An ECOMODERNIST MANIFESTO: An alternative to dystopian, misanthropic, apocalyptic environmentalism.
The manifesto is worth reading. The only risk is that you change your mind, and change it would mean maturity and evolution. As I told you before, our planet needs us all. And we need to be well prepared.
. is one of the signatories of the Ecomodernist Manifesto (), but she wasn't always an ecomodernist. In fact, she grew up with a general skepticism of technology. What changed?
In fact, environmentalism is a pursuit of the wealthy and secure. I'd suggest you drop the guilt and read for a different view.
You might want to think a bit more about this: and give this a whirl... Or not. Your call.
You are an ecomodernist! Yay! 😉
Humanity and nature must coexist. Our ingenuity will allow this. Our fears prevent it. #Ecomodernism #EarthDay
An ecomoodernist manifesto.
You have a pragmatic view of conservation. Have you ever read They have some very interesting ideas.
...but they are already written, so not a good use of time. You earlier referenced "my buddy Michael"; he has researched and written extensively. You'd do well to read some of it, and . Cheers.