We are in the presence of a global education revolution. The maps below show average years of schooling in 1950 vs 1980 vs 2010.
The gender gap for mean years of schooling between boys and girls has continued to shrink over recent decades. In Eastern Europe and Latin America women now have on average slightly more years of schooling than men. #IWD2019
Despite the growing populations size, the number of children out of school has fallen by about 1/3 in just 16 years!
Access to education in Africa increased over the course of the last generation. In many countries across the continent children at school entrance age can expect to stay in school longer. Here you can explore the data yourself:
In 1950, about 35% of people worldwide were literate. Today's literacy rate is around 85% and growing.
Global Rise of Education - Our World In Data
In any event, here's a ton of data on rise of literacy, correlations (and causation) of education w/ other outcomes
263 million children in primary and secondary school age are not in school world wide. At primary school age the number of girls that are out of school is higher. At secondary school age the reverse is true, more boys than girls are out of school. Source
Average years of schooling by country, 1950 vs 2010: Via
‘Despite all these worldwide improvements, some countries have been lagging behind, mainly in #subSaharanAfrica, where there are still countries that have literacy rates below 50% among the youth’ Global Rise of Education via
Escolaridad en el mundo: 1950 vs 2010 Discusión y análisis (en inglés):
The visuals I shared today are from and my entry on the Global rise of education: The one below too.