailer summer exhibition
To -arman: Maybe speaking Shakespeare in unison on Zoom simply takes a bit of practice? Ravel's Boléro: NY Philharmonic Musicians Send a Musical Tribute to Healthcare Workers
Why Prof. Bev Baines and Imam Syed Suharwardy should be forced to wear the burqa as a favour to humanity.
One thought: the browser may be blocking loading an insecure resource (http) from an https site. Add // or before in the iframe src and see if that helps
This classic twosided market approach can seem simple and efficient domestic policies related to gambling https watch?
#SuuKyi quote #Rape "is used as a weapon by armed forces to intimidate the ethnic nationalities". #Rohingya
#SuuKyi quote #Rape "is used as a weapon by armed forces to intimidate the ethnic nationalities". #Rohingya
Some ads on TV need an 'R' rating! Many TV shows & movies rated PG13 should be 'R' rated! 'Unplanned' () must see movie & one secularists will try to stop people seeing. We suggest ages 15/16+ see--it will open eyes, very needed!
I’m really impressed by the new driven Are there any articles from the dev/design teams behind it?
Strong report from BBC's touches on British investigators' theories: attackers were using Yulia's phone to surveil the two; Sergei may have been followed in person in Salisbury.
rather than do a poor job of summarizing i recommend watching this robin kelley lecture on “racial capitalism”
Are you watching ’s #t3snc keynote ? She just brought up Derrida’s idea of bricolage to empower our way forward using all the broken things. My mind immediately jumps to Deleuze. v=ZDOyVMi7brg
Enjoyed this talk by and his students ( & ) introducing and motivating their recent work on Stochastic Weight Averaging. Papers: SWA: Mode Connectivity:
New ad from Sen. Casey highlights work on opioid crisis: … NY-19 challenger Antonio Delgado up with ad attacking incumbent Rep. Faso on health care: h/t Politico Score:
Want to watch the September 4 HCA Developmental Stem Cell, Organoid Models and Regenerative Seminar? The recording from this meeting can be found on the HCA YouTube site [] and Bilibili site [].
This is what I'm seeing at top of . So I guess figures the best way to distract from being owned by Putin is to claim Biden is owned by China...
BBC News: Leaked documents reveal UK banks helped fraudsters and money-laundering - BBC News.
One of my college friends has a YouTube channel where he reviews watches and it’s so nerdy I’m gonna plug it.
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it's wonderful that & won the #100andchange prize, important work that deserves major support
is it just me or did application handling get broken in iOS 11? (e.g., a link can’t be opened in the YouTube app?)
Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty "I don't know what you've been told, but this gal right here's gonna rule the world."
Once a portal to funny, provocative cartoons. Now a dead end.
YouTube - Linda Sarsour Caught Lying about Female Genital Mutilation in Islam
hhmm, what's happened to "My Videos" on ? Seems to have vanished.
Ohebná jednodílná (malleable) penilní protéza Sleduj video od - aplikace Tactra(TM) ihned po explantaci trojdílné s infekční komplikací u rezervoáru Je to budoucnost těžší formy léčby #ED ? #urofuture #uroczech
I will be talking about circumcision on secular sexuality podcast tonight. come on and learn about Kellogg Cereal among other things. v=pKNvpdk_UGg&fbclid=IwAR00JJ6dD2EEIAL3eTnJaoLrJGHqvAMumnPbDzq-y103xUoUTTaI9-w7XQY
What games have the weirdest POV? shared this goat simulator game. Are there others like it? Octopus POV? Furniture POV? Rick and Morty had great sketch about pizzas ordering people etc that would make an interesting game premise.
The powerful impact of clinical trials and the power of generosity....I just saw this video for the 1st time this AM...true story. v=GuA4UgKZt5k&feature= #CancerResearch #clinicaltrials #academicmedicine
The powerful impact of clinical trials and the power of generosity....I just saw this video for the 1st time this AM...true story. v=GuA4UgKZt5k&feature= #CancerResearch #clinicaltrials #academicmedicine
View video from ISMTE member on peer reviewer mentorship program for #PeerRevWk19 #QualityinPeerReview Save date for #PeerRevWk19 Sept 16-20! Theme: #QualityinPeerReview. More @
Not to mention throwing food around for this video on the keto diet
… Ain't it though.... my daughter ventures off to Thessaloniki this morning, and each impatient day is one day closer to her leaving...remember....♥️💜💕
#ResilientCities participants in session on FAIR data for City Resilience may be interested in presentation convened by Australian Academy of Sciences on Data for our Planet (after great video on SDGs…) #codata
I have installed . I don't mind seeing ads online. But here is my setup. I show ads on every site except the following: ~, , , ,
Not sure but hope the impossible soon becomes possible and that the magic returns. In the meantime this might help. .
Opened up in an incognito window and immediate got an ad for Can that possibly be efficient spend?
Here try this too, you will like it and don't tell "but I don't like Jazz, Steve." Sure you do. Cv9NSR-2DwM
Out of 5 most popular websites worldwide, 3 are #socialmedia networks: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. - via (traffic for August 2018)
Sweden is not "socialist" in any sense of the world. Sweden doesn't tax the rich to subsidize the poor. Sweden doesn't impose tough taxes or regulations on business. Sweden doesn't have a single-payer health system. But it does have huge student debt.
Here Jennifer Yokoyama and I introduce the new #opendata partnership with … - one way to deal with the challenge of #thedatadivide and #dataopolies
Sondheim 90th birthday celebration - livestream, now a tape via . Amazing, joyful, a good evening! I still find it remarkable that these can all play from isolation and so... terrific!
"Bless those who take to our streets to protest injustice. Give them courage, wisdom and respect for others." NOW: More than 6500 people are registered to watch DC Abp Gregory and others discuss racism []
Another Google IO over, another $ youtube-dl
Internet is slow here so I would have live tweeted but the app is really laggy rn. Check out the livestream if you want to know what they're talking about :p
If you want a break from political bullshit, here is me geeking out and reading science fiction short stories... 🤓😜