Trump's approval ratings down 3 points since he fired Comey.
President Trump's approval rating has gotten even worse at the GOP has been debating its tax plan. Now at an all-time low of 36.5% in our tracking.
Trump approval rating continues on a slow but fairly linear decline since the shutdown began. If he's being told this is helping him politically, he's probably not getting good advice.
Trump approval rating today: 42.1% Trump disapproval today: 53.1% (-11.0%) Trump approval one year ago: 41.5% Trump disapproval one year ago: 52.7% (-11.2%) There really hasn't been any change for more than a year, save for a slump around the shutdown.
Trump's approval rating, 42.4 percent, is his highest in more than a year in our tracking. (Since 5/4/17, which was before he fired Comey.)
I feel like we donā€™t talk enough about how unprecedented it is for a president to be this unpopular in his first year.
Had seemed like Trump's approval rating had maybe started to stabilize after his speech this weekend. But it's still getting worse in our tracking.
The new CNN poll has Trump's approval at 42 percent. The average of polls has Trump's approval at ... 41.1 percent. It's been at 40-41 throughout all of March. This is not some kind of major upward surge. Come on, people.
You could *maybe* make the case that Trump's approval rating decline is accelerating a bit. Starting to see more polls with him in the 30's. Day 0 of shutdown (i.e. day before): -10.5 net approval rating Day 9: -11.7 Day 16: -12.7 Day 27 (today): -15.3
This is the highest disapproval rating we've measured for Trump so far, and close to his lowest approval rating.
I'm not totally sure why Trump's approval rating has improved. But the improvement has been persistent enough -- he's been over 40% for most of the past 2 months now -- that I don't think people should regard it as a "blip".
Trump's approval ratings fell by 1-2 points when the Ukraine story broke (from ~42/43% to ~41%) and have basically stayed there; people claiming there's been a bigger shift, or a bounceback because of backlash, etc., are very likely cherry-picking data.
During the weeks of the migrant detention center/concentration camp controversy, Trump's approval went UP a couple of points: I cannot stress enough how much of a tightly sealed bubble we're in. That's about his highest approval since those early months.
Still moving in a very narrow range...but the highest approval since March 2017.
Trump's approval rating has been inching upwards over the past ~15 days.
We actually have a Trump approval among voters. It's 44%. His disapproval is 50%.
Trump's approval just slipped back into being underwater by double digits in the 538 polling averages. Those magical lying and chaos-spreading powers are just so formidable!
So 's approval is more than 10 points underwater again. Whatever slight uptick there was appears to have been meaningless. It's now: 42.6-52.9 Trump's deranged tweeting isn't doing jack.
Trump's net approval rating has now declined from -10.5 to -14.5 over the course of the shutdown. It's not an enormous shift but it's starting to add up: a bit more than a point of net approval lost per week.
I believe this is the first time since Feb that Trump's approval rating in the 538 tracker has dipped below 40%.
In other news this AM, Trump has his lowest approval rating in our tracking since the shutdown.
Trump's approval rating, which spent several weeks above 40%, is back down to 39.4% in our tracking.
Trump's approval rating has been between 40.0% and 41.1% for 55 consecutive days in our tracking. It really doesn't move very much at all. And it's not like there hasn't been news during this period.
For all the ink spilled on whether impeachment would be a PR disaster for Trump or the Democrats, the truth is that looking at Trump's polling average, you'd never know it was happening:
And yet meanwhile....
Trump's approval among voters... July 14, 2018: 43%. Election Day 2018: 44%. Today: 43%.
So ... Trump approval is up to 41% and GOP is now down "just" 6 points on the generic ballot. Can someone explain what's happened over the last several weeks?
NOTE: Trumpā€™s reelection odds have indeed improved. His approval rating is up to 43.8% in our average, which is pretty much the highest since the start of his term. #DemDebate
President Donald Trump has a 42.5% approval rating.
Actually a pretty decent amount of very recent Trump approval rating dataā€”and so far it shows no real change post Mueller report/Barr memo.
Huh, Trump approval is higher and Trump disapproval is lower than either have been since two months into his presidency.
President Donald Trump has a 38.8% approval rating.
While many of us have been on here ranting about how terribly Trump has been handling the pandemic, his approval rating has risen to its highest level on Five Thirty Eight since March 11, 2017. Good morning!
Trump approval rating down to 36.6 percent in our tracker, which matches his all-time low.
1/Is Trumpā€™s base holding? Simple answer is no. He received 46%, job approval low 40s now. At least 10% of his voters negative now on his Presidency. Similar shifts in Party ID and Congressional generic.
I donā€™t actually care if Iā€™m in the minority or not. A lie doesnā€™t become true because itā€™s popular. But as it happens Iā€™m part of the majority (52% ) who disapprove of Trump: .
Trumpist spin: Pelosi's holding the articles has been a political disaster for the Democrats and good for Trump. Fact: Trump was at 43.4% approval - 52.1% disapproval on the day he was impeached; he's at 41.9% approval - 53.4% disapproval today.
Basically not so far. He's at 41.9% now versus 41.6% a week ago. So *maybe* half a point. Should wait a few more days though.
Trump: "A strange thing is happening: My numbers are going up." Reality:
On Super Tuesday (3/3), maybe the last normal-ish day in American politics before COVID became the only story, Trump's approval rating was 43.3 and his disapproval was 52.7. Now? 43.6% approve and 52.4% disapprove. So he's lost his small bounce.
