‘Racist and discriminatory’: U.S. Jewish leaders warn Israel against passage of nation-state bill - Israel News -
Mattis calls balls & strikes. No politics, just focused on American national interests: Mattis breaks with Trump, says Iran nuclear deal includes ‘robust’ verification - Iran Nuclear Deal -
AIPAC gave $60K to group that inspired Trump's Muslim ban - U.S. News -
The Jewish Nation State law the Israel’s new reflection in the mirror, and even if most Israelis prefer to look the other way, the whole world is watching.
The U.S. reassures Baghdad that we had nothing to do with attacking IRGC-QF militia Kataib Hezbollah (KH) in Syria - this is a disgrace to Veterans & Iraqis. Baghdad should be admonished for advocating for Qassem Soleimani's KH.
Days after ISIS in Sinai declared war against Hamas and called for killing its officials and bombing its facilities - - Senior Hamas official shot and critically wounded in Gaza City - Palestinians -
Republicans spoke up against Steve King. Shouldn’t Democrats speak up against Ilhan Omar? - U.S. News -
Israeli intelligence minister invites Saudi crown prince to visit Israel - Israel News -
Blind to his own misdeeds, Benjamin Netanyahu is heading for a Nixonian end -
"There is no ideology or cause, no matter how just, that can safeguard its adherents from being despicable people at the same time." -
“Before you start celebrating the demise of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party, take a look at some of the lawmakers in the just-elected New Democracy” - good read on Greek politics.
And in English! Burying the Nakba: How Israel systematically hides evidence of 1948 expulsion of Arabs - Israel News -
Netanyahu to make it official: Fascism is what we are - Opinion - Israel News | I am a Jew I strongly oppose Netanyahu I strongly oppose Trump I strongly oppose the Tories I support human rights for all I support Corbyn
If you don’t want to get shot, don’t go to the border with your children & throw molotov cocktails. All armies react the same way. Try going to the Saudi border with fire and bombs; I guarantee you the response will be much harsher.
My eulogy, in English. #AmosOz “My father Amos Oz left us with world-changing words” - Israel News -
Drowning of 8-year-old boy in East Jerusalem sparks memories of murder - Palestinians -
Israel rescues hundreds of White Helmets from Syria, report says - Israel News -
Anne Frank's family was denied emigration to US. 'There was limited willingness to accept Jewish refugees,' according to the report from the Anne Frank House.
CIA has recording of Saudi crown prince ordering Khashoggi silenced, Turkish media reports - Middle East News -
The fight against the expulsion of African refugees is a pivotal moment in Israel's history - Opinion - Israel News |
Despite faults, Iran nuclear deal works, Israeli Military Chief tells Haaretz - Israel News -
U.S. in talks with Turkey to sell Patriot missile system to block Russian purchase - U.S. News -
Israel’s top performing high school is located in Beit Jann, a small Druze village situated atop a steep mountain in the northern Galilee At Israel’s top high school, classes are taught in Arabic - Israel News -
'We won't take part in occupation': Dozens of teens refuse to enlist in Israeli army in letter to Netanyahu
Israel struggles to draw new red lines in Russia’s Syria playground - Israel News -
Must read: Why Corbynism is a threat to Jews throughout the Western world - World News -
Despite faults, Iran nuclear deal works, Israeli Military Chief tells Haaretz - Israel News -
How Tulsi Gabbard unites bloodstained Hindu nationalists, the genocidal Assad and the U.S. far right - U.S. News -
Some interstellar context on our existence... If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history - U.S. News -
Jeremy Corbyn for U.K. prime minister - Opinion - Israel News |
Michael Cohen cites Holocaust survivor parents to blast Trump in quitting RNC - U.S. News -
Why have anti-vaxxer views taken root in Haredi communities, where the spread of measles has sickened 129 people and continues to spread? The answer lies in ultra-Orthodox culture. My latest, for
Ben Garrison invited to WH? Guess there are bad anti-Semetic cartoons and good anti-Semetic cartoons-
In first, Israel participates in major NATO exercise near Russia - World News -
At least 52 Egyptian police killed in raid on Islamist militant hideout - #Egypt -
How #Netanyahu got #Trump to sign off on Israel's nuclear arsenal amid the Flynn scandal .
