No notoriety: 's front is intensely, intimately focused on the victims of the shooting. Their names. Their faces. Not an image of the perpetrator in sight, and his name is nowhere on home page.
Current top stories: Cohen raid Cohen raid Cohen raid "Zuckerberg wavers as pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk slam Facebook’s ‘unsafe’ tag"
Former Playboy model Karen McDougal is alleging an affair more than a decade ago with Donald Trump. Fighting back tears, she says, "I'm really sorry for that. I know it's a wrong thing to do."
Facebook estimates roughly 126 million Americans may have been exposed to content from a Russia-linked troll farm
I Think Mishandled This. But the Network is Fixing It.
Why has South Africa announced today that it is aggressively phasing out the injectable in favor of bedaquiline for MDR-TB treatment? Read this article by .
Tough to open today and see this long list of negative long-term care quality stories, including the one in the headline:
"Every hour of every day, a piece of Louisiana, about the size of a football field, slips into the sea."
Typically excellent, on DeVos speech, from , & great to see her on
My appreciation for the late, great Kate O'Beirne: . RIP.
TB patients should NOT have to choose between deafness and death!
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security -
Typically excellent, on DeVos speech, from , & great to see her on
See if you can find the news on about President Trump successfully persuading President Xi to classify fentanyl as a controlled substance in China. It's the biggest news of the day. Has to be there someplace.
this is a (smart) opinion posted at . honestly tho, this is what NEWS headlines should look like today;
LIVE: Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen ring in 2019 with special guests live from Times Square. Watch on
CNN will live stream #StudentsStandUp tonight from 9-11p ET on , CNN’s apps for iOS & Android, via CNNgo on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV & Roku TV devices, and on Amazon Alexa and Google Home through TuneIn
What's next in the Trump Foundation scandal? Tristan Snell warns at
Hi CNN Does Jonathan Tasini write for CNN or not? Is Tasini a commentator on CNN like the Website claims?
Trump 'seething' as Mueller probe reaches former aides
. read , by , 8/16/17: "Trump said there were some "very bad people" on both sides, but that there was some who came out to protest the removal of Robert E. Lee's statue who were "fine people." #CharlottesvilleHoax
In Hurricane Florence’s path with a weak phone connection? Stay up to date with storm information using the text-only version of 📱Text-only   🎧 Listen to CNN (low-bandwidth usage)
My new piece for 's special series "Free Press: What's At Stake": "Why conservatives lost faith in mainstream media"
Patients with multidrug-resistant #tuberculosis have had to make the choice between toxic treatment & potential deafness or death. #SouthAfrica is now rolling out a new, less toxic drug to #BeatTB. #Breakthrough
News Corp 's British newspaper group during the period when phone hacking was ... UK Phone Hacking Scandal Fast Facts - Feb 11, 2018 - Anger over the hacking of Milly Dowler's phone led Rupert Murdoch to close 168-year-old NotW)
The most effective ways to curb climate change might surprise you. Brilliant quiz. Thanks ⁦⁩ &
Will be talking with live this morning ~10:38 AM ET. Topic: new U.S. #NationalClimateAssessment report & prospects for averting catastrophic climate change
Texas shooter bought animals off Craigslist for “target practice,” former Airman tells -- story coming soon on
TFW you open & the lead story is your friend finding his 30-year old Apple IIe & playing old games on it. 1. Totally awesome! 2. Slow news day? 3. So I guess there's not really a "national emergency," ?
CNN has shared stats like this in the past. The reason Cillizza gets this traffic is, for a while, CNN would send out mobile push alerts for his posts and they feature his posts on home page which guarantees millions of page views
Iran is the lead story on the home page.
Today marks an end to the longest writer-editor relationship in the history of . Steve Goldberg has been my editor for 22 years, dating back to when I was a mere cub. He puts the -- 30 -- on his career today. I love him.
Stem cell therapies: FDA sets a new path - CNN - - CNN
says: “The US has had 57 times as many school shootings as the other major industrialized nations combined“ We will never be a great nation as long as this is allowed to happen!
