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Good old YouTube demonetized the full episode with . Not only does that mean no money but it also hurts the video in the algorithm. Clip 1 with Malice has almost 400K views. Independence from big tech is the only answer. Subscribe at .
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“It doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in mormon underwear on the cover of Sports Illustrated…and it also doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in a burkini on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” — Now available ad-free at and apps.
Always great perspective from even when only a few minutes. Check out his show
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“It doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in mormon underwear on the cover of Sports Illustrated…and it also doesn’t make any sense to have a woman in a burkini on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” — Ad-free:
I’ll be live-streaming immediately after the Democratic Debate alongside election expert and Twitter analyst . We’ll be taking questions via . People are already submitting though some are just life advice.
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I am a subscriber of and promoting - it's a real place and community where one can be truly free to express themselves and engage in good and productive discussions without fear of being shadowbanned.
Is this hosted on the new platform that you mentioned on your show? That is, is a subscription to your new community also a good gateway to the other content providers that will soon join you in this effort?
I just subscribed to and listened to the interview with the ex CIA guy. Fascinating. I really appreciate having content come from your platform and not YouTube. Will listen to you again tonight. Best $5/month I have ever spent.
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People are really loving this conversation with former CIA ops . A true explanation of the Deep State and much more... YouTube: : iTunes: Ad-free:
More nonsense from Youtube. They demonetized our episode, and just informed us that they’ve deleted one of our videos but won’t tell us which one. Ready for that sit down, ? If you’d like to support us directly join us at
Full episode with US Ambassador to Germany and acting head of National Intelligence, now available: Ad-free: :
And of course the full episode with has been demonetized. Particularly hilarious bc of the comment YouTube puts beneath. This is exactly why I created , to free creators from this nonsense. Join us at .
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“You wouldn’t know impeachment was going on in Washington...it’s like the government took a Xanax.” —- Part 2: Full interview ad-free:
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Livestreaming with the legendary Larry King immediately after the State of the Union tonight. I wonder if there will be anything to talk about! Submit questions now at .
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Just had a great chat with , one of the clearest political thinkers I know. Talked Iran, Russia, Ukraine, the split of the Democrats and much more. Dropping first ad-free at or snag the RR app in the App Store or Google Play...
Just received this pic from my talk at event last month. We’re gonna post the full speech for subscribers only at . Join us!
Great night in San Francisco. Didn’t step in human poop and had totally fun meet and greet at local bar with subscribers of . Oh wait, stepped in human poop while writing this. 💩😳
#TheRiseOfSkywalker was full of surprises. via a Jedi Master in The Rubin Report community.
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I’m live taking your questions immediately after the debate. Submit questions at . Livestream:
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Got some time at the airport before the trip back to LA. Doing a Q&A for subscribers only at . Join us as ask away!
Live with Larry King immediately after the State of the Union. Will talk about the speech, the Iowa fiasco and take your questions submitted at Livestream:
I’ll be live immediately after the Democratic Debate tonight. Taking questions submitted at . (Also taking comments and well-wishes.) Livestream:
Heading off the grid for the weekend. Might do a live meetup in NYC on Saturday for subscribers at . (Info will be posted there.) Stay tuned!
That’s I saw the typo originally, fixed it and it did it again. Ducking iPhone.
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We are in a massive process of de-norming. We are unraveling every standard in the name of racial justice...” —- Ad-free: :
Full interview available ad-free at and on apps...