Cynthia Nixon to : "I think we need to abolish ICE." "They have strayed so far from the interests of the American people and the interests of humanity—we need to abolish it."
Pete Buttigieg explains why he says America needs an emergence of a “religious left”: “Living your faith might also have to do with paying more attention to those most in need and not celebrating those who already have the most wealth and the most power.”
Harvard Law prof. shares his advice for Democrats for the midterm elections: "Don't elect Cynthia Nixon."
Beto O’Rourke on criticisms of his ‘Vanity Fair’ “born to be in it” remark: “I was attempting to say that I felt my calling was in public service — no one is born to be President of the United States of America.” “I have a lot to learn, and I still am.”
"I’m just not going to help the Fox News executives raise money off my name.” Sen. on why she declined an invitation for a Fox News town hall: “I’ll go anywhere in the country — I want to talk to people — and find as many ways as I can."
Stormy Daniels announces exclusively on her plans to release a book titled 'Full Disclosure' Oct. 2 which she says will detail her alleged relationship with Donald Trump.
New York gubernatorial candidate calls to abolish ICE, and says "we don't need to replace" the federal agency. "They have strayed so far from the interests of the American people and the interests of humanity — we need to abolish it."
Sen. says he doesn't support reparations for slave descendants because there are "better ways" than "just writing out a check": “I think that right now our job is to address the crises facing the American people in our communities."
"I really want to thank all of America with being so kind with my family." returns to for the first time since her father Sen. John McCain passed away in August: "He wanted me to come back here, which is why I'm here."
Women's March co-president on her association with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has routinely spoken disparagingly about Jews, and if she condemns his statements: "I don't agree with many of Minister Farrakhan's statements."
James says he wouldn't include the paragraph in his new book about Pres. Trump's appearance if he "had it to do over again": "It gave people a hand-hold who hadn't read the book to attack the book."
Sen. looks back on his relationship with Sen. John McCain — and shares about one photo of the two of them that had the internet buzzing last year. "The Senate has a giant hole without your dad," he tells .
. on why she's bringing San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz to tomorrow's State of the Union address: "I want to make sure we don't forget about our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico."
BELLA THORNE POSTS NUDE PICS TO THWART HACKER: Actress Bella Thorne said she took her “power back” by sharing nude photos of herself after blackmailers threatened to leak them – the co-hosts discuss if this was the right move.
. reacts to yesterday's #KavanaughHearings: "I saw a committee of white men be angry and I wanted to say to them — 'I take your anger and I raise you millions of women and decent men in this country who are also angry and furious.'"
FULL INTERVIEW: Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman speaks out to the co-hosts of on Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing, if she thinks he had remorse and what organizations should be held accountable.
FULL INTERVIEW: Gold star father Khizr Khan discusses his relationship with Sen. John McCain, and condemns Pres. Trump’s attacks on the late senator. “Senator McCain has meant so much to this nation because of his sacrifice,” he tells .
RAISE RENT FOR LOW-INCOME TENANTS? HUD secretary Ben Carson announced a proposal for raising rent for low-income Americans receiving federal housing assistance. We discuss how this policy will really affect families that rely on this program.
. announces her role in 's limited event series 'The Stand'!
. calls Trump's Putin comments "extremely dangerous" and "un-American": "Our president acted like a pathetic puppy who was completely neutered around a former KGB agent, [a] murderous dictator who has caused some of the worst atrocities."
"HE'S TAUGHT ME WHAT LIFE IS REALLY ABOUT." discusses her father 's fight with brain cancer: "I'm just not scared of death like I once was because I know now he's gonna be waiting for me on the other side."
Former Sec. of State Albright calls Pres. Trump the "most undemocratic president" America has had, and says firing Robert Mueller would be a "disaster": "We cannot have a president who believes that he's above the law."
Sen. criticizes Alex Acosta’s role in the 2008 Jeffery Epstein plea deal, calling the way he described it as “troubling, disheartening, and unbelievable”: “He let this guy go with nothing but a simple, very light pat on the hand.”
. on why he asked former Pres. Obama not to endorse him at this time: “I didn’t want it to look like he was putting his thumb on the scale here.” “I’m incredibly proud to have served with him.”
Cynthia Nixon calls images of separated families "devastating." "I am glad [Pres. Trump] has signed this executive order against himself, protecting them from him. I wish he would sign some more executive orders protecting all of us from him."
