Chart(s) of the week: Gas is too damn cheap. via & Fuel subsidies are killing the planet, wasting 6.5% of global GDP, failing to reach the poor -- and yet amazingly popular.
Fuel subsidies: bad for the planet, expensive, poorly targeted, and yet very hard to kill. This great blog post by , from last year, is very relevant today to understand (some of) the context behind the situation in Ecuador. ht/
NEW Chart of the Week: Gas Is Too Cheap from “Fuel subsidies are bad for the planet, expensive, and often regressive. With new, high-frequency price data researchers explore why they’re also so hard to kill.” Read —->
Great post from about work on fuel subsidies
Spoiler alert: "Fuel subsidies are bad economics. They cost gobs of money, increase carbon emissions, and fail to reach the poor. But they remain popular, often with the people we think benefit the least." Excellent blog frm
Lectura interesante para poner en contexto lo que esta pasando en Ecuador y lo que dice la "izquierda" de aquí y de allá.
The whys and why nots of fuel subsidy reform by
Dreze's point resonates with work showing poor people who would disproportionately benefit from, e.g, replacing fuel subsidies with cash transfers often oppose that move.
Climate damaging fuel subsidies persist and it's politically tough to get rid of them. But it's easier when gas prices are cheaper. Good time to move now! Chart of the Week #6: Gas Is Too Damn Cheap
Here is a dumb idea presented in all its glory with a spectacular data graphic. Chart of the Week #6: Gas Is Too Damn Cheap