EIA released its Annual Energy Outlook 2019 today. Here are some initial comments and data plots, focusing on implications for emissions, renewables, coal, and electric vehicles (thread).
CHART: #NatGas will account for the biggest share of total U.S. energy production, while renewables like wind 💨 and solar ☀️ will grow the most on a percentage basis. #AmericanEnergy [Source: 's latest Annual Energy Outlook ➟ ]
Net exports of #naturalgas from the United States continue to grow in the Reference case, led by waterborne trade of liquefied natural gas (#LNG). #AEO2019 #BPCLive
I'm at the Annual Energy Outlook release at . Report is out: EIA Admin Capuano reminds us: "AEO is not a prediction. All of the cases we are releasing today assume all laws and regulations are generally unchanged in 2050." #AEO2019
Just Released: EIA's "Annual Energy Outlook 2020" with Projections Through 2050 for Energy Consumed by Fuel Source. Despite All the Hype About Renewables Replacing Fossil Fuels, It's Still Very Much of a Fossil Fuel Future
It's annual energy outlook dayyyyy!