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2000 questions submitted in first 20 minutes... #AskAndrew seems to be proof that Americans want to hear more from this guy
Team Bernie lost another supporter due to how toxic they have become, and as a result of actually visiting instead of just trusting what Berners are saying or choosing to never mention, like how Yang has a plan for local journalism and how he supports RCV.
You all are incredible - we are about to hit $1.5 million with hours to spare!! There is nothing we can’t do together. We are going to make history in 2020!! 😀💪🎉
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I’m proud to serve as National Campaign Co-Chair for for President. His historic performance proves he is THE candidate we need to make the current occupant of the White House a one-term president! #HumanityFirst #MakeAmericaThinkHarder #MATH
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We have to start facing facts. The socialism/capitalism dichotomy is breaking down and millions are suffering because of it. Let's upgrade our system and build an economy that works for people. It is why I am running for President. 🇺🇸 Join us:
Screen grab from Andrew Yang's sub Reddit. is the most visited site of any Democratic Presidential candidate according the Amazon's internet trends tool . Let's get that bag folks. #Yang2020 #Yang2020 #Election2020 #basicincome #UBI
All in all, I think Andrew Yang won the #demdebate tonight. I went on and saw he's got 100+ policies in detail. He is the only one talking about real solutions! Also crazy cool that he's going to answer questions directly from on a live stream #YangGang
#WomenForYang: not only for me - but for all those before me who couldn’t leave an abusive relationship due to finances. For those women who earn drastically less then men. For single moms ... for care givers. For creatives who just need a little help.
.'s next visit to NH: Nov. 6-8.Public events listed below; visit to RSVP! Includes public stops in Portsmouth, Concord, Dover, Henniker, Littleton. Grab this week's Newsweek (w/Andrew on the cover) & get it signed by Andrew next week, #YangGang!
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Automation is here. Whoever you support for #Election2020 they'd better have a plan for this like Andrew Yang does. #YangGang
UPDATE: Andrew Yang's campaign has raised $750,000 since the debate. 20k donations. 1/3 were new donors to campaign. Donate today @
Holy cow - the last couple of days have blown the doors off in terms of new support. Tens of thousands of dollars from thousands of people all over the country. All time traffic highs on . The Rogan Effect is real. 👍🥊🙏
If my tweets didn’t make it obvious already, consider this tweet me confirming: I’m caucusing for on Feb 22nd in NV, and you should too! Check out to learn more about him. Also, this tortellini is great, thanks for asking! #YangGang #Yang2020
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It's like read my last tweet! 😂 Yang will be answering questions all day tomorrow so naysayers here's your chance - #AskAndrew your "checkmate" questions at so he can debunk them and you can join the rest of the #YangGang already! 😂
Apparently the answer was "absolutely not." Bring on the #ReturnoftheYang... #DemDebate #YangGang
Happy Monday #YangGang! Stay up to date with the campaign by signing up to volunteer for !
Chatted with after the event. Have gotten the chance to get to know him a bit. He wants to serve humanity and is doing a 2020 run for the right reasons. Check out his site/policies and consider donating so he can make the Democratic debates.
Shout out to for taking time out to discuss his amazing campaign and fresh vision for the country. Go to for more information.
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Today is my birthday. 🎉🎂🎁🎈 And all I want for my bday is for to be president. So, for my gift this year, I would like you to donate to his campaign, whatever change you have, and help all of us move #Forward in the new year. Thank you 🙏
It was so wonderful discussing many progressive ideas with 2020 hopeful this morning.
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I'm running for President (D) to build a new economy, one that puts people first. A Freedom Dividend of $1k/month, Medicare for All, and Human-Centered Capitalism will help us achieve this goal. Join our campaign and let's solve the real problems.
Anybody heard of ? He's running for president & his policy platform goes further & arguably more left than Bernie did. Plus dude's an amazing public speaker. Check him out if u got a few minutes to spare. Peace.✌️😎
Next we hear from 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, . Check out Listen live: #SUPD
Attention all #Beto supporters, we’ve got your new candidate here , check out to learn more about our next president!
MAKE AMERICA THINK HARDER Human Centered Capitalism Trickle up economics Not Left, Not Right, but Forward! 1-877-Yang-2020
20 sec. Challenge! Name 5 policies from candidate of choice. Fail & perhaps you need to do more research. Vote 150+ policies #YangGang #NHprimary2020
2020 US Presidential Candidate will be joining the main event panel for the Nov 17th NYC conference!
More than 160 policies are listed on his campaign website...
I’ve never voted Democrat, but I just donated to because I want to see his ideas get surfaced in the presidential debates. A lot of common sense in this platform
If you are a Democrat and care about genuinely new ideas, instead of the retreading of old ones, support
All right #yanggang here it is - our biggest goal yet! $3 million by year-end for making the debate, staff and ad buys in the early states. The progress bar is up and this is the end of the quarter that determines who is in it to win it. Are you with me?
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We have a big fundraising goal of $1.5 million by Sept 30 - and we are past $550,000 with 5 days to go! Thank you #YangGang! You can see our progress on the progress bar 👍💪🇺🇸
#ICYMI our new ad is LIVE in New Hampshire and on our website! Watch it now --->
We'll be livestreaming from the bus tonight! We might even make a few phone calls to those who have donated today- donate now and you never know!
We are behind our $2 million goal by tomorrow - let’s show that we will not be denied #YangGang! Thank you! 😀👍🎉
For those of you who miss the donation counter and the mini-Andrew he’s back on the website! Our new goal is 200,000 donors by the June debates. 👍😀🇺🇸
Andrew Yang website has a calculator showing how much federal government would give people in each zip code each month under Freedom Dividend. Would send $15,332,000 each month to wealthiest zip code in Washington DC.
Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend would send $7,089,000 each month to wealthiest zip code in Silicon Valley.
While we're working on the audio we'll be calling donors! Donate now and we might call you!
The progress bar for our Q2 goal is up on the website! Thank you all - let’s make history together! 😀🇺🇸👍 We can win this race.
The progress-meter is now up at ! Thank you for making it move in the right direction. 👍🥊🇺🇸. What should my icon do when I reach the podium? 🇺🇸
“My website’s , and our average donation’s only $19, so we joke that my fans are even cheaper than Bernie’s” lmao
Candidates keep saying URLs, but people don't do that... They don't type , they type "yang". They don't type , they type "klob" and use autocomplete. #DemDebate
I made a small donation to Andrew Yang to help him qualify for the Democratic debates. He needs another ~6k donations of any size to qualify
I think and his proposals for Universal Basic Income are interesting enough that I just donated to his campaign at He's worth a look; or a listen, maybe on 's Waking Up podcast