BREAKING: Westminster Magistrates' Court has been told that US President Donald Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange if he said Russia was not involved in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails. Get today's top stories:
"We wouldn't manage them differently based on whether they're females or males." Aquarist Charlotte Barcas tells #Sunrise how it is more natural for a penguin chick to grow up genderless. Tao here for today's stop stories:
"Even if it's a baby step at a time. Even a snail's pace. But I'm hoping it will continue in the right direction. Even at a snail's pace, I don't care" Michael Holding fights back tears as he recalls the prejudice faced by his parents.
Dr. Aseem Malhotra () is on fire in the UK. Here he is in a interview talking about our new paper published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance (
Data visualisation journalist says the UK has the second worst #COVID19 mortality rate, but England alone would have the highest mortality rate in the world. Read the latest:
Donald Trump has compared the post-Brexit Irish border with his own planned wall for the US border with Mexico. Get the latest news and video here:
"It's not the time to be opening pubs at 6am" NHS staff have marched to Downing St in protest of the government's handling of the #COVID19 pandemic. Get the latest on #coronavirus:
"No one is misusing PPE - the problem is we don't have it." BMA’s responds to the health secretary's comment that health workers should not overuse protective equipment and treat it like the “precious resource that it is”. #COVID19 latest:
Tony Blair, former prime minister says the #coronavirus outbreak is the "most complicated and difficult challenge I have ever seen in politics" but adds the government were "slow in the first stages" of the virus. #COVID19 latest:
Director Peter Jackson has painstakingly transformed black and white film from the First World War into colour for his latest film For more stories like this, head to
Dramatic footage shared on Chinese media shows three boys desperately trying to save a dog caught in a snake’s death grip. For this and more videos, head here:
'Online closed groups are normalising extremism and hate.' Labour's wants to tackle online hate, fake news and radicalisation by introducing a new bill to stop people using closed forums on social media. Read the latest stories here:
"Both countries went into denial mode, they said there wasn't a problem." says there is a "remarkable parallel" between the how the UK and US "responded with essentially gross incompetence" to the #COVID19 crisis. #Coronavirus latest:
The RSPCA has launched an investigation after a man was captured on CCTV abandoning a dog from a car in Stoke-on-Trent. For more news and video, head here:
Vehicle-only bridge? Dress as a bus then... Four people went across a vehicle-only bridge disguised as a yellow bus, but their ruse was quickly discovered by local security. For more of today's videos:
British inventor Richard Browning flies in an '#IronMan' style jet suit that has gone on sale at Selfridges for £340k More stories like this here:
This lift-off didn't go quite to plan... 🚀 The rocket was developed by a Japanese start-up hoping to provide affordable commercial space flights More stories here:
A nine-year-old Kenyan boy who made a wooden hand-washing machine to help stop the spread of #COVID19 has been awarded a presidential award. Read today's top stories:
Watch as #KayBurley asks health minister, Helen Whately whether the government can 'stick' the blame on the scientists during the #COVID19 outbreak.
BREAKING: Scotland's First Minister says face coverings will be mandatory in shops in Scotland from July 10. Get today's top stories:
Healthcare workers block a protest against the lockdown in Colorado by standing in front of cars as demonstrators shout "land of the free". Get the latest #coronavirus news here:
Watch the moment a Queen's guard appears to shove a tourist out of his way. For more of today's news and videos, head here:
NHS workers across the UK are holding protests today demanding a pay increase. International Council of Nurses' Howard Catton says there needs to be a change in thinking around health and nurses as "it's not a cost, it's an investment." Latest:
Prince Charles avoids handshakes at London awards show. Read today's top stories here:
Robotic tails have been invented in Japan to aid the elderly with their balance. Read today's top stories here:
Will pronoun badges help or hinder transgender students? Edinburgh University are handing out badges saying 'he', 'she' and 'they' to students so they can indicate which pronoun they prefer to go by. What do you think?
