Here, I report my father's view that Israel's founding was colonialist. My dad, a sociologist at Syracuse University, was viciously beaten on the streets of Berlin by Nazi thugs. Am I to understand that his views would now be illegal to express on campus?
"Most frequently and passionately, my father would reprimand me for taking the Holocaust to be about me, or about my family. The Holocaust was about humanity." My 2016 piece on the meaning of Never Again", newly relevant.
Here is a piece I published in 2016 on the different lessons my parents' took from their respective experiences with the European Holocaust.
Your column is good, but hardly a new dialectic
Here is a piece I published in 2016 that explains the connection between my family background and my work.
Here is a piece I wrote in 2016 about the eternal fight in Judaism between the particular and the universal
Could be. Or it could be overdetermined. My friend Marianne Hirsch has written a lot about "postmemory" in children of Holocaust survivors. I realize your parents didn't describe themselves in that way, but there was a lot of trauma in your family history.