Bannon calls for Brexit supporters to take up arms and fight to take back the U.K. - U.S. News - If this isn't inciting violence and hatred, what is?
How Assad's war crimes bring far left and right together - under Putin's benevolent gaze - Middle East News - Israel News |
Meet Mike Pompeo, Trump's new hardliner secretary of state - U.S. News -
What will ultimately bring Putin down, according to exiled critic Arkady Babchenko - Europe -
Worrisome does not begin to describe developments in Sinai. A daring assassination attempt shows #ISIS in #Sinai has the ultimate weapon -
Auschwitz Museum 'shocked' by death camp images on skirts, bags - Europe -
Fascism and the far left: A grim global love affair - World News -
Mycenaean palaces not destroyed by quake but by violence, new evidence shows - Archaeology -
Executions in Saudi Arabia have doubled under crown prince, watchdog says - Middle East News -
Farrow on CNN: Israel's Black Cube apparently linked to Trump 'Echo Chamber' memo against Obama aides - Israel News -
🇮🇱 🇱🇧 🇮🇷 Israel assesses Hezbollah has capability to attack offshore gas platforms -
The mystery of the disappearing tankers that carry Kurdish oil to Israel - Israel News - Haaretz - Israel News |
From a Hezbollah invasion to Iranian payback: What preoccupies five generals in charge of Israel's eternal war fronts - Israel News -
If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history - U.S. News -
Bannon ups the ante: “You're going to have to fight to take your country back, every day. Whether it's Italy, France, England, or the United States. If we quit, they're going to be in control...This is war”
Une voix israélienne de raison:sera-t-elle entendue? And if Ahed Tamimi were your daughter? - Opinion - Israel News |
A reported deal between Putin and the Saudi crown prince means they will have members of OPEC over a barrel when they meet in Vienna this weekend – but Jerusalem will be an interested spectator as well
A strange drawing found in Sinai could undermine our entire idea of Judaism - Israel News - Again this is not news, the Judaic mythology invented by men mentions a wife and many gods. Monotheism is not a Judaic concept
Israeli election: Journalist Caroline Glick joins Bennett and Shaked's new party - Israel Election 2019 -
Thoughtful piece by ⁦⁩ Does racism now define Jewish identity in Israel? - Israel News -
Planted by Netanyahu and Co., Nation-state Law Is a Time Bomb Exploding in Israel’s Face “Even die-hard American Jews were forced to admit this week that something is rotten in their favorite Jewish state” by
Netanyahu vs. Gantz: Polling stations open as Israelis head to vote in divisive election #IsraelElections2019 #IsraeliElections
Portman’s V for Vendetta against Netanyahu touches raw nerve for Israel - Israel News -
Turkey’s Libyan gambit reveals Erdogan's delusions of grandeur - Opinion - Israel News |
Ex-Mossad head: Russia decided Trump was their best candidate, and ran him for president - Israel News -
Pushing for an Israeli victory is the only way to end the conflict with the Palestinians - Opinion - Israel News |
Hitler’s Hindus: The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists - Opinion - Israel News |
An extraordinary account of a black German woman who discovered her grandfather was that particularly vicious Nazi character in the film 'Schindler's List' - the man who woke up every morning & shot Jews from his porch.
