Confirmation of detectable sea level rise acceleration in the satellite era:
In miserable #climate news: 1. Observations of sea-level rise show it is accelerating: 2. Observations of global sea ice show it is at the lowest level in recorded history:
Sea level rise is speeding up, scientists confirm | . Research that would not have been possible without satellite data PNAS paper here:
Front page of today - Satellite observations show sea level rise is accelerating
New paper by GlobalMass project partner Steve Nerem finds global mean sea level has been accelerating at 0.084 ± 0.025 mm/yr/yr during the altimeter era. This is enough to more than double the total rise by 2100 compared to 3mm/yr constant rate.
Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era
Sea level rise is accelerating, in line with model predictions. Potentially 65cm rise by 2100
Accélération de la hausse du niveau des mers: voici l’article dont je vais parler au micro de à 18h15!
. Prof Gary Mitchum joins scientists in new research published in : Satellite data confirms predictions of accelerated sea level rise. Coverage via
accelerating rate of increase is evident in altimeter data and removing impacts of volcanoes and ENSO makes that even more clear
new research by Steve Nerem from in PNAS found that the pace of sea level rise has increased = w acceleration they project a potential rise of two feet (0.6 meters) by 2100 globally
Latest scientific prediction of sea level rise from now to 2100: 63 cm =25 in. The annual rise is increasing by 0.0084 cm each year. So, present trends continuing, the oceans will be 220 centimeters (87 inches) higher than now in the year 2200.
Sea level rise accelerating by 0.84 mm/yr per decade in agreement with #climate models & energy budget estimates:
"Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era" PNAS