Joe Kennedy's largest donors this cycle include Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, and Cardinal Health, the opioid distributor company.
Bernie spent $444k of campaign dollars on his own books in 2015
Eighteen different committees made payments to Cambridge Analytica totaling more than $16M from June 2014 to December 2016, according to FEC filings.
Eighteen different committees made payments to Cambridge Analytica totaling more than $16M from June 2014 to December 2016, according to FEC filings.
Am I reading this right? Every single Congressional campaign the Facebook PAC donated to in 2018 is a Republican. This from a company that also sponsored CPAC.
Diamond & Silk just told they have never been paid by the Trump campaign. That's not true
Here’s a list of 2016 disbursements to from major Democratic PACs. Note the big ones from Priorities USA and the timing. cc ht @2xwide_dreaming (link )
It took me 30 seconds to determine that in ’s story in defense of — about the 2006 campaign he was working on which he claims supposedly sold out to AIPAC for $5000 — his candidate raised $1,029,796.74 in contributions that cycle. FEC:
The more you look at the sugar industry's political contributions, the more you realize there's nothing really stopping someone from setting up multiple PACs and writing multiple $5,000 checks from each organization, rendering contribution limits useless.
The Commission’s full enforcement file in the #NRA #Russia matter (MUR 7314) is here: My statement is available on the FEC’s website in PDF form here:
Diamond & Silk were paid $5K by Louie Gohmert earlier this year. They were also paid by Trump and Paul Nehlen in 2016.
Republicans are so full of sh*t with their "outrage" over posting donors from his district ... news flash - if you go to - you can view every person who has made a contribution --
Holy crap! Pro SuperPAC America First Action spent more than $119,000 at the Trump Hotel DC in August 2018.
Public record. Here, go to the website yourself
Why does the Left get so upset when we point out Elon Musk donated to Hillary?
The RNC has spent over $424,000 at Trump properties in 2018 (so far) -- includes two months of rent at Trump Tower for the Trump campaign, an arrangement dating back to September, FEC filings show
Here's Google donating $5K (the max allowed) to make sure Ted Cruz gets re-elected to the Senate
Jay Inslee's campaign paid $30,225 for fundraising to a firm named Banana Stand LLC (!) last quarter.
If you work at Facebook, ask management why your company is giving money to Devin Nunes—the congressman trying to derail the Mueller investigation. They donated $5K to him, the max allowed.
Beto lied! $6.1 million incl 4.5 million he sent 2 Texas Dem Party at end of Sen campaign. They sent it back that 1st day. So in reality he got abt 1.6 million in donations.Below shows that $$. They r all sneaky snakes!
Gearing up for a likely primary challenge from , Laredo Democrat Henry Cuellar hauled in $410k in the first quarter. 62% of that came from corporate PACs, including private prison operator GEO Group. 0.1% came from small donors.
also! (A) Biden's been pretty clear about not wanting a super PAC, and (B) these people seriously do not seem like real Biden allies, at all? Here's another super PAC Tompkins runs... Receipts: $0 Contributions: $0
As tests the waters for a Presidential run as a Democrat, worth noting he is actively supporting Republicans & Says one Dem, “There are 7 swing districts in NY this year, Bloomberg is backing Repubs in 2 of them”
Here's where Amazon PAC spends its money, the real proof of how much it cares about LGBT issues.
'We're all in the closet': Trump's Hamptons supporters go underground via #TrumpCloset Let's shed some light on who is in the Trump closet in the Hamptons. First: Amagansett
There’s a new Draft Beto PAC. It shares a treasurer with the scammy Democratic Coalition Against Trump PAC.
Giving over the maximum donation to candidates is not an uncommon occurrence. Donors are rarely punished for it & campaigns handle. For example:
Since the filing of the financial disclosure, Ocasio-Cortez has collected a salary from the campaign. This is not uncommon for candidates to do.
Sen Bob Menendez D-NJ is being held under 60% by a candidate who has filed no fundraising reports
Ahead of Tuesday's primaries, pay attention to super PAC "Defeat Slavery," which has spent $160,000 supporting Democrat Alison Friedman in the #VA10 race against Republican incumbent . What we don't know: any of its donors #darkmoney
New enforcement action announced today: Super PAC that failed to disclose a $324,821 ad buy against Democrat in 2016 #WISEN race until after Election Day has been fined $12,500
I see someone decided to make some friends on his way into the House...