Dramatic footage shared on Chinese media shows three boys desperately trying to save a dog caught in a snake’s death grip. For this and more videos, head here:
Saturn is losing its rings at the "worst-case-scenario" rate according to new research by NASA. Here's why. For more of today's videos:
Woman shouts at Brazilians in London to 'speak English when you walk these streets'. For this and more videos, head here:
A nine-year-old Kenyan boy who made a wooden hand-washing machine to help stop the spread of #COVID19 has been awarded a presidential award. Read today's top stories:
Fans of a short Christmas film made for £50 have called on John Lewis to use the filmmaker for their festive advertising campaign. Get the latest news and videos here:
British inventor Richard Browning flies in an '#IronMan' style jet suit that has gone on sale at Selfridges for £340k More stories like this here:
'The statue remaining is an affront on the university's support for movements such as Black Lives Matter' Organiser of the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, Ndjodi Ndeunyema calls to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes from an Oxford College.
BREAKING: Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus Get the latest on #COVID19:
Black high school wrestler Andrew Johnson was forced to have his dreadlocks cut off by a white referee in order to compete. An incident the ACLU said was about race not hair. For more news and video, head here:
US golfer Brooks Koepka hit a spectator with a tee shot on the first day of the #RyderCup For more news and video, head here:
"The lockdown must be extended at this stage." Nicola Sturgeon has announced a three week extension of lockdown measures, saying "progress remains fragile" and any easing of restrictions would be "very risky". Get the latest on #COVID19:
Thousands of women in the southern Indian state of Kerala have formed a continuous 620km human wall to raise awareness of gender equality. For more news and video, head here:
A leopard trapped in a well 30 feet deep has been rescued by wildlife personnel in Maharashtra, India Watch other videos like this at
A volcano on the island of Stromboli has erupted causing ash clouds to rise over the island. Head to for more of today's top stories.
Watch this pilot manage to control a helicopter with incredible precision as it negotiates snow covered slopes in France to rescue a skier. For the latest stories and more videos, head here:
Three, two, one... Happy New Year New Zealand 🎉! Auckland kicks off 2019 celebrations with fireworks display. Follow #NewYearsEve celebrations live on Sky News Facebook, Twitter and here:
'The worst is yet to come' from #COVID19 and the pandemic is not even close to being over, says the World Health Organisation's chief. Get the latest #coronavirus news:
BREAKING: The Home Office is now extending its bereavement scheme, which offers indefinite leave to remain, to the families and dependents of NHS support staff and social care workers who die as a result of contracting the #coronavirus. #COVID19 latest:
"Why is Britain now emerging as the country with the highest number of deaths from this pandemic?" Former Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir David King says we must stand back and look at how the UK has handled the #COVID19 outbreak. #KayBurley Latest:
Watch out Foo Fighters! Ten-year-old Collier wowed the crowd in Kansas City, Missouri when he covered Metallica on stage with his favourite band 🎸🤘 For more news and video from around the world, head here:
A lazy pigeon hitches a ride on a police car bonnet in Czech Republic. The bird seems quite happy to be driven around the city of Opava, showing no signs of wanting to fly away. Get today's top stories:
An emaciated polar bear has wandered into a Siberian rubbish dump hundreds of kilometres from its natural home searching for food See more videos like this here:
"It's damaging the reputation of a peaceful and loving community that I have lived in my entire life." MP has a heated debate at a Birmingham school where some parents have taken their children out of school to protest against LGBT lessons.
