Great Monday morning reading from . Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and read every word.
I wrote an essay for on early Christian martyrs, my chaplain in Iraq, fatherhood, and joy
I've had this story on my to-read list for weeks and just got to it. It's tremendous. Whether you've seen war as a combatant or civilian--or neither--you should read this.
Please read this essay by for its insight, honesty, and humanity. Make time, and a place, to do so. It is the most powerful writing I have encountered in years, in any form.
If you have yet to read this outstanding piece by , take 15 minutes to do so. Actually, take 30 and read it twice.
Our "best of the decade" reading suggestion for 2018? This powerful essay about war, suffering, and redemption from veteran . #longreads
Beautiful and moving writing. In other words, classic
Beautiful meditation by on war, fatherhood, the presence of suffering and being “attuned to joy”