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Taking about the long history of dishonest media attacks with . She even says “dumbass!” Full episode and podcast at
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Always great perspective from even when only a few minutes. Check out his show
Full chat with on her former gig as White House press secretary, working at Fox News and advice she’d give Trump. (Plus special guest appearance by Jasper!) Ad-free at
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“It doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in mormon underwear on the cover of Sports Illustrated…and it also doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in a burkini on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” — Ad-free:
I’ll be live-streaming immediately after the Democratic Debate alongside election expert and Twitter analyst . We’ll be taking questions via . People are already submitting though some are just life advice.
Today’s live Direct Message will be about how politicians are using this crisis to accumulate power. Join us at 8:45 am pacific / 11:45 am eastern: Also taking your questions submitted at .
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I am a subscriber of and promoting - it's a real place and community where one can be truly free to express themselves and engage in good and productive discussions without fear of being shadowbanned.
Live today discussing two books that can help you think clearly right now, ’s “12 Rules for Life” and “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel. Also taking your questions via . Livestream: 8:45 am pacific / 11:45 am eastern
Off the Grid August livestream starts at 9:15 am PST. Will be talking digital detox with , diet with and fitness with Tom Merrick. Plus some surprise announcements and your questions submitted at .
Just activated my free year of service at . I got rid of something useless and was given a great gift. Thanks
Is this hosted on the new platform that you mentioned on your show? That is, is a subscription to your new community also a good gateway to the other content providers that will soon join you in this effort?
😂😂😂😂. This is awesome! Can’t say anything more than I love the great people of ! Looking forward to the next live chat with you and everyone there!
I just subscribed to and listened to the interview with the ex CIA guy. Fascinating. I really appreciate having content come from your platform and not YouTube. Will listen to you again tonight. Best $5/month I have ever spent.
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People are really loving this conversation with former CIA ops . A true explanation of the Deep State and much more... YouTube: : iTunes: Ad-free:
After mentioning to that I mailed Brussel sprout seeds to Michigan, it appears these posters are going up all over the nation! (via the community.)
More nonsense from Youtube. They demonetized our episode, and just informed us that they’ve deleted one of our videos but won’t tell us which one. Ready for that sit down, ? If you’d like to support us directly join us at
Full episode with US Ambassador to Germany and acting head of National Intelligence, now available: Ad-free: :
For anyone who just saw me on Tucker discussing tech censorship, there are alternatives. builds subscription based communities where you own the data and content. Plus you set your own rules. Check to see what we can build for you.
And of course the full episode with has been demonetized. Particularly hilarious bc of the comment YouTube puts beneath. This is exactly why I created , to free creators from this nonsense. Join us at .
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“The attack on our rights is shocking and the social consequence of this is unspeakable really...” —- on balancing freedom and government authority. Full episode ad-free: and :
Chatted with , about Trump, the lockdown and how to responsibly open up the country: Full episode ad-free: :
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“You wouldn’t know impeachment was going on in’s like the government took a Xanax.” —- Part 2: Full interview ad-free:
First two clips with of are demonetized. Jeffrey is one of the clearest, non-alarmist, practical thinkers I know of. Apparently that’s problematic for YouTube. Here’s the dangerous clip: Full chat, ad-free at
Part 3 with on better policing and how to stop the riots: Full interview video and podcast at :
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“We’re always going to air on the side of public health and public safety. There’s also only so much you can ask of a society before it begins to push back or not comply.”—- As-free :
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Live in 35 minutes. Talking about unemployment and what to do if you’re struggling financially or looking for work. There are options and we’re gonna help you find them. Also taking your questions via Livestream:
Chatted with about the hypocrisy of the anti-gun movement: Full episode available ad-free on and :
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Live with immediately after the debate! Submit your questions by joining our community at .
Quarantine is taking its toll on everyone...
Livestreaming with the legendary Larry King immediately after the State of the Union tonight. I wonder if there will be anything to talk about! Submit questions now at .
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Loved chatting with real people about real issues during our first ever live call-in show last night. Definitely gonna do more of these in the future. (One person had a slight video issue!) Join us at and be part of the next show!