Hundreds protest in Israel over 'McJesus' art exhibit - Israel News - Haaretz - Israel News |
Pompeii hero Pliny the Elder may have been found 2,000 years later - World News - -
The only democracy. Haaretz: ״Israel's justice minister warns of 'an earthquake' if top court kills nation-state law״- Israel News -
Rare coin from fourth year of Jewish revolt found in ancient Jerusalem drain - Archaeology -
Syria strike was so powerful, it registered as an earthquake - Syria -
Charlottesville mayor: Trump made 'devil's bargain' with anti-Semites - Israel News -
"As an #Ethiopian Israeli, I call out my country's African refugee policy for what it is: A racist manhunt" - Opinion -
Satellite Images Show Aftermath of Alleged #Israeli Strike in #Syria
Israel approves compassionate use of MDMA to treat PTSD - Science & Health -
Satellite Images Show Aftermath of Alleged #Israeli Strike in #Syria
Charlottesville, Virginia: 'it only takes one to ignite a fire' -
Stop calling him 'Dr.': The academic fraud of Sebastian #Gorka, Trump’s terrorism 'expert' |
Judges criticize authorities for transferring land to settlers organization without bothering to notify Palestinian residents as Court allows eviction of 700 Palestinians from East Jerusalem neighborhood - Israel News -
Lol. Lebanese army chief boycotts D.C. conference attended by Israeli counterpart
Gaza’s health system on verge of collapse, warns IDF- important article in Israeli press raises many questions about intersecting responsibilities for health as new escalation likely
The new nation state law codifies Israel as an apartheid state. The law is a time bomb exploding in Israel’s face; even die-hard American Jews were forced to admit this week that something is rotten in their favorite Jewish state.
Report: Police have sufficient evidence to charge Netanyahu with bribery - Israel News -
Saudi Arabia is shooting itself in the foot. If you want to open up your country to the world, you don't start expelling ambassadors & freezing trade with countries such as Canada! Canada will always stand up for human rights. 🇨🇦
Trump, Saudi Arabia in lockstep: Give Syria to war criminal Assad, ignore the killing of Palestinians in Gaza, concur with Saudi’s bombing Yemen. Trump's talk with MBS led him to conclude DC is done with Syria; ditto Gaza & Yemen.
How the Jews invented God, and made him 'great' -
Israeli spy firm Black Cube denies Trump aides hired it to discredit ex-Obama officials - U.S. News -
A favela inside Israel: Palestinian citizens tell of police brutality, discrimination & life in the cycle of violence: Six people have been murdered over the past few weeks in Jaffa, just a few minutes' walk from Tel Aviv's center.
Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Palestinians warn Israel: Turkey's Islamofascist Erdogan is operating under your nose in East Jerusalem -
Saudi Arabia opening a new front against Iran, wants Israel to do its dirty work. Israel -
Vladimir Putin: Maybe 'Jews with Russian citizenship' meddled in U.S. elections - U.S. News -
American Jews may never forgive Israel for its reaction to the Pittsburgh massacre - U.S. News -
Three days to election, master wizard Netanyahu ramps up efforts to mesmerize Israeli voters - Israel Election 2019 -
Trump adviser Jared Kushner to visit Israel, meet Gantz for the first time - Israel News -
300 Black African Muslims from #Darfur to get temporary asylum in #Israel to escape persecution by Sudan's Arab Janjaweed -
Haaretz: In major blow, Democratic National Committee withdraws Women’s March sponsorship - U.S. News -
Qatar, Hamas defend Turkish incursion into Syria - Syria -
Israeli president's moving call for Arab-Jewish co-existence - "Your home is my home"-
How Erdogan's purge is making Turkish journalists think twice - Turkey - by Zvi Barel
Amos Oz, Israeli literary giant, dies at 79 - Israel News -
With 64% of actual votes in, Netanyahu looks to be in a solid position -- up to 38 seats v 35 for Gantz, and Bibi several paths to form a coalition.