Extinction Rebellion is holding silent socially distanced protests across the country calling for a citizens' assembly to be involved in the recovery from #coronavirus. Read today's top stories here:
The Government has drawn up a secret list of British employers that could be forced into administration under a no deal Brexit. Political reporter has more. Head to our website for today's top stories:
BREAKING: The PM has asked the Home Office and Department of Health and Social Care to remove overseas NHS and care workers from the NHS surcharge as soon as possible. Latest #COVID19 stories here:
Around the world, people will tune in to a live stream to watch the traditional Stonehenge Summer Solstice. Senior historian at English Heritage, Susan Greaney, says "half a million people" have signed up to the virtual event so far. #Breakfast:
Is this what no-deal could look like? Just under 90 lorries drove from the former airfield along the A256 towards the Port of Dover in a 'no-deal' Brexit trial run. For more news, head here:
Thames Valley Police stopped a drunk driver who was four times over the limit and heading into oncoming traffic on the M4. For more news and video, head here:
BREAKING: A further 711 patients who tested positive for the #coronavirus have died in hospital in England - taking the total number of deaths in hospitals in England to 18,084. Latest on #COVID19 here:
This woman was thrown off a plane for attempting to fly with an 'emotional support squirrel'... Read the latest stories here:
The daughter of a man who died with suspected #coronavirus has told Sky News she wants to know who signed off on a government policy to allow untested #COVID19 patients to be sent to care homes, potentially spreading the virus. Get today's top stories:
Former prime minister, Tony Blair explains what his approach to the #coronavirus outbreak would be if he was back in government today. #COVID19 latest:
Mayor of Greater Manchester tells Sky News tower block residents paying increased service charges to replace flammable cladding is a "living nightmare" and says the government can not be "absent" on the issue. Get today's top stories:
Watch a Komodo dragon in time-lapse as it hatches. This process takes hours, sometimes even days, but is seen here, sped-up, from start to finish. For more of today's videos:
"She's got pretty low" - Richard Ratcliffe tells that medical tests have been blocked for his wife Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has been imprisoned in Iran, since 2016. For the latest headlines, head here:
. says if the choice comes down to no-deal or revoking Article 50, then Change UK will back revoking Article 50 #Ridge. Get breaking news and the latest video here:
. clarify's the government's position on whether children under the age of 18 with separated parents can move between homes. He says "there is a clear exception here" for movement between different homes. Get the latest on #coronavirus:
'The onus is on the govt to prove that schools are safe.' says the govt must reassure teachers and parents that it's safe to return to school and must work with teacher unions instead of seeing them as an "enemy to progress." #Breakfast
Screams ring out across neighbourhood as part of an organised event to vent lockdown frustration in Australia. Today's top stories:
Defence Minister compares a no-deal Brexit to a divorce where someone has run out of the house - without thinking about who will get the money, house, the cat and custody of children #Ridge Get breaking news and the latest video here:
Sky News has learned that 30% of publicly funded drugs rehab centres have closed in the last five years, with many warning that a lack of support for addicts will lead to increased levels of crime. Read the full report on
Japan's coast is being battered by Typhoon Jebi, the strongest typhoon there in 25 years. For more news from around the world, head here:
Watch the moment this driver walks away from his burning vehicle in El Paso, Texas... For this and more videos visit:
BREAKING: NHS England has said a further 332 people who tested positive for #coronavirus have died, including a six week old baby. It takes the total number of deaths in hospitals in England to 22,764. Get the latest on #COVID19:
BREAKING: The owners of Colston Hall in Bristol have begun removing the name of the 17th century slave trader from the building. has the latest. Today's top stories: #KayBurley
Parts of Michigan in the US have been under tornado watch after this sight was caught swirling across the sky 🌪️. Funnel clouds ☁️ are similar to tornadoes but they do not come in contact with the ground. Watch more videos here:
America is more divided than it has been in decades. To understand what is going on in the country we looked at what splits the US the most; abortion rights, gun control, immigration and . This is the Divided States:
