Are you old school like me and checking your reference list by hand? I just found that checks your in-text citations match your reference list and notes APA errors!
I saw this website for checking APA references on here a couple days ago. I just tried it out in a "stress test" situation (i.e., a paper I rewrote for an entirely different journal w/o updating the references) and it worked beautifully.
Tried 'recite beta', a free citation checking service at . Uploaded my draft article and went through two reports for in-text citations and the reference list. They flagged key corrections for a not-quite-Harvard referencing style. Thanks, !
I found a useful tool at with which you can check whether your in-text references match your bibliography references. Saved me plenty of time already, and it's free!
Writing is hard. Here are some resources! Learning to write: How to communicate value: Writing music playlist: Automatic citation check: Hashtags for support: #acwri #phdchat
Just found a great tool that automatically analyzes references and tells you if any are missing or not cited, and also notes other problems. Using a ref manager from the beginning would solve this problem, but if you haven't done that, this is amazing