Electricity consumed per Bitcoin transaction: 294.00 KWh Approx wholesale cost of electricity in the US: $0.12 per KWh Average transaction Bitcoin transaction cost, in electricity alone: $38 It's still Tulips, right? My crazy pills aren't working today.
Today bitcoin mining uses 30 TWh of electricity per day. That's the same amount of electricity consumed as Morocco.
Getting rid of Proof-of-Work is urgent: If Bitcoin was a country, it would have 65th highest in global energy consumption. 1 single transaction consumes as much energy as 9.6 US households for an entire day
Bitcoin uses nearly 5% of total UK electricity consumption. This is ridiculous! (sources: , )
Bitcoin energy usage (32 TWh) appears to be catching up with US utility-scale solar energy production (49 TWh). It’s growing much faster, too. (Via , .)
Giving a talk tomorrow in Vienna about the costs of mistrust and ended up using bitcoin as an example of the costs of replacing institutions with distributed systems. Favorite fact I found was that 1 bitcoin transaction uses 509 Kwh
Well this is sobering: Bitcoin mining is about 0.1% of global energy consumption. Enough to power 1.5m homes.
Global #Bitcoin mining now consumes more energy than the entire Czech Republic. Just a single bitcoin transaction now consumes as much power as the average US household does in an entire month.
The environmental impact of Bitcoin is HUGE. It already uses more energy than Morocco - a country of 35 million people. This isn't just an unfortunate, minor hurdle on the path of technological betterment - it's an enormous problem, only getting worse.
A single Bitcoin transaction uses as much electricity as a British household for nearly two months, and as much as 780,650 Visa transactions, concluded PwC’s Alex de Vries
Personally, I find it slightly obscene, don’t you? About #bitcoin energy consumption:
As #Bitcoin skyrockets, #energy consumption still a factor 1 transaction uses as much #power as my home/week $BTC #blockchain #cryptocurrency
[1]Bitcoin and other proof-of-work blockchains are immoral.
If Bitcoin miners were a country they’d rank 61st in the world; it's electricity consumption is estimated to have increased by 29.98%. If it keeps increasing at this rate, Bitcoin mining will consume all the world’s electricity by February 2020.
0.07% de l'électricité mondiale consacrée à minée du bitcoin
There’s a serious ecological argument to be made against a computing infrastructure that requires enormous, energy-sucking data centers.
The #Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index is 29.05 TWh per Year/2.69 Mil US households (+0.68%) 294 KWh per unique transaction (powers 1 US household for 9+ days) #MakeBitcoinSustainable
Oh oh oh!!! I know! Let's start including the metric "ENERGY CONSUMPTION" in every crypto chart! I can help get you started, . $XRP #XRPTheStandard
Gelijk of niet, de milieu vriendelijkheid is niet te verdedigen.. evenveel elektriciteit als Denemarken verdorie.
Bitcoin uses 626 kWh of electricity per transaction. Holy cow.
"Number of U.S. households powered for 1 day by the electricity consumed for a single transaction: 16.25."
#Bitcoin's TWh usage results in a #CarbonFootprint of 34.73 MtCO2 (comparable to a country like Denmark) The #carbon #footprint per unique transaction is 287.56 kgCO2 (equivalent to 718,909 VISA transactions) #MakeBitcoinSustainable
1 bitcoin transaction uses as much electricity as a typical US household uses in 10 days! People thought they were sticking it to the man really sticking it to the environment! When does backlash happen?
#FakeNews Total BTC annual power consumption (now) = 47.58 TWh. 2017 Global Solar output = 460 TWh. Sources - &
I find the account name Digiconomist ironic, given this post () fails to properly analyze the digital and economic properties and impacts of the digital/economic system in question.
TIL the power used by a single bitcoin transaction could power 6 US homes for a day. #thisisfine
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index
The #energy footprint for one #Bitcoin transaction (626 KWh) equates to: -1 US household 21 days (DE: 65, CN: 176) #CarbonFootprint per TX: 297 KG -742,500 VISA transactions -49,500 hours of watching Youtube #Ewaste per TX: 79 grams
One estimate of Bitcoin's annual energy consumption: 16TWh/yr. Sixteen _Terawatt hours_
Currently, every bitcoin transaction uses enough electricity to power 5.58 households for an entire day.
Hey The bitcoin network is about to beat Slovenia. ( power consumption)
This time next year, bitcoin’s worldwide operations are expected to consume about as much electricity as Sweden, more than twice what they consume today. A new forecast from , plus a defense of its methods:
Example of unforeseen consequences: Talk of banning #bitcoin not because of any of its design features but because bitcoin mining consumes an enormous amount of electricity worldwide.
The extreme cost of total distrust: A single bitcoin transactions uses $70 in electricity (at average US energy prices), with a carbon impact equal to driving a car 600 miles.
Bitcoin uses 0.1% of global electricity (on par with all of Ecuador)
this estimate puts the power used for bitcoin mining above 3GW (roughly all of Morocco's consumption) -- increasing by about 1% per DAY!
Sources: 1: password hashing at facebook 2014 2: energy usage at facebook 2016 3. bitcoin energy usuage
Been thinking about this figure floating around recently that one bitcoin transaction ~ 230 kWh of electricity usage
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index
Can we solve this please? . 30 TWh is 2/3 of all solar power in US and I'm guessing most bitcoin transactions isn't sustainable.
The thing that bothers me the most about Bitcoin is it’s shocking energy consumption (and inefficiency).
This on the vast energy used by Bitcoin is interesting, though not all clear to me (inc who is paying)
On the up and up? The total energy consumption of the world’s Bitcoin mining activities is now more than 50 times that required to power the entire Visa network
Bitcoin uses a lot of energy!
Bitcoin is currently at .15% of the global energy consumption. 1% predicted towards the end 2018 at current hash rate growth rate.
Le protocole et les infrastructure informatiques du bitcoin consomment au total plus de 50 térawattheures (TWh) d'électricité par an soit plus que la consommation du Portugal par exemple
Introducing the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index
On investigation, I may have misheard something at the tail end of #RSAclimate. The highest rate of energy consumption by Bitcoin has been around 73TWh/year, according to , whereas in 2017 alone, 443 TWh of solar energy was generated
Moar, Moar, Moar! 🤤 "Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index"
Laws of unintended consequences. #Bitcoin mining sucks huge amounts of power.