BREAKING: The Washington have announced they will retire their team name and logo. More of today's top stories here 👉
'I think the prime minister is wrong to defend Dominic Cummings.' Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says confidence in guidance on keeping safe during the #coronavirus has been "undermined" by the PM's chief adviser. Get today's top stories:
"We are facing huge challenges." from Blood Cancer UK says they've seen an "incredible influx in demand" during the #coronavirus outbreak but their income has "gone off a cliff". #KayBurley #COVID19 latest:
Trans activists deny claims they cause female spaces to be compromised, while feminists say they want to "protect girls" as proposed changes to the Gender Act sparks a divide This is the latest in our Line 18 series examining the state of modern Britain:
"It makes you feel vulnerable." A primary school teacher says he has received death threats for teaching about LGBT rights and homophobia. For the latest news, head here:
Sienna and her mum Jacqui Hicklin celebrate her birthday on #TheKayBurleyShow. Jacqui is part of a group of mums trying to change the perception of children with Down's syndrome. Get the latest news and videos here:
#Coronavirus: People in New Zealand rush out for a fast food fix as lockdown measures are eased slightly. Get the latest on #COVID19:
A square in Brussels is being renamed in honour of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox. 's paid tribute to the MP at the ceremony saying "in her memory let's build that better world". Read the latest news stories here:
More than a million planned operations and treatments have been cancelled or delayed because of the #COVID19 pandemic. Dr Chaang Nagpaul is calling for "openness and transparency" around how the NHS will prioritise and ensure patients are seen. Latest:
Dozens of protesters took to the streets of Mexico City to demonstrate against Mexico's Supreme Court decision to reject an injunction that could have decriminalised abortions. Read today's top stories here:
"Matt Hancock said he consulted, well he hasn't." tells he wants to see the government "start listening" to regions when it comes to making changes to the #coronavirus lockdown. Today's top stories: #KayBurley
"It's important to remember that hospital can be a dangerous place for people." Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it is 'in many cases appropriate and safer for patients to be discharged into care homes'. Get the latest on #COVID19:
"The green economy can put people back to work." Shadow Business Secretary tells Sky News 'it makes financial sense' to help retrain people who lose their jobs amid the #coronavirus into green industries. Today's top stories: #Breakfast
Dame has warned of the danger of the 'decriminalisation of rape' amid a drop in prosecutions. She has called on the CPS leadership to improve the way they deal with rape cases. More of today's top stories 👉
"It's not about forces of Putin winning, it's forces of freedom are losing." tells Putin sees 'no obstacles' to push his agenda even further and has seen 'no consequences'. Catch up on the latest headlines here:
Is the term 'housewife' sexist? Comedian and journalist #feminism #housewife #sexism Watch this and more videos here:
"I think this is going to become a really big issue in coming months and years" says he believes the lockdown has had a serious impact on people's mental health #KayBurley
Authorities have rescued a caged "attack squirrel" that had been fed methamphetamine to make it behave aggressively. Head to for breaking news and analysis
From tomorrow and will host a new podcast - #TheWorldTomorrow. In a series of interviews with policymakers and thinkers, they'll examine how the #COVID19 pandemic might change the world. ⏰ Available tomorrow 💻 📱 Sky News app
Denise Mueller-Korenek has set a new world record by hitting 183.9mph on a bicycle. The American cyclist was pulled along by a tow rope on a racing car, before being released to pedal herself. Read the latest stories and watch more videos here:
Sri Lankan MPs fight in parliament amid political turmoil which has left the country without an agreed prime minister or cabinet. Get the latest news and videos here:
"The things that are restarting are things we didn't require to close in the first place." says he is "comfortable" with some businesses reopening if they have measures to maintain social distancing rules. Latest on #coronavirus: #Breakfast
Lockdown restrictions are being eased in Ireland as the country moves into phase two of its exit plan. 94-year-old Tom Monaghan, thought to be Ireland's oldest retailer, says he's never seen anything like the impact of #coronavirus. Read the latest here