Trump's 'shameful' NRA speech slammed by France, sparks anger in the U.K. - U.S. News -
China = North Korea #StandWithHongKong #FreeHongKong #FreeXinjiang #FreeNorthKorea A million people are jailed at China's gulags. I managed to escape. Here's what really goes on inside
Syria’s Assad has become Israel’s ‘ally’
How White House veterans helped Gulf monarchy build secret surveillance unit - Middle East News -
Bang on from Britain downgrades the Balfour Declaration centennial - Europe -
At least 28 Palestinians Reported Killed by Israeli Gunfire at Gaza Border with Hundreds Wounded as 35,000 Palestinians protest
Trump administration will ask Gulf states to invest up to $1 billion in Gaza economy - U.S. News -
Uganda says Israel gives deported asylum seekers fake visas - Israel News -
Report: U.S. gives Israel green light to assassinate #Iran #IRGC General Soleimani - Israel News - #FreeIran
More sectarianism in Egypt: Two Coptic Christians shot dead in Egypt liquor store attack - Egypt -
Israel's Interior Ministry signed a directive Sunday permitting Israelis to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time in the country's history.
Despite faults, Iran nuclear deal works, Israeli Military Chief tells Haaretz - Israel News -
Vladimir Putin: Maybe 'Jews with Russian citizenship' meddled in U.S. elections - U.S. News -
Can Syrian carnage be compared with the Shoah? U.S. Holocaust Museum insists it must - Syria -
Major escalation in Gaza: Israel launches massive attack after Hamas snipers fire at troops - Israel News -
Jerusalem embassy and Gaza protests: 55 Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire at border - Israel News -
#BREAKING Who is Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force killed in Iraq
Israel's booming medical marijuana industry now offers hope to autism patients -
Out of an estimated 7000 Palestinian protesters, 2 were killed and 264 were wounded: that's nearly 4 out of every 100 protesters!
Live updates: Israel pounds Gaza as second rocket barrage launched - Israel News -
Ahed is only 16, and no father is prouder of his daughter than me - Israel News |
Seventeen Jewish groups call on White House to fire adviser Stephen Miller - U.S. News -
A brief history of 'Lügenpresse,' (translation: "lying press") the Nazi-era predecessor to Trump's 'fake news'
US alone on Trump’s Jerusalem Policy. U.S. (and only the US) vetoes UN resolution rejecting Trump's Jerusalem declaration; 14 states back motion - Israel News -
Amid Jerusalem crisis: Top Middle East adviser Dina Powell quits White House - U.S. News -
Is #SaudiArabia new CP Mohammed bin Salman good news for #Israel & U.S.?
Not a headline anyone should be happy to see. “Record breaking number of neo-Nazis and white nationalists running for office in the U.S.” - U.S. News -
Israel enlists amateur drone racers to knock down 'kite bombs' from Gaza - Israel News -
Smart, cogent and bleak: America can't save the two-state solution - Opinion - Israel News |
They felt pressured to get circumcised after moving to Israel. They now regret it - Israel News -
Dear , are you covering this story about a racist and possibly terrorist attack on New Year's Day? #Germany charges man behind car ramming with attempted murder - Europe -
Wow: If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history - U.S. News -
Escalation between Israel, Gaza worst since 2014 – but war could still be prevented - Israel News -
Well, gosh, who would have thunk it. Mike Pence postpones Israel visit amid crisis in Trump's peace initiative -
Messianic U.S.-Israel axis showcased at Jerusalem embassy ceremony is gut-punch for most American Jews - Israel News -
U.S. believes Hezbollah determined to develop attack capability inside U.S. - U.S. News -
Homesick Phoenicians imported plants, animals to new Sicilian island home 3,000 years ago - Archaeology -
#Turkey: Relations with U.S. at make-or-break point - Turkey -
Both prisoners Israel set to release ask not to be returned to Syria - Israel News -
Jewish god Yahweh originated in Canaanite Vulcan, says new theory - Archaeology -
Discontent can still bring down #Erdogan - and #Turkey [email protected]
Qatar, Hamas defend Turkish incursion into Syria -
Far-right organizers of Charlottesville rally get approval for D.C. march near White House - U.S. News -
Jerusalem Post fires cartoonist over caricature mocking Netanyahu, Likud lawmakers - Israel News -
