List of 100 papers every ecologist should read. 15% in (more than Nature or Ecology, same as Science)
Troll masterpiece, science edition : Un article d'une revue du groupe Nature qui cite et fait 1 lien vers cc etc
Only 2 papers with lead women authors out of 100, and only 1% were paleoecology. I’ve clearly got work to do.
The average science faculty member reads 468 papers per year, apparently. [I might read this many, but I read fast, enjoy reading, and am surprised this is the average]
Modeling papers are the most common type in the top 100 ranked ecology papers of all time
For all interested, we have an extensive gender analysis of the 💯 #100ecologypapers in review. Bias all around, but I'll refrain from giving more details for now #WomenInSTEM #genderbias
A voted-on list of the top 100 must-read articles in Ecology, by & Bradshaw Well written, interesting paper.
Excellent methods section: Code available on ✓ Papers (Data) refererred to available on Peer-reviewed. Editorially okayed. Published in a Nature-branded journal. Remarkable, yet this is also how it should be (access to everything).
100 articles every ecologist should read RT!
Nature Ecology & Evolution article includes live link and suggestion to download referenced articles from Sci-Hub. How'd that get through peer/editorial review?
"Most of the recommended papers were not published in the highest-ranking journals, nor did they have the highest number of mean annual citations"
Surely a good place to start! 100 articles every ecologist should read
Ecology experts suggest must-read papers. Analysis: "We found no relationship between the all-article ranking and the 2014 impact factor of the journals in which the 544 papers were published." QED
Nature publishes list of "100 articles every ecologist should read" made by random sample survey with 55% response rate. List turns out to be just a slice of (old, white) ecology. Thoughts?
Which should we add? I nominate Kot, Lewis & van den Driessche. Dispersal data and the spread of invading organisms
Hutchinson has three papers in the top 10 that wouldn't be published today. Instead they'd be blog posts
It would be really fun to have a "100 must-read papers" journal club!
LOL. The original data availability on this article pointed the reader to SciHub! (credit to for pointing this out)
100 articles every ecologist should read