Your periodic reminder that there is a lot of renewable energy powering California's grid. Noon today, 62.4% good stuff (does not include the 6.3 GW of rooftop solar)
Wind-water-solar (#WWS) supplied more than 90% of the world's fifth-largest-economy's (#California's) electricity demand from 12:30-15:30 PM today, and all renewables supplied >90% from 10:55 AM - 16:00 PM.
Hey folk, I'm going to tweet California's reliance on renewable energy, every hour or so, data from . Right now: renewables 49.9 percent, natgas 8.2, large hydro/nukes 26.3, rest imports.
California regularly has over 50% renewables on the grid. 53% right now -- and that doesnt even include the 5GW of rooftop solar.
Oooh, real time CAISO battery data now being posted:
2 PM. (I was out enjoying the sun at 1 PM, #sorrynotsorry.) We've finally crossed the 68 percent mark, running on 68.7 percent renewable power. ☀️Of that, 66.5 percent is solar, 21.7 percent wind, so we're all going to die of cancer. Data here