No person or community can gather all the knowledge needed to form a comprehensive & accurate vision of the world's future. Creating the future requires vast parallel competitive trial & error, not central planning. Many historical examples including
Told that one of these nations was destined to travel around Africa & conquer the main sea trade routes of the world, one would think this prophecy must refer to the vast and ancient civilization with its giant fleets, not the tiny one with small fleets.
Apollo and the Zheng He expeditions were both spectacular dead ends. "It is by practical efforts ... not by glorious bureaucratic white elephants, that the successful pioneers will, in good time, explore and develop the solar system." #Apollo50
Tiny Portugal conquered the world in the 16th century driven by economic incentives. Economic incentive driven enterprise will conquer the solar system: v πŸ€“
< True | Reason > : "The shape of the future is best discovered by competitive experimention rather than planning" -
"What did Apollo return but glory and a handful of rocks? We proved that our socialists, if funded by taxing capitalists, could beat their socialists funded by socialists." " sharp contrast to [how] tiny Portugal conquered the world's oceans."