The whole British honours system is ridiculous and ought to be abolished. And I’m no fan of Nick Clegg. But can anyone really argue Christopher Chope more merits an honour?
Must admit, I'd never heard of Christopher Chope until today, but his record as a completely monstrous sewer blockage and anti-human scourge is exemplary.
I'm a little late in noticing it, but read this horrible parliamentary record. Then try to reconcile it with the concluding sentence: "Chope was appointed a Knight Bachelor in the 2018 New Year Honours for political and public service." You'll struggle.
Christopher Chope MP also opposed the minimum wage, supports climate change deniers, introduced the poll tax, opposed equal pay transparency, opposed restrictions on hospital parking charges for carers, and gay marriage It's surely P45 time?
Hadn't heard of Christopher Chope until today. Proven track record of being an utter dick.
The newly-knighted Christopher Chope is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. (HT )