Excited to announce that we’re joining the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences ! We are looking for highly talented PhD students & postdocs. Please RT! Info here:
For my lab at , I am recruiting two postdocs to work on either (i) medial PFC-hippocampal interactions, (ii) memory suppression, or (iii) affective episodic simulation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by DM or email.
Apply now! 2 postdoc positions on *cognition and plasticity* in my new Lise Meitner Research Group at MPI-CBS in Leipzig. Great city, great opportunity. #TMS, #fMRI. More information here: Any questions? Just drop me a message. Please consider and RT.
Senior research position in "Brain structural and functional principles of language processing" . Take this great opportunity and join us in #Leipzig! Please RT :) . Details:
Interested in how 🧠🧠 do language? Want to come work with us in #Leipzig at ? We have an opening for a Senior Researcher in "Brain structural and functional principles of language processing". Further details and how to apply:
Great opportunity for post-docs to work at the new MPI Pain Perception Lab in Leipzig with Falk Eippert!
Research assistant position at MPI-CBS Leipzig in Human Communication Group: 4 days left to apply
Research assistant position available in our lab at MPI-CBS, #Leipzig, Germany #neuroscience #hiring #Jobs
Apply for a 2-year postdoc "Measuring human #cognition & the #brain using virtual reality" #VR
Pain folks & those interested in pain! The brilliant #FalkEippert (not on twitter) has positions open for postdocs and PhD students in his new lab at Max Planck Leipzig. Falk will be amazing to work with. See for info!
Interested in early socio-cognitive development? Great PostDoc position with my former colleague Charlotte Grosse Wiesmann in #Leipzig