Young male zebra finches learn the song of their father, and perform it as adults to attract a lifelong mate. A female finch does the same, but doesn’t perform. She’s the critic. She analyzes a potential mate’s song and compares it with her father’s.
“The biggest difference between male and female brains of the same species is found in songbirds"
While you're thinking about who to date, consider what it takes for two songbirds to mate for life
Congrats to Sarah Woolley! Fond memories visiting for years as they worked on the their Ph.D. in Sarah's lab.
Roses are red Good songs make birds swoon Zebra finches mate for life When they find the right tune Young males learn from their dad And they practice all day So that females will judge That their brains are okay 🐦 #ValentinesASpecies
Birds do it. Bees, however? Not so much. It, in this case, is defined as "mate for life." And the birds in question are songbirds. I know, I had no idea either. Check it.
“The magic of the songbird is that vocal learning is incredibly rare to find in animals,” Some Songbirds Have Brains Specially Designed to Find Mates for Life