New report! Legal protections for scientific research materials vary widely in the US, putting scientists + universities at risk + endangering the scientific endeavor. #FOIA
Work like this is why I donated to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund . important reading.
. released the first in-depth analysis of the existing protections for scientific records, and their applications, in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Read more here
Does your state protect scientific research materials? Our new report is here to help you understand how open records laws pertain to public scientists. #FOIA
Hey, publicly-funded scientists: Does your state protect your research materials? Check out our new report to learn how open records laws might pertain to you. #FOIA
Publicly-funded scientists need to understand state open records laws. Check out our report to find out whether your research materials are protected → #FOIA
Research Protections in State Open Records Laws: An Analysis and Ranking - Climate Science Legal Defense Fund