Jerusalem embassy and Gaza protests: 25 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli gunfire at border - Israel News -
Revealed: Blackwater founder Erik Prince's Business Ties with Netanyahu’s disgraced chief of staff - Israel News -
Iranian judoka pressured not to fight Israeli, refuses to return home - Middle East News -
‘I felt on top of the world’: The Syrians celebrating Soleimani’s death - Syria - via the brilliant
Israel struck target near Damascus airport, Syrian media says - Middle East News -
How Sweden became a thriving base of neo-Nazi ideology - Europe -
Gaza flare-up: Israeli army strikes Hamas targets; Dozens of rockets launched at Israel - Israel News -
Three rockets from Gaza fired at Israeli border communities - Israel News -
How nice. —- Netanyahu requests immunity from prosecution in three criminal cases - Israel Election 2020 -
Iran's revolution, Trump's rehab, Netanyahu's exit and 8 more wishes for 2018 - U.S. News -
I didn't come to fight in God's army, I came to fight in Israel's - Opinion - Israel News |
Flying into the sunset: 2018 will be the year we say goodbye to the 747 jumbo jet - Security & Aviation -
Is this real or satire? How a notorious pimp became a respected rabbi and #sexaddiction therapist - Israel News -
Israel to name Western Wall train station in Jerusalem after Donald Trump - Israel News -
Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels fire ballistic missile at Saudi capital of Riyadh - Middle East News -
Israel's tunnel-busting breakthrough is robbing Hamas of its strategic weapon - Israel News -
Exclusive: Hamas arrests and tortures Salafi militants to curb Gaza rocket fire into Israel -
The six-year-old who arrived at #Auschwitz the day the gassings stopped. By in #Auschwitz75
Poll: Most Israeli Jews believe Orthodox Jews are 'gradually taking over the country' - Israel News -
Israelis still confident in the military despite year of headaches and scandal - Israel News -
Third rocket fired from Gaza explodes in southern Israeli city - Israel News -
Palestinian killed, at least 90 wounded in clashes with Israeli troops in West Bank, Gaza - Israel News -
Breaking barriers: The Israeli women fighting to become combat pilots - Israel News -
The biggest loser in Trump's high-stakes Jerusalem embassy decision: Netanyahu - Opinion - Israel News |
Ahead of Trump’s announcement: Israel braces for violence in Jerusalem, West Bank - Israel News -
Netanyahu on Trump's Jerusalem declaration: Our national, historical identity being recognized today - Israel News -
Moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem only requires new sign on consulate building, city officials say - Israel News -
Trump's Jerusalem decision: Palestinians declare three 'days of rage' across West Bank; Arab world outraged - Palestinians -
Former Israeli soldier identified as Harvey Weinstein's spy - U.S. News -
2,000-yr old sundial changes perception of ancient Rome - Archaeology -
Britain's true motivation behind the Balfour Declaration - Opinion - Israel News |
Fighting ISIS and Assad in a secret library amid the rubble - Syria -
Israeli strike on cross-border Gaza tunnel may have been too successful - Israel News -
Israel fudges prehistoric cave's age so as not to offend Jews who believe world is 5,778 years old
The Corker-Flake GOP mutiny is also a Trump-Bannon purge - U.S. News -
In America, self-declared Nazis can get state aid. Israel boycotters increasingly can't
Netanyahu the Hasmonean - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News |
Fascinating article on one of the last drafts of a 2014 US "framework" document:
"A potential presidential candidate, Zuckerberg would have unfettered access to voter data unlike any candidate...
Chicago LGBT march bans Jewish pride flags: 'They made people feel unsafe' - U.S. News -
Meet the secular Jewish female nationalist who could be Israel’s prime minister -
Meet the secular Jewish female nationalist who could be Israel’s prime minister -
Haredi love goes high-tech: No DNA testing, no wedding - Jewish World - Haaretz - Israel News |
GOP Candidate: No peace in Israel until Jews convert to Christianity - U.S. News -
Why David Duke, David Icke, Louis Farrakhan and the Assad regime all love Shlomo Sand - Israel News -
Pendant ce temps, #Soral et #Dieudonné se mettent à l'abri en Corée du Nord...
