This commentary in is among the finest essays I have read in any outlet in last 12 months. Take 5 mins to read it
A gentleman, scholar & fine essayist who defends less-is-more. This piece is an example on how to address substance of argument without strawmans or name calling
‘Given the evidence, the onus is not on the critics of PCI but rather on the proponents to explain why millions of patients have received PCI outside the setting of acute coronary syndrome’ Brilliant piece via #choosingwisely #NHS
(1/11) Brilliant rebuttal essay by . The debate between him, and others on the soul of the overuse movement represents the very best of medical twitter because both sides have challenged my assumptions
Forgo the next week of industry-provided CME. Instead read this carefully-reasoned, well-judged article from John Mandrola. Read every section. Make sure you understand what it is saying. Better than any of my tweetorials - but only if you read actively!
"I live and breathe less-is-more thinking. To simplify care, to master the obvious, to heal and comfort with fewer drugs and procedures, this, I believe, defines elegance in medicine."
"Costs from tough decisions lie in the tails of the bell curve. The real waste in our system is in the center of the curve". Bravo
's brilliant, eloquent defense of the less is more crusade
Good luck friend. You are right to focus on conflicts during #meded. So pervasive is the COI, learners can't see it. They b/c like David Foster Wallace's fish who can't see the water. I wrote about this, in defense of less-is-more:
Super essay by on waste in US healthcare, why less is more in medicine, and why economic incentives matter
What a beautiful counter argument to recent piece. In Defense of Less-Is-More