Wrote this piece for today - expanding a bit on my thoughts on clowns Papadopoulos & Page
Women's movement A woman without her headscarf waves a white hijab as part of what appears to be a social media campaign to protest a law requiring women to wear hijabs in Iran …/woman-waves-white-shawl-iran-protests-… #WhiteWednesdays #mystealthyfreedom
a hothouse atmosphere of haste &desperation that sizzles around finding ways to monetize websites. , even MSNBC online, BBC news they’ll monetize by putting up sponsored “stories” and flatout ads, without checking the companies out
New Reality Show Live Everyday in White House. The star is . Stay tuned! The many, many feuds and squabbles of the Trump White House - CNNPolitics -
6 dead in a shooting spree in Bakersfield, CA. Suspect kills wife and others, then himself. In CNN, but just barely. "Only" 6 dead doesn't get much attension anymore. Sigh.
It really is remarkable that in 2018, some of the best treatment options for a disease that leaves 10 million plus a year ill, killing 1.7 million of them can leave many patients blind or deaf: #tuberculosis
One house is on fire. The other has a leaky roof and bad siding. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE HOUSE WITH THE ROOF? Checks , watches MSNBC challenge Dems to come up with a message other than "we'll impeach." Realizes Podhoretz is FOS. Sighs.
The images Saudi Arabia doesn't want you to see -
😢 — Portugal wildfire: 61 killed, victims burned in cars as they fled -
Who can control the president? Apparently no one. No one can save Trump from himself -
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security -
North Korea missile test 'puts major US cities in range' -
Gasping for life: Syria's merciless war on children -
UK university proposes post-Brexit campus in Germany -
The press conference with and is underway now in Paris. Tune into or
Palm Sunday in Egypt: 31 killed in blasts in, near Coptic churches -
What the Senate can give for Mother's Day (opinion) -
SE Cupp: Healthy, happy people do not behave like Trump (Opinion) -
London Bridge attack: What we know about the victims, the wounded -
Former Penn State President Spanier gets jail time in Sandusky case -
DEMAND safe zones: Gasping for life: Syria's merciless war on children -
Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify today before the Senate. Watch on or CNN App
Marine Le Pen sparks outrage over Holocaust comments -
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security -
SE Cupp: Kellyanne Conway is wrong about Anderson Cooper's eyeroll -
has multiple front page stories on LaVar Ball and a very important update on wrestler Kamala’s emergency surgery, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the congressional sex scandal.
Wow! ZERO mention of the John Conyers blockbuster story on
Coming soon to the front page. “How Justice Ginsburg going Keto Could Keep her on the Court for 20 Years”
There is currently not a single word about Justin Fairfax anywhere on CNN's homepage. They have already buried the story.
The is top left column offering right now under "Analysis" heading. Trolling is now "analysis."
has updated the headline of this story: Meghan Markle: Trump says, 'I didn't know that she was nasty' - CNNPolitics
Oops, Trump almost had a $125 billion border wall
I swear has hired all the people who couldn’t cut it at BuzzFeed.
Scott Adams asks Dale to read Mueller porn on , healthcare, France, Wall funding, #metoo, coffee.
I'm running for president to restore people's faith that together, we can build a more fair and just nation. The CNN #BookerTownHall is about to begin—tune in now to learn more:
Even with perfect LTE connectivity, I'd much rather prefer text-only sites like & over & . All that visual clutter & attention grabbing junk on most sites these days is exhausting.
My piece on today. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Show Pages - The Campaign Trail - Is this a joke about the TRAIL OF TEARS, too?
Haley: The US is 'taking names' on Jerusalem resolution
Note 's coverage of the #US recognizing #Jerusalem as #Israel's capital. No editorializing in news coverage here, never, for sure.
TRUMP JUST FLIPPED OUT!! Mueller asks NO jail time for Flynn, cited his 'substantial assistance' via @000april000 @9kittens
US announces new sanctions. #VenezuelaCoup
How Aldi, a brutally efficient grocery chain, is beating Walmart on low prices -
School shootings: America vs. everyone else #nra #atheist #gop #atheism #GunControl
HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS TRUMP: 1)He cuts funding for fire fighting 2)He accelerates global warming responsible for severe droughts 3)He responds to California's worst fire with nasty tweets 4)Adding insult to injury, he exploits victims with fake photo ops
Man in a viral protest photo successfully runs for City Council in Charlotte
And yet again the conservative Evangelicals who run this country will offer their thoughts and prayers. And nothing more.