The US decision to stop funding #UNRWA is a severe threat to the lives of Palestinian civilians RT Gaza health system collapsing: 40 percent of medicine runs out - cc
“The man who compared himself to Hitler, no less, boasting that he’d be happy to slaughter each and every one of the millions of drug addicts in the Philippines, will...tour the Yad Vashem Holocaust remembrance center”
How the Saudis made Canada the loneliest country in the world - Middle East News -
Worth a read. If true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history - U.S. News -
Aramco flop: Beginning of the end for Crown Prince MBS' new Saudi Arabia - Middle East News -
. ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ distance themselves from Women's March following controversy - U.S. News -
Israeli army pounds Gaza Strip after rockets hit Israeli city - Israel News -
Pendant ce temps, #Soral et #Dieudonné se mettent à l'abri en Corée du Nord...
Brazil dam collapse: Nine dead, 300 still missing - Americas -
Amid battle, thousands of civilians trapped in Islamic State's last remaining pocket in Syria - Syria -
When the Jews believed in other gods - Archaeology -
Second Israeli minister admits 'mistake' over controversial nation-state law - Israel News -
The unavoidable obstacle to LGBT equality, religious pluralism and a liberal Israel: It’s the occupation, stupid - Israel News - Haaretz - Israel News |
Disgusting. ‘Dirty Zionist sh*t': French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut attacked by Yellow Vest protesters in Paris - Europe -
Hundreds in Tel Aviv protest gay discrimination in surrogacy bill - Israel News -
Austrian state may require Jews to register to buy kosher meat - Europe -
Helsinki fiasco proves that Netanyahu’s adulation for Trump is a miscalculated risk for Israel - Opinion - Israel News |
Israel's health czar 'threatened psychiatrists' in Australian principal sex abuse case - Israel News -
Oh this should be fun to watch: Ilhan Omar takes swipe at Nancy Pelosi for condemning BDS at AIPAC - Israel News -
Hamas and Islamic Jihad agree to a cease-fire following international mediation efforts - Israel News -
Gaza flare-up: Netanyahu resists pressure for war, but flames getting higher - Israel News -
Does Iran really want to nuke Israel? Is Israel stronger than Iran? A top security expert explains - Iran -
U.S. member of Jewish-Arab NGO questioned, separated from luggage at Israel's airport - Israel News -
Yad Vashem rebukes Netanyahu: Israel-Poland Holocaust declaration contains 'grave errors and deceptions' - Israel News -
Israeli gov’t ‘alternative’ weddings video is wrong for so many reasons - Israel News -
Gott See Dank. Haaretz: "Trump on Jerusalem embassy move: 'Evangelicals appreciate it more than the Jews'" - U.S. News - -
Leader of Sobibor death camp rebellion dies in Israel at 96 -
Israel and Hamas are on the verge of the First Kite War - Israel News -
I have had Zalatimo’s sweets plenty of times in Jordan. But now wish I had tried this when I was in Jerusalem a few years ago. “The vanishing of a legendary Palestinian pastry” - Israel News -
An Israeli sniper shot a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in the head:
Carnage in #Gaza threatens to revive analogies between #Israel and #apartheid South Africa [that ship has sailed]
Israel’s Gaza killings: War crimes or self-defense? Experts weigh in - Israel News -
Top IDF spokesperson tells U.S. Jews: Israel failed to minimize Gaza casualties, Hamas won PR war by knockout - Palestinians -
Why is Israel using lethal force against the protesters of Gaza? - Middle East News -
Abbas recalls Palestinian envoy in Washington over Jerusalem embassy move - Palestinians -
Donald Trump just put Israel in immediate danger - U.S. News -
The Mossad ran a fake diving resort for tourists in Sudan. This is the incredible story behind it - Africa, Asia and Australia -
Winner of prestigious Israeli award professor Evelyn Fox Keller, to donate prize money to human rights organizations
