Here is how temperatures on the NSW north coast have been trending since the early 1950s. Other #ClimateChange impacts for #NSW include longer fire seasons and more frequent droughts, extreme fire weather & heatwaves. See #StateoftheClimate
Dear Mr Bolt, excuse my pathetic, evasive, deceptive hysteria, but may I suggest that we all listen to the science on global warming ... like this or this or this Yours, hysterically
Ok, so our climate is changing, but what does it actually mean for Australia’s climate now and into the future? Get the facts in our latest #StateoftheClimate report:
How can we determine the impact of #climatechange on individual extreme events? Go behind the science with BOM's Dr Andrew Dowdy. More info in #StateoftheClimate
ICYMI: Our latest #StateoftheClimate report released in December explains how Australia's climate has changed & how will it change in the future
Did you know that temperature records at #Sydney Observatory Hill go back over 160 years? This graph shows the annual variability and trends in these measurements. Similar graphs for #NSW #Australia at & #StateOfTheClimate #Climate
What's the state of our #climate? Our latest #StateoftheClimate report co-developed with shows continued warming of the climate and #oceans. Find out more at:
Australia's temperatures have risen about 1 degree since 1910, and CSIRO note in their most recent State of the Climate: #ausvotes #AusVotes2019
State of the Climate 2016: Bureau of Meteorology
Thanks for this animation. As a suggestion it would be good to see this with rainfall for southern Australia not national average. Australian rainfall trends very different in direction and season for north and south of the continent.
For further "context and perspective", see State of the Climate in Australia by CSIRO and BOM:
I agree that discussion hasn't been all that accurate. For me, the long term drying and warming trends of the Australia S-SE are the big stories that relate to current & future fire activity, understanding there are other factors at play.