Out of curiosity, I did a little digging on the FEC website. Of contributions to presidential candidates by people who list "economist" as their profession, the three most common recipients are Warren (~22%), Bernie (~13%) and Booker (~13%).
DOJ indictment of Pras for campaign finance violations notes a complaint was filed against him in 2015 for alleged conduit contributions. FEC, however, deadlocked on whether to find "reason to believe" a violation occurred.
Can someone explain why Bernie Sanders payed nearly half a million dollars in campaign dollars to Verso books right after his 2015 book was published?? 2 payments one in October one in Dec. Is it normal to use campaign funds to your publisher??
Why did Beto For Texas transfer $4.6M to the Texas Democratic Party in 5 installments between 9/21/18 & 10/29/18? Did the funnel that cash back to #Beto2020 to juice his day 1 fundraising totals?
Did Democrat Patrick Murphy & a super PAC illegally coordinate in 2016? New docs show deadlocked 2-2 on whether to investigate; then dismissed the case Official #FEC docs here & Complaint 1st filed by #sayfie #FLSEN
75% of the money is from contributions of $200 or less. None of the contributions are more than $850
The donors contributing to this PAC are executives from big oil and pharma companies who donated millions but saved even more from the TrumpTax, the only legislative "achievement" this administration has to show for it's time in office. 3/
Did Democrat Patrick Murphy & a super PAC illegally coordinate in 2016? New docs show deadlocked 2-2 on whether to investigate; then dismissed the case Official #FEC docs here & Complaint 1st filed by #sayfie #FLSEN
His opponent this year is Ammar Campa-Najjar, a charismatic young guy with progressive support who has outraised Hunter, taking in over $1M. I don't know enough about the district to rate his chances, but it's more than a token campaign this time.
Sky Palma: (#BlackRepublicans) Diamond & Silk once took $7,000 to do a campaign ad for an actual #WhiteSupremacist /
A man claiming to share the name of an Egyptian pharaoh is “running” for U.S. Senate in Georgia. He is registered under this name to vote as well.
Given the debacle I decided to look up CEO John Foley's contributions. I admit I held my breath when I hit search, but it came out right in the end. (He's a fan, apparently.)
Not that anyone cares, but the new search engine is complete garbage and useless. MUCH worse than the old one. Democracy dies in a kludge.
April 15, 2013: transfers 164k to SC GOP April 16, 2013: Story pops about Sanford trespassing April 17, 2013: "abandons" Mark Sanford
Beto Update: Beto did NOT raise $6.1 Million. He gave the leftover $4.5+ Million from his Senate campaign to the State Party... And they gave it back!!! This is public record. You can see the deposit, and soon will see the disbursement...
As a pedantic ma myself, I'm compelled to note that the lists 889 candidates for president, with 200+ listed under the Democratic party: How do you decide who is active or not? If they've put out a statement that they're done campaigning?
Here is a public list, compiled and made available by law, of everyone who has donated to Trump. I encourage everyone to engage their legal right to peruse and share this information, which is made public for literally this purpose.
15/15 Can you please explain the insane payments your campaign has paid Mr Mynett? This is not normal. Can you review this and give, if not me, but the people that donated to your campaign a reason for these: +.There is MUCH more. But, let’s start here 1st
If you wish to narrow down the list to people in your community, congrats! Look to the left. There's search functions that help you do just that. Which is literally what the database was made for. Here, for instance, are the Trump donors from New York.
And, while right wingers are pretending otherwise, it's not just Trump donors. By law, everyone running for president makes their donor list public. Here are the heroes donating to Elizabeth Warren
And here, provided to me by law for the explicit purpose of transparency in campaign finance, are the donors to Trump from Austin, which is a city near San Antonio, where Joaquin Castro is from.
Only 563 people have filed papers to run for president so far? Feels like more, tbh.
Glenn's campaign has spent a total of $250k. About $100k gone to Glenn, his wife, and his wife's consulting firm
235 people are running for the Democratic nomination for president
And, yes, you can look up your neighbors, colleagues, enemies, & friends. Don't bother searching for me, though. I never give that much.