.: "It made me so inspired that the ideals my father espoused through his career are the ideals of America. And I think there was a lot of talk about what died with him. And I am here today to tell you — it didn't. It is alive and well!"
CNN anchor responds to critics who say some of his reporting has been biased and editorialized: "I am absolutely biased against lies [and against] when people say things that are indecent."
Former Vice President on why he took so long to announce his 2020 run: “I don’t think it’s too long ... I think this is plenty of time.”
. responds to Trump's latest attack on the media where the president claims "91% of network news about me is negative (fake)": "That's his definition of fake news — anything that he doesn't like. That's actually not the definition of fake!"
. and her mother honor their late father and husband Sen. John McCain on Glioblastoma Awareness Day. ❤️ Learn more about the fight against Glioblastoma: #GBMday
SHOULD HOLLYWOOD TRUMP DONORS LIST BE RELEASED? Debra Messing and Eric McCormack called for an attendees list for a Beverly Hills Trump fundraiser be made public so they know who not to work with — the co-hosts discuss if the public has the right to know.
Sen. on how she will protect Roe v. Wade: “We need a federal law to take every principle that’s in the Supreme Court decision and just make it federal law — let’s give women all across this country that protection.”
Rep. Will Hurd on how landowners in his district along the border will react to the wall: "They're going to sue because in the great state of Texas, we care about a little thing called 'private property rights.'"
WOMAN NOT SORRY FOR RACIAL SLUR: The co-hosts weigh in on a North Carolina woman caught on video yelling a slur at a black woman, not apologizing for it, and saying she’d do it again.
Gov. on why he's running for president: "We have to have a leader who will say fundamentally and unequivocally that [climate change] is the number one priority in the United States."
Is America ready for its first gay president? "There's only one way to find out," Democratic presidential candidate says.
KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM MIDTERMS: News' Chief Political Analyst weighs in on the impact of yesterday's historic midterm election. #Midterms2018
. shares an update on her husband 's health, calls him "tough as a boot": "He's doing okay — you know, chemo and radiation is a very tough customer — it does so much good, but it also does a lot of damage."
. to 2020 candidate : “Why is impeachment the best thing to do?” Steyer: “When you see someone who’s deeply corrupt and anti-American, then we have to step up as a people and call it out and act up.”
. to former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe: "Were you ever a leaker to the 'The New York Times'?" McCabe: "Absolutely not — not in any time ever."
. opens up about finishing his late wife's book, and finding love after she passed away: "One of the things that I really missed ... was having someone to just talk to in the dark at the end of the day."
MELANIA WEIGHS IN ON #METOO MOVEMENT: In a recent interview, the first lady said women who make accusations of sexual abuse "need to be heard" and supported, but there needs to be "really hard evidence" and accusers should "show the evidence." We discuss.
. shares why she wrote her newest book #DontLetThemDisappear: “I think it’s really important that we not only inform but inspire kids to do something about the issues that they really care about.”
. opens up about finishing his late wife's book, and finding love after she passed away: "One of the things that I really missed ... was having someone to just talk to in the dark at the end of the day."
Presidential candidate calls to “ban and buy back ever single assault weapon in America” in the wake of last week’s deadly mass shooting in Virginia Beach: “I’m the only candidate calling for that — that will go a long way.”
Stormy Daniels shares her new book 'Full Disclosure' will be dedicated to her daughter, and why she wrote it: "I'm going to write everything and include it — and people can think what they want to about me, but at least it's the truth."
.'s and surprise for her birthday and grant her exactly what makes her happiest — talking politics! They discuss it all, from the Kavanaugh vote to Trump's comments on Al Franken:
KANYE ON PHONE DURING BROADWAY SHOW: The artist has apologized for his "lack of etiquette" while he and his wife Kim attended opening night of "The Cher Show" on Broadway — the co-hosts give their take.
“It should’ve been my best job… but it was the worst job of my career.” Nearly 16 years after landing her dream job with Don Imus tells us why she knew the first week she wanted to quit. “I would come off air and I would cry on a daily basis.”
IVANKA & TRUMP JR’S “COLD WAR”? A report says Pres. Trump’s daughter and son are reportedly locked in a sibling rivalry to get their father’s approval – the co-hosts weigh in on the alleged family feud.
The #RHONY is back next month! See and her producer Vicky break down all the drama in the latest trailer! 🍿