J.K. Rowling schools Twitter after non-Jew 'explains' anti-Semitism - Jewish World - Haaretz - Israel News |
Swiss and Dutch suspend funding for UN aid agency for Palestinians over scandal Leaked internal report alleges corruption, sexual misconduct at UN Relief and Works Agency
Who will fight the racist right? Don't look to the hard left - World News -
Stressing they're not all in the 'AOC camp,' Democrats reaffirm support during Israel visit - via ⁦
Netanyahu: Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews - Israel News -
From a Hezbollah invasion to Iranian payback: What preoccupies five generals in charge of Israel's eternal war fronts - Israel News -
Second Gazan journalist shot by Israel during border protest dies of wounds - Palestinians -
Israeli lawmaker: #Palestinian teen #Tamimi 'should have gotten a bullet, at least in the knee' - #Israel News -
'It's not BDS, it's Netanyahu': Portman explains why she nixed prize ceremony in Israel - U.S. News -
At 70, Israel has shunned Herzl's dream for Netanyahu's bleak vision - Israel News -
Who was Israel's top leader? 12 prime ministers ranked from best to worst - Israel News -
A Jew, an early Christian and a Roman meet in archaeological park to be built on evacuated prison - Archaeology -
A rabbi who needs to be fired: ADL slams chief rabbi of Israel for calling black people 'monkeys'
Why the U.K.'s neo-Nazis are posing with Israeli flags - Opinion - Israel News |
Palestinians' new doomsday weapon has Israel scared to death - Israel News -
Ron Lauder: No two-state solution, lack of religious pluralism could endanger Israel’s existence - Israel News -
Nice piece by on new thinking about the decline of Minoan civilization --> Ancient tablets may reveal what destroyed Minoan civilization - Archaeology - - #philhel
Vladimir Putin: Maybe 'Jews with Russian citizenship' meddled in U.S. elections - U.S. News -
Israeli State's Attorney offers community service to Asylum Seeker's lynchers - I try & avoid commenting on Middle East but this is awful dreadful hateful racism. I know by commenting I will be told I am antisemetic. What to do?
Saudi prince says Turkey part of 'triangle of evil,' Egyptian media reports - Middle East News -
Survivors of Sinai 'torture camps' to be deported before Israel's aid plans are completed - Israel News -
Were there actually 'Jewish perpetrators' of the Holocaust? - Israel News -
Mueller indictments and Israeli police set up Trump-Netanyahu Goodfellas summit - U.S. News -
Gaza border explosion: The other side may have found Israel's weak point, and the army must adjust - Israel News -
Hundreds of pro-Assad mercenaries and Russian troops killed by U.S. strikes in Syria this month - U.S. News -
Israel Police recommend charging Prime Minister Netanyahu with bribery in two cases - Israel News -
Israel believes round of hostilities with Iran and Syria is over, but another is all but inevitable - Israel News -
CNN put a Nazi GOP candidate on national television and the result was jaw dropping - U.S. News -
After Netanyahu slams top cop, right-hand man says police trying to stage coup - Israel News -
What happens when you mix Burning Man and Shabbat - U.S. News -
Yad Vashem condemns Poland's new Holocaust law, but says Warsaw is right to object to term 'Polish death camps' - Israel News -
Archaeologists drop Bible, pick up science to solve Jerusalem puzzles - Archaeology -
The future drone warfare lab - Security & Aviation -
Polish parliament approves jail time for using phrase 'Polish death camps' - Europe -
Why there's no chance Europe will solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Opinion - Israel News |
Female journalists with Mike Pence at Western Wall separated from male colleagues - Israel News -
Why do Jews circumcise their sons? - Jewish World - Haaretz - Israel News |
Israel's blacklisting of Quakers is a crime against Jewish history - Israel News -
FACT CHECK: How much funding does the U.S. give Palestinians - and what would happen if Trump cuts it - U.S. News -