Look again πŸ‘€ …it could save lives. If you see something suspicious, like someone buying knives, hammers and other objects that could be used to cause harm - ACT. Reporting it won’t ruin lives, but it might save them πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
A man who posted a number of images promoting Daesh has been sentenced to 2yrs’ imprisonment for encouraging terrorism. If you see material online which you believe to be terrorist or extremist please report it via
Recent investigations by CT Policing and MI5 have highlighted would-be attackers stockpiling chemicals and weapons. If you have a concern about someone's behaviour and think it's suspicious, tell someone. Visit #ActionCountersTerrorism
There are currently 600+ investigations led by Counter Terrorism Policing. They target some 3,000 people who pose the biggest threat to the UK. You can help play your part: report suspicious activity and behaviour at #ActionCountersTerrorism
Our teams are working around the clock to keep you safe ⏰ 🌍 In the last 18 months 17 plots have been foiled by Counter Terrorism Policing and our intelligence partners. Report suspicious behaviour online πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
If you're caught in a terrorist gun or knife attack RUN. If you can't run, HIDE. Then TELL πŸ“ž Call 999 #ActionCountersTerrorism
It only takes a moment to report suspicious activity online. You could help prevent an attack and save lives. Trust your instincts and ACT. Report it at #ActionCountersTerrorism
There's been an global increase in the use of vehicles as weapons. We're working with hire companies, but if you hear of someone acquiring a large vehicle for no obvious reason, and have a concern about their intent, report it #ActionCountersTerrorism
If you see or hear something that you consider suspicious or a danger to the public - report it immediately. Your information can help save lives. You can report suspicious behaviour online instantly and anonymously πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
Recent terror plots thwarted by police and MI5 highlight would-be attackers ordering unusual items online and visiting extremist websites. If you're suspicious about someone's online activity or posts they make do not ignore it. #ActionCountersTerrorism
If you see or hear anything suspicious that might identify a terrorist threat, then ACT without delay. Even if you think it might be insignificant, report it. The information you provide could make a real difference. Visit #ActionCountersTerrorism
Plots foiled by Counter Terrorism Policing and our intelligence partners have involved suspects monitoring security movements. If you see something which doesn't feel right - ACT and report it online πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism #MondayMotivation
CT Policing work with MI5 and global partners to the keep the UK safe. Since March last year, we've foiled 16 terrorist plots in the UK. You can play your part too. If you spot suspicious activity, report it. #ActionCountersTerrorism
When you report online terrorist or extremist content - you're playing your part in tackling the terrorist threat. We''ll sort it. Visit #ActionCountersTerrorism
Reports from the public have foiled terror attacks in the UK. The cooperation between the public and the police is a powerful defence. πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
Terrorists travel abroad to train and obtain support for their attack plans. If you hear of someone going abroad but they are vague about where and why trust your instinct and report it. #ActionCountersTerrorism
Reports from the public have helped identify terrorist attack plots in the UK. Your vigilance could save lives. πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
You can help tackle terrorism. Any piece of information could be important, it is better to be safe and report it. Visit #ActionCountersTerorrism
Last year more than 6000 reports from the public provided useful intelligence. Communities Defeat Terrorism. Report online πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
Terrorist attacks are rare, but being prepared and remembing simple advice could save your life: RUN. If you can't run, HIDE. Then TELL police when it's safe to do so πŸ“² #ActionCountersTerrorism
Offline Safety #9 If you are in UK, report anything suspicious here: If you are not in UK, try your luck here:
Your actions could save lives. Reports from the public have foiled terrorist plots. Trust your instincts and ACT by reporting it in confidence at #ActionCountersTerrorism
Offline Safety #9 If you are in UK, report anything suspicious here: If you are not in UK, try your luck here:
Use this website to report any suspicious activity or behaviour you feel might link to potential terror attack
If you see extremist or terrorist content online - Just ACT - Report it. Visit #ActionCountersTerrorism
This isn't a petty street crime, this is a terrorist attack - this news is dialled down so people don't panic. Attacks like these can have life-changing damage, so if you know of any group expressing extremist Islamist views, contact the Police πŸ“©Β