We put on a conference with ALL presenters being people of color! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 also w/ 21 presenters, 16 are women of color 🔥🔥🔥 For those tuning into #CriticalRaceDigitalStudies, our keynote with will start at 5! Livestream
The Critical Race and Digital Studies Conference begins today 9:30AM. Watch it here: w/ + many more!
Tune in to, "Outlook on Venezuela: The Roadmap to Recovery" happening now!
Tonight at #NYUDC: 5:30p screening of Lost in Lebanon + discussion with & David Frous, Head of the Political Section at 7:00p - Tune in!
1) If you are able, you should be following some of the phenomenal discussion happening about #CriticalRaceDigitalStudies right now. 2) This panel is incredible (livestream here
Tune in to this livestream at 6:15 EST to join ⁦⁩ and I for an ⁦⁩ Salon Series about #RageBecomesHer and more
Hi! There will be livestream of the event, and video available afterward, from this url
Race, Tech & the Future—Setting the Agenda: I’m over here vigorously taking notes as my brilliant colleagues think out loud in public, and you should too! Heres livestream: #CriticalRaceDigitalStudies
this is my interview from earlier today with Omar Barghouti via skype