The Fifty leading psychologists in the world today. How many do you know? #psychology #psychologist #list
Most of these lists are terrible, but this one is wonderful.
List of 50 most influential living psychologists in the world: Honored to be on this list, and happy to see so many evolutionary psychologists on it, starting with Leda Cosmides.
Honored to be ranked among the "50 Most Influential Living Psychologists in the World" but aren't the last 3 words kind of unnecessary?
Penn is home to 3 of these "50 Most Influential Living Psychologists in the World": Aaron Beck, Robert Kurzban, and Marty Seligman.
Psychology: a field influenced (apparently) only by white people and mostly white males. I’d like to see the list of the most influential psychologists who are not white males.
Have any of you seen these sorts of lists? Wow. #psychologysowhite
On the one hand, it's kind of a bummer that only ~10 of the "most influential psychologists in the world" are women. On the other, congratulations to the indomitable for being one of the (too) select few!!!
arbitrary 50 most influential psychologists list. no criteria reported. Where is Hazel Markus? Steven Hayes? David Barlow or Edna Foa? Amabile? Charles Carver?
Need ESPN-style power rankings instead of this boring list. "Kahneman's' bizarre struggles against the Ivy League continued this week with losses to Harvard and MIT."
These are the leading psychologists in the world today. #psychology #psychologist #list Congrats
In connection (with the “rational analysis” project), John R. Anderson was #1 on that list of the 50 most influential psychologists that people were passing around.