. insists that Labour is not anti-business, but says "those with the broadest shoulders, the wealthier in society and the big businesses should pay a little bit extra in tax". #Breakfast #GeneralElection2019 Today's top stories here:
‘My instinct told me something’s not right.' Jayesh Bhanubhai Patel was a pharmacist. He died of #COVID19. His wife Kanan told Sky News about the pain of not being able to say goodbye. Latest:
. urges voters not to be "hoodwinked" by the Lib Dems who he says are "responsible for austerity" Get breaking news and the latest video here:
"The world is courting disaster by countries looking at its own problems and not looking globally." , president of , says the govt should "think strategically" and support other countries through the #coronavirus. Latest on #COVID19:
Rishi Sunak says close monitoring of 'regional flare-ups' of #coronavirus will allow for 'more specific intervention', when asked whether the govt is considering lifting restrictions 'more swiftly' in London for the sake of the economy. Latest #COVID19:
Whigfield reminds fans of the iconic dance moves that go with her number one hit, Saturday Night after footage of Dublin residents dancing to the track went viral. #KayBurley Get the latest on #coronavirus:
"Somebody said they don't even look forward to Christmas and that got me thinking." Mo Fayose has written and hand-delivered 1,900 Christmas cards to strangers in an effort to combat loneliness. More of today's stories here:
Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green says the Labour party does not believe face masks are necessary in schools. #KayBurley Read today's top stories:
Australian police have seized more than 1.7 tonnes of meth, equivalent to '17 million drug deals' and arrested six people. It's the biggest ever meth bust in US history. Read this and more stories here:
Minister of State at the Department of Health, Helen Whately says the government imposed lockdown at the right time and adds local authorities "worked incredibly hard" to protect those in care homes against #COVID19. #KayBurley
How much will it cost to go to space on Virgin Galactic? 🚀 Sir tells Sky News it would cost you $250,000 if you wanted a seat on his spacecraft - but he refuses to comment on who could be lined up for the journey. Latest here:
51% still have few or no friends of a different religion; 23% think power-sharing will never be restored; and 76% are pro same-sex marriage - the story of Northern Ireland, 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement.
Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carry 60 satellites into orbit. Read today's top stories here:
"History can be both positive and negative." Chair of the - Trevor Sterling - tells why he is calling for a national 'black plaque scheme.' #KayBurley More top stories here:
"We cannot deal with the complexities of the 21st century" - Comedian knows only too well how stressful and chaotic everyday life can be. For more news, head here:
"None of them wanted to engage in a debate about #Brexit" - Sky correspondent comments on why the big companies in Sunderland did not engage with our special #Brexit debate. Follow it live here:
"What we're looking for is something that will interrupt transmission, that might make the infection less severe if you did happen to pick it up." Robert Dingwall says it's not guaranteed a coronavirus vaccine will work on everyone. #COVID19 latest:
Will be on tonight ~5:35 PM Sydney/6:35 AM London/1:35 AM NY to talk about climate change and #AustraliaBurning. Live feed available
Will pronoun badges help or hinder transgender students? Edinburgh University are handing out badges saying 'he', 'she' and 'they' to students so they can indicate which pronoun they prefer to go by. What do you think?
South Korea's Unification Church has held a mass wedding with about 4,000 couples from 64 countries exchanging marriage vows. Get more stories like this here:
Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says domestic abuse victims will get "priority need status" to access local housing services under the Domestic Abuse Bill. Get the latest on #coronavirus here:
Could we see some form of #COVID19 testing at UK airports? Culture Secretary says "all options" are being reviewed but insists testing at airports wouldn't provide a "silver bullet". #KayBurley Latest:
#AllOutPolitics is LIVE NOW! In a few minutes will be talking with about 'green Brexit' >>
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"Having that structure is incredibly important" , who is recording a series of short videos with , tells that structure is a crucial part in maintaining people's mental health during lockdown #KayBurley
Don't think Kanye is serious about being president? Don't think he has wizard skills? Read his last sentence here.
The panel discuss whether faith schools be banned? says she doesn't think education and faith go hand in hand. For more news and video, head here: