Others have written before about this person and the mysterious California South University. This university, with "150-buildings occupying 50 city blocks", does not appear to exist on any map. Read: : and :
Holy smokes, this is the kookiest thing you will read all day: (courtesy of / and down the rabbit hole....)
Here's my research into Alireza Heidari and the fictitious "California South University" in 2017
This is mind-bogglingly over the top: Somehow missed this before - see:
Incredibly interesting blog post about an in depth look into predatory publishing
"The University of Alberta, Southern California," a blog post I wrote about an odd Southern California university and its connection to predatory journals:
(1/3) Unfortunately, the website for the fictitious "California South University" is back online (). In case you missed it, here's my research into this "university" and its link to predatory journals:
I strongly recommend this blog post about the California South University and Heidari
I wonder how many people who (unlike the almost comically fraudulent Alireza Heidari) work at real universities are getting commission on APCs from open access journals, "predatory" or otherwise?