Murray Rothbard, For a new Liberty Murry, Man Economy and State Hans Hermann Hoppe, A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism. Hoppe, Democracy the God that Failed.
A more popularized treatment of [Anarcho-capitalism] can be found in Rothbard’s For a New Liberty.
You need to stop reading what you are reading right now (unless your're reading "The Bitcoin Standard") and buy "For a New Liberty" by Murray Rothbard After you've read it, you will know exactly what rights are, and everything will fall into place neatly.
That's only true if you have a private definition of "serve" and "employee" I suggest you read this book
If you want to find out what rights are and where they come from, you should read "For a New Liberty" by Murray Rothbard. Once you've read it, you will never look at "rights" in the same way again, and you'll think very differently about them.
No matter what you choose to believe, the police are a real problem. It all goes back to the State, the monoploly on the supply of money and the application of force. Have you read this book?
Rather than try and equate these two "sides", you should state the principle that covers every situation. That's what Murray Rothbard can teach you to do. You absolutely must read, "For a New Liberty"
Before you use the word "rights" in any context, you must read, "For a New Liberty" by Murray Rothbard. If you keep using the word "rights" incorrectly knowing that this book exists, you're being wilfully ignorant. And that's stupid...don't be stupid!
If all of this sounds rather odd to you, you need to read this book and extrapolate for yourself from the initial conditions that have been running for over ten years without you knowing what's happening. You're welcome!