. is hiring browser security engineers (including a Tor integration engineer). come work w/ me!
now has a .onion service, providing more users with secure access to Brave. See how our devops engineer created this setup, which you should be able to use to create your own onion service #MoreOnionsPorFavor:
I recommend the #YangGang start using the Brave browser. Google sells all your data, Firefox has better privacy control, but Brave gives you privacy and/or lets you choose to view ads which support your favorite content creators
Job opportunities at : Tor Integration Engineer, Blockchain Engineer and more. Apply & share
OK guys, hear me out: Internet Explorer used to be the big resource monster, and we chose Chrome because it wasn't. Now Chrome is the big resource monster. I recently discovered a 10x better browser than chrome. It's called Brave. Trust me, it's gold! 👇
On stage now is ! They deliver a high performance web browser with leading-edge privacy protection and the first global private ad platform that rewards people for their attention #OEBVS
🙌 HUGE THANKS to who just announced they are supporting for the next 12 months as a 🌟 Platinum Sponsor! 🦁 Brave is a browser with your interests at heart — 🤩 Thanks to the awesome people at Brave for supporting open source! ✨
Hi Jason, we met when I was doing Firefox and you were at AOL. Check out , , , and . BAT has had utility on platform for over five months, before which we used Bitcoin for over a year.
With , you can generate a custom download link to share with your audience. Each user you bring to earns you $5. But that's not all, there's a secret, related feature of that I want to tell you about. 1/3
Hey guys don't forget to check out the BRAVE browser, it will save you a lot of time and at the same time even reward you and your favorite creator crypto JUST FOR USING IT. Don't need to invest anything just download and use it.
Being a privacy focused browser, Brave can be considered far safer than Chrome and Firefox. Not only does it block ads by default, but also trackers and blocking scripts. #malware #hacking #cybersecurity
Man, browser is FANTASTIC. Love the rewards, the privacy elements, the tipping overlay, the import of chrome passwords, etc. This should be EVERYONE's default browser. Congrats & , truly incredible. USE IT NOW
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The new brave browser is blazingly, experientially faster than anything else -- like the google search engine v. its rivals circa 2000. This is not an ad -- try it
It looks like we aren't done talking with Google either. Firefox makes its next move in downloading Safe Browsing bits from Google APIs. This is common among browsers today (Exception: proxies the call through , keeping users out of Google's hands).
Brave is my new favorite mobile browser. Chromium-based [aka. no jank on Android], and tons of great ad-block, tracking protection, https redirection, etc. baked in.
Congrats to the team. is now listed on . Directly support content creators as you browse. Resist the ad based Internet.
Hi - saw this: "It will probably take you a couple of hours to set yourself up to prevent ads from haunting you. " What takes a couple hours elsewhere can be acheived in less than 3 minutes by getting
I wound up doing a long-form post over on (for those coming across this thread)
New browser geared towards privacy and speed. Also sports super crisp typography rendering. And holy shit, it's fast!!! Btw, - got the recommendation from your podcast. Thank you for getting back to sponsored content. It's valuable.
#xrpcommunity You need all three! 👊😎 browser Uphold Digital Money Platform Experience web monetized content in your browser while supporting creators in real time.
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Good news! We got to today and have enabled IPv6 across a number of our services. We've got a big list of others to work through and will continue to get those domains supported.
If you turn on Brave browser's private feature, the searches are via "duck-duck-go" (privacy protective search engine). Brave is great! Give it a try ...
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Dump Google and Youtube. Go to . I am sure would endorse the move. Take out the censorship with your eyeballs...
Or in Muon-based desktop browser that is retiring (no longer up for download at ) go to Settings or Preferences / Payments and "Claim my free tokens".
Brave Browser is basically chrome with a dark mode preference 😉
Y'all, browser is awesome. Been using it for a week and love it. Give it a try!
From your support "At this time, the categorization of as Proxy/Anonymizer is correct and will remain in place. " I believe this categorization to be wrong. Can you please explain to me what lead to this conclusion and provide more information.
Bonsoir Mademoiselle. Brave est le navigateur de Brendan Eich. (> ) Il proposera Tor sur onglet privé dans les trois prochains mois. Ce sera un kiffe. Bises
Try node `require('url').parse(" ")` for example (no exception; node9.4.0 puts all in the path part, earlier version I think got hostname wrong). Fix is to use `url.URL` instead of `url.parse` per . It throws.
Ok. So 1) Download - it works just like Chrome, but auto-kills all the adware. Feels like a brand new computer, it's so fast. 2) is what Web3 *should* feel like. This is The One among decentralised publishing platforms. EARLY BETA!
We just landed a ton of user experience enhancing features with 0.15.0. We’re getting better every release!
I like the Brave browser -- It feels like it is on your side and the Lion looks good
We're hiring for nearly 20 positions over the next several months. See the first batch of jobs here
do you like privacy and open source? is hiring for a Chromium security engineer
A #brave new browser is in town and I really like her - Thanks I'm coming with!
Yes, I know changing browsers can be a pain, but Google is censoring hard, and destroying lives. The ONLY pro-free speech, pro-YOU browser is . Use it today!
Also important for all of us to upgrade to , which unlike Google is pro free speech and is actually trying to solve the "creator monetization problem." It also blocks intrusive ads. Download here
Instead of upgrading your family members' browsers, just save them a headache from here on out and install for them.
🦁 Anyone else been using "Brave Browser"? I just started, but am, so far, super impressed! 👏
This is my second day using Brave Browser and I like it. It blocks ads and tracking scripts, which is good in itself, but this has the added benefit of making the browser faster.
Started using Brave as my full time browser on iOS. It is awesome.
seeing more and more people talking about Brave browser ( -- the more "private" browser) and switching to it from Chrome.. am I missing something? these are my exact thoughts on it at the moment:
I also use Brave as my main web browser
Mir ist wieder mal bewusst worden, dass es immer noch Menschen geben soll, die auf Youtube Werbevideos angucken müssen... Als -Browser-User bin ich total verwöhnt 😜 (Nein, ich werde von Brave nicht bezahlt.) #youarenotaproduct
Trying a new browser, Brave. So far it is working great on very unfriendly sites...
you can download it at or you can use my referral link if you like Week in Ethereum
and if you don't want a referral link, totally fine by me
The Brave browser has a new 'Basic Attention Token' model to replace advertising on the Web - worth a look. Vimeo Brave:
…we should also experiment with novel methods of funding such shared needs, such as Brave Browser's user-protecting ads (), Zcash's decentralized and self-funding blockchain () and Gitcoin/RadicalXChanges's "Quadratic Funding".
Concerned about privacy? check out the Brave browser & DuckDuckGo
I've switched to as my primary (~90%) browser and it is perfect. Any previous issues I've had are fixed.
Experimenting browser today, this is fast! Let see if it plays well with my JavaScript app, github, and other usual toys
I am curious to get a sense of the adoption of the Brave browser
Next, download Firefox or Brave Browser and stop using Google Chrome. (1) Firefox: (2) Brave Browser:
I’ll let someone more authoritative answer 1) and 2). (I’m merely an advisor.) But as for 3), here’s what I see on
Would you consider for some of your Monetization?
Want an alternative to Google Chrome? (you should!) Try the browser Thanks for the suggestion !
Trying Brave Browser. So far quite a bit faster than others (as advertised), and great adblock/privacy settings.