Heading off the Twitter machine for the weekend. Will be on with tomorrow night. And sharing some recipes, dog pics and life stuff over at until I return on Monday!
I suspect Twitter will use this time of distraction and confusion to take out voices they don’t like. The only way to stay safe is to have your own community.
“It would be absurd to me if I lost my relationship with my boyfriend over politics....I think that would be absurd...but it’s come close...” —- Full episode ad free on
And of course this was demonetized by YouTube despite them telling us we’ve been white listed for these type of videos. If you’d like to support our ability to continue to talk about important issues join at
Doing several Coronavirus shows next week with 3 experts in different fields. Will include viewer questions submitted at . Also, to keep life light and fun too we are doing our first ever afternoon movie and video discussion tomorrow. Join us!
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Great night in San Francisco. Didn’t step in human poop and had totally fun meet and greet at local bar with subscribers of . Oh wait, stepped in human poop while writing this. 💩😳
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#TheRiseOfSkywalker was full of surprises. via a Jedi Master in The Rubin Report community.
Chatted with about why it would be tough to be Trump’s press secretary: Full episode, ad-free:
About to send out a mass shipment of signed books and bookplates. Pre-order in the next half hour and I’ll sign a bookplate with your name right now. Just forward receipt to contact @ . Offer good for a half hour til 4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern!
Senator on the government stimulus package and how re-opening the country must be a mix of state and federal authority. Ad-free: :
Tomorrow's clip with on how to deescalate political tensions hasn't just been demonetized, it isn't even giving an option to review. YouTube is a crazy landlord. That's why I built a digital home. If you'd like to support us, you can at
I’m gonna be doing livestream Direct Messages and Q&A’s every Monday and Wednesday while this situation lasts. 8:45 am pacific / 11:45 am eastern. Taking your questions submitted at . Also planning more live video call-in shows. Stay tuned...
Live in 5 minutes. Taking your questions submitted at . Livestream:
Got some time at the airport before the trip back to LA. Doing a Q&A for subscribers only at . Join us as ask away!
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Let the weekend begin. Won’t be on the Twitter but you can catch me at ...
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Live with Larry King immediately after the State of the Union. Will talk about the speech, the Iowa fiasco and take your questions submitted at Livestream:
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Heading off the grid for the weekend. Might do a live meetup in NYC on Saturday for subscribers at . (Info will be posted there.) Stay tuned!
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Wonderful Happy Hour Video chat with almost 100 people from US, Canada, Argentina, Australia. Doctors, teachers, truckers, programmers, black, white, gay and straight all having a drink, laughing and telling stories. You make me want to be a better man!
I always work from home so this isn’t new to me, but if it’s new for you I highly recommend finding some background music. Currently digging this Spotify playlist. Sharing movies, music, food and more at ...
Full interview with is up ad-free and early at . Clip one coming to YouTube later today: “...Joe Biden requested the unmasking of General Flynn.”
2020 is gonna be big. Don’t Burn This Book is out in April. Pre-order: The Rubin Report community is avail via App Store, Google Play and . Create your own community at Nationwide tour announced soon!
Live at 8:45 am pacific / 11:45 am eastern, taking your questions submitted at . In the meantime enjoy some incredible art from The Rubin Report museum.
We are in a massive process of de-norming. We are unraveling every standard in the name of racial justice...” —- Ad-free: :
Have confirmed that Idiocracy is streaming on Amazon Prime. Hit play at 1 pm Pacific on Sunday and join for the group video chat after!
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Happy hour live on Zoom at 6 pm pacific / 9 pm eastern. Members only at .
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“How do I do what I want to do without paying a price? “You can’t.” on standing up for what you believe in. Full episode on : Ad-free:
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Hope you all enjoyed the movie. Doing mass group video chat now. Join in!
Livestream tomorrow at 8:45 am pacific / 11:45 am eastern taking your questions. No, I will not reveal the secret location of Kuato. Submit questions now at .
Doing a live Q&A for subscribers right now. Join us at or apps and submit a question... iOS: Android:
Loved chatting with really people about real issues during our first ever live call-in show last night. Definitely gonna do more of these in the future. (One person had a slight video issue!) Join us at and be part of the next show!