"The only way we win is by making foods that consumers prefer and choose over the food that we get from animals," (Patrick Brown) On
My latest comment piece for 'Why President Macron's U-turn is a warning for climate leaders' -
Day two of my guest hosting #stateofamerica on starts at 2:30pm ET! For US viewers, youcan watch CNN international by going to and clicking on the ‘Live TV’ link.
Betsy DeVos' huge step back for college women's safety (Opinion) - #SAHElaw
Emmanuel Macron assassination plot foiled by police -
I hate headlines, e.g. front page: "Brain disease in 99% of studied deceased NFL players."
"A day after he was charged with assaulting a reporter, Montana GOP candidate beats Democrat" lede.
Trump's Saudi Arabia speech is live-streaming at right now
Suspect in congressional shooting was Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump -
's banner this evening: "Trump's deafening silence"
Straight outta... China? The young Asian artists bucking hip-hop trends - 👊🏾💯🙌🏾
I wax optimistic & philosophical at about the recent potential Earth 2.0 discovered by Kepler:
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security -
Penn State fraternity hazing lawsuits move ahead - #SAHElaw
ESPY Awards honor Israel Del Toro with Pat Tillman Award for Service -
Last night I opened and saw this organically. I was skimming the piece until I got to the blackmail part.
CNN () leading with "climate change" coverage today. Super droughts and extinctions! It's a "grim conclusion"
Venezuela health minister fired after revealing data showing 66% rise in maternal deaths -
Bone marrow donor registry, chance to save a life - #marrowdonation
BYU changes policy for handling sex assaults - #SAHElaw
Worrisome ruling: Vaccines canB blamed 4illness without scientific evidence, says EU court -
Fearless: comrades remember photographer featured by US army -
#CNN holds no punches - compare to minimalist headlines at the &
Help! Which headline to click on? "Michael Phelps to Race a Great White Shark" or "See Blimp Plummet From the Sky"?
Rate of babies going through opiate withdrawal skyrockets - 1 in 10 born addicted. Scary.
Shooter screaming ALLAH AKBAR kills 3 in CA... huge breaking story but doesn't even have it on their homepage. Sad.
So inhumane to separate children from families at the US/Mexico boarder!
More great reporting from images Saudi Arabia doesn't want you to see -
Apparently Santorum thinks American kids dying isn’t his problem. He might be right: HIS problem is that he’s a an evil piece of sh....
When you get startled seeing your own company's retargeted ad on other sites. Looks great on , imho.
What's really aggravating is thelack of media interest in the compelling spectacle of a 23 year old black undergraduate being jeered as he speaks. At I could find the barest mention that someone named Coleman Hughes testified. No full story or visuals.
Sheesh. They should rename to "Tesla News home page", kinda like how should really just change its name to Trump News.
Seventeen years ago today in Manhattan, I woke to an email from a friend asking if I was safe. Why wouldn’t I be safe, I wondered, as I opened
So sad to see this tragic event in Indonesia
US allies left wondering [again] if they'd get better treatment by joining #Iran. , ft.
Sweetie, you'll never guess what I read on today....
When your keyboard's "c" and "n" key's are worn out from checking too often.
Now look at the resulting page. Pretty straightforward story, looks like at first glance (though not at URL). Keep reading, and it's a total advertorial for a boner pill. Re-check the CNN logo, and it's an, I dunno, banner ad?
Levon Aronian: Armenia's 'David Beckham of chess' -
Trump and Putin have a lot to discuss (opinion) -
The story behind the iconic ‘Tank Man’ photo -
Trump's mistake in his meeting with Putin (opinion) -
Venezuela protests: Looting, shootings leave 13 dead in one day -
.: Trump told Sessions he should resign in May, called him an 'idiot' #TheLead
How veterans are coping with July Fourth fireworks -
The contrast between and is striking. NO mention on Fox of the Spicer walkback on wire tap.
Yemen spiraling toward 'total collapse' as world watches, UN warns -