For those who like to test Lightning and are not too technical, I really recommend running the one-click Zap installation from and . Available here
There have been some recent release delays around the globe, like a popular government speech or an altcoin fork, but not Zap Desktop v0.3.3-beta. New release out now 👇🕺🎊🍻🌩️
ZAP lightning wallet launches its first release! download it! by and contributors #bitcoin $btc
Squashin' bugs like an exterminator 👩‍🔧🌩️ Zap Desktop 0.3.2 is out. It's pretty, pretty, preeeetttty, pretty good **Larry David voice**
State of our union? Building. New Zap Desktop 0.3.4 is out. New features, massive performance improvements, a slew of bug fixes and overall stability enhancements 😀🌩️💃 Existing users can autoupdate, new users can download here
Code. Ship. Repeat. 🔁🌩️🔁 New Zap Desktop 0.4.1-beta is out! This minor release squashes some bugs and adds new features. Existing users can autoupdate, new users can download below
🚨⚡️ New Zap Release ⚡️🚨 Zap Desktop 0.5.2-beta has released! Some fixes, some enhancements, and the new LND 0.7.1 are included in this update. Join the thousands using Bitcoin and Lightning everyday with Zap Desktop. Bitcoin 👏 for 👏 everyone 👏
Thanks to everyone who's downloaded our new release! Got some feedback already from y'all and just uploaded another release with some fixes and updates 🤟🌩️ Current Zap users will be given an option to auto-update. You can find the release here
Node.js is all over the crypto space: Zap is a free Lightning Network wallet focused on user experience and ease of use, with the overall goal of helping the cryptocurrency community scale Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nice work
slack link lives in the Github readme
Release can be found here
#Reckless time! Starting up my first mainnet neutrino Lightning wallet with . You too can get rekt: