“We did an amazing job in the first decade of Putin’s rule of creating the illusion that Putin controls everything in Russia,” says former Kremlin adviser. Smart, insightful look at Putin’s Russia and our overestimation of it by the fabulous
The longread by is ten stories for the price of one - a big, well-researched, highly readable summary of Putin and modern Russia
If you're wondering about what Nunes is referring to when he mentions the nude photos of Trump: it was, as I first reported, Russian government-connected pranksters, posing as Ukrainian officials, trying (unsuccessfully) to dupe Adam Schiff.
What does Putin want, asks ? “His goal is to stay in power another day, another year, and to deal with complications when—and if—they arise.” On election day in Russia, it’s the perfect time to revisit her reporting
From , the best piece I have seen on what makes Putin tick — what he thinks and why he does what he does. It is long, but it is worth reading every word.
What does Putin really want? My latest, on the cover of .
"People ask if [Putin] plays chess or checkers. It’s neither: He plays blackjack." Our latest cover story, by :
This story on Putin, his tactics, and what Russia's really after is as good as everyone is saying.
Great read by , loved the opening with that hacking competition in Volgograd. Totally worth 20 minutes of your time.
"What makes Putin effective, what makes him dangerous, is not strategic brilliance but a tactical flexibility and adaptability—a willingness to experiment, to disrupt, and to take big risks." in a great deep dive on Putin's Game.
"What Putin Really Wants" -- some big-picture context from in her cover story from Jan/Feb
I learned a lot from 's sweeping piece on Putin, and found section on how his thinking on Syria was shaped by Libya especially interesting.
A good article on the background to Russian hacking and disinformation activities
What Putin Really Wants -- good, thorough story by
Just finished ’s sweeping portrait of the Putin state: aggrieved, with an uncertain future and willingness to gamble.
"Putin is not a supervillain. He is not invincible, or unstoppable. He pushes only until the moment he meets resistance." If you somehow missed this piece by , please catch up. It's essential reading as we head into 2018.
Skip the cable news yak-yak and read this excellent article! What Putin Really Wants
"There were pictures of naked Trump." How Russian pranksters got Adam Schiff, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell.
Russia's tampering with US election was reportedly response to Panama Papers leak that Putin's cellist friend had stashed away $2B.
Russia is messy. Good long read from .
What Putin Really Wants - The Atlantic
“What makes Putin effective, what makes him dangerous, is not strategic brilliance but a tactical flexibility and adaptability—a willingness to experiment, to disrupt, and to take big risks.” Interesting piece by
“They were kind of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what would stick.” That assumption about #Russia|n policy-making both domestically and abroad makes much more sense than the "power vertical" or "grand strategy."
For big picture background on the Mueller indictments, I strongly recommend the cover story on Putin and his goals in the Atlantic
Schiff's exact words to the caller were: “We will try to work with the FBI to figure out, along with your staff, how we can obtain copies.” Everything Trump says is a lie. Everything.
What #Putin Really Wants Fascinating look at #Russia subversion of #US democracy & #Putin methods, motives by "What makes him dangerous, is not strategic brilliance but tactical flexibility..willingness to experiment, disrupt, take big risks"
What Putin Really Wants
I have to say that the two best background pieces on this month's news were the last two cover stories. on Putin and in the current issue on Manafort. I wish I could link to both
Putin—many in the a West are convinced of his manipulative genius, but he's really just a gambler who won big
Also: “Before agreeing to take the call, and immediately following it, the committee informed appropriate law-enforcement and security personnel of the conversation, and of our belief that it was probably bogus.”
The always-brilliant Julia Ioffe is out with the Atlantic cover story on Putin the puppet-master.
Russia, fragile superpower: "Americans project their own fears onto Russia, a country that is a paradox of deftness, might, and profound weakness." — excellent longread
What Putin Really Wants
lengthy read. even more instructive.
What Putin Really Wants - The Atlantic
The Myth of Vladimir Putin the Puppet Master