Your periodic reminder that there is a lot of renewable energy powering California's grid. Noon today, 62.4% good stuff (does not include the 6.3 GW of rooftop solar)
Wind-water-solar (#WWS) supplied more than 90% of the world's fifth-largest-economy's (#California's) electricity demand from 12:30-15:30 PM today, and all renewables supplied >90% from 10:55 AM - 16:00 PM.
Hey folk, I'm going to tweet California's reliance on renewable energy, every hour or so, data from . Right now: renewables 49.9 percent, natgas 8.2, large hydro/nukes 26.3, rest imports.
hey folk, at this moment California -- the entire state -- is running on 70.9 percent renewable electricity. Thanks ! (if you click later, the number may change.)
California regularly has over 50% renewables on the grid. 53% right now -- and that doesnt even include the 5GW of rooftop solar.
Oooh, real time CAISO battery data now being posted:
2 PM. (I was out enjoying the sun at 1 PM, #sorrynotsorry.) We've finally crossed the 68 percent mark, running on 68.7 percent renewable power. ☀️Of that, 66.5 percent is solar, 21.7 percent wind, so we're all going to die of cancer. Data here
#WindWaterSolar renewables (eligible renewables + large hydro + batteries) currently (at 10:21 AM) supplying 66% of California's electricity
Big spill of solar energy in California right now.
Hi #energytwitter, where can I find historical CAISO hourly (or sub-) generation by fuel, batteries, and imports in a usable csv-type format? Essentially the data on this page but as far back as its readily available
Question for #energytwitter. In CA's electricity sector, the main marginal resource nowadays seems to be "imports" (natural gas doesn't seem to vary much). Does anyone track the composition of imports? Is it mostly gas? Hydro? Coal?