When a Chabad rabbi pressed Swedish authorities about his children’s safety in public schools, an official responded: “Why don’t you leave the country?”
Something’s rotten in Sweden: ’s hard hitting piece exposing the obtuseness of Swedish authorities and the genteel antisemitism concealed just underneath it
Sweden is full of solicitude for Jews in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks. But the country also seeks to limit Jews freedom to practice their faith. My latest.
This is an amazing article (not in a good way) on how religious Jews is Sweden are attacked by both the pagan jihad and islamic jihad (ironically blessed by the pagans who hate other religions but love Islam) Is it tolerant to bring this to America?
If you believe in religious freedom read this and be enraged.
For the Scandinavian establishment, Biblical religion is at best an amusing curiosity and at worst a grave threat to secular order. My latest, on one rabbi's six-year struggle to homeschool his children in Sweden.
In Sweden, the most vicious, anti-semitic and bigoted religion is secularism.
Make sure you didn't miss on life becoming impossible for Swedish Jews: Swedish govt won't protect Jewish children in schools but won't let Jewish parents homeschool either
"As if Molotov cocktails and mobs chanting 'we will shoot the Jews' weren’t enough, Swedish Jews also find themselves pressed by the reigning securalism."
Swedish Secularism Targets Jewish Homeschoolers
State prejadice against Jews, adds another cruel layer to the antisemitism they are suffering in Sweden. Read this by via : Swedish Secularism Targets Jewish Homeschoolers
‘For years, Swedish Jews have lived in fear of such violence, which is almost always perpetrated by the country’s large and ill-assimilated Muslim minority.’
There are two threats to Jews and Christians in Europe. One is violent Islamism. The other is a kind of soulless, highhanded liberalism. This article takes a look at the second threat.
This is why I believe religious conservatives make a mistake when they embrace various forms of statism and state-directed "solidarity." It never ends well for us.
Swedish secularism versus Jewish homeschoolers: my latest daily
Do not miss 's latest on a campaign by Swedish authorities to block a Jewish family from homeschooling. Compelling and complex story.