Trumpā€™s approval rating is below every modern president at this point in office despite a very good economy. Imagine where things will go if we fall into a recession.
The 538 average shows a bit of movement against Trump in the past few weeks. Certainly not *much* movement, but a bit. His net approval rating today is the worst it's been since 4/30.
The most Democratic thing imaginable is having a hand-wringing panic about "electability" when the incumbent president struggles to crack 42% approval.
President Donald Trump has a 37.3% approval rating.
The fundamental problem of our time is the the president is manifestly unhinged and unfit to serve and demonstrates it anew every day, and yet his approval rating is currently as high as it's been since the earliest days of his tenure
President Donald Trump has a 39.1% approval rating.
With the proviso that there has not been *that* much polling this week, not really any sign of an approval rating increase for him post al-Baghdadi.
On the approval ratings side, our average never showed the bump in Trump #'s that other sites claimed, and new polls are confirming mediocre numbers for Trump. We currently have him at 41.5%ā€” i.e. about where he's been for most of the past year.
FWIW there's no sign that the Iran escalation has made Trump more popular. His last couple polls have been on the weak side in fact, though not a ton of data.
1) Trump has lost a point or so from the (relatively small) approval ratings bounce he got as the crisis worsened. 2) Still higher than his long-term baseline 3) Interestingly, Trump's net approval rating is now worse among voters than among all adults.
5/ Keeping his base excited by means of polarizing tactics guarantees him control of the GOP, and this gives him a lot of power. He may have only 42% approval overallā¤µļø but he has an iron grip on the GOP. The GOP controls the Senate and lots of states.
Today Trump hit 43 percent approval in 538's aggregate. Last time he was that high? March 17, 2017 -- less than two months after his inauguration.
Trump just slipped below 40 percent approval in the polling averages:
President Donald Trump has a 37.8% approval rating.
Meanwhile, Trump approval reaches a new high in the FiveThirtyEight tracker: 45.9 approve, 50.1 disapprove among RVs.
Trump's approval rating is up to 43.1% in our tracker, which isn't great, but is relatively good for *him* (one of the better numbers he's had). Up from a low of 40.6% shortly after the Ukraine story broke.
FWIW, I know other methods differ, but I think our approval ratings average is pretty good at avoiding false positives, and it isn't seeing anything especially interesting going on with Trump's approval rating.
The president's latest tweet coupled with his last three predecessors' approval (Green) and disapproval (orange) ratings at this point in their first term
President Donald Trump has a 40.1% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 38.5% approval rating.
President Trump's approval rating is up to 45.1% in the trackerā€”the highest level since January 25, 2017.
For a brief moment starting today, Trump is more popular than Ronald Reagan was at this point in his presidency
Today is the 1,057th day of Trump's presidency. At this point in their respective administrations, every other president on record had a higher approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 41.8% approval rating.
Our job approval tracker shows coronavirus uptick at least losing steam -- and reversing in polls of voters. Need some more data to confirm, obv.
President Donald Trump has a 38% approval rating.
I usually wait until there's been a full point's worth of change before noting a shift in Trump's approval rating, but he does appear to have recovered a bit post-shutdown. Now at 40.1, after having bottomed out at 39.3.
We donā€™t have post-shutdown polling yet (I reckon a rebound is coming) but Trumpā€™s approval has continued to slide. Itā€™s now the worst since Jan 2018.
Trump's 538-average approval rating is now the highest it's been since the month following his inauguration. (His approval is still lower than that of any postwar president at this time in their presidency, including George HW Bush and LBJ.)
President Donald Trump has a 41.4% approval rating.
It's still remarkable how static Trump's approval has been throughout impeachment inquiry launch, Syria, etc. That 43% might be considered "high" and 41% "low" says a lot.
President Donald Trump has a 41.4% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 41.5% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 38% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 42.9% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 41.4% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 42.1% approval rating.
Since March 24, when Barrā€™s summary of the Mueller report Changed Everything, the presidentā€™s approval rating has moved from 42.1 percent to 42.0 percent.
President Donald Trump has a 40.7% approval rating.
I'm an elections person... I care about how Trump is doing among voters. The average poll looks the same as it has. About 43% approval, 53% disapproval.
Dear World, The majority of Americans regret that is President. #amjoy
President Donald Trump has a 41.9% approval rating.
Trumpā€™s approval is way up in the last few weeks: -41% here: -CNN poll has him higher than at any point since the 100-day mark: -Gallupā€™s at 40:
Chaos president? Drama and scandal ridden administration? NOTHING, NOTHING moves the approval needle. This is the most remarkable thing about this presidency.
President Donald Trump has a 41.9% approval rating.
Trump's approval has basically returned to the long-term normal in FiveThirtyEight, at 43/52, after a post-inquiry drop
President Donald Trump has a 45.4% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 40.6% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 42.2% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 41.2% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 42.2% approval rating.
President Donald Trump has a 42.4% approval rating.
How popular is President Donald Trump?
Amidst all the gloom, one chink of light. Trump's approval ratings are falling off a cliff.
How popular is President Donald Trump?
Clinton's approval rating in the spring of 1998 was around over 60%. Trump's approval rating is around 40%.
One rough & incomplete proxy measure of overall social stability in the US: Trump's approval rating, from
President Donald Trump has a 41.8% approval rating.
In case you're looking for some stability in this volatile world: The 538 poll average has had Trump's approval rating within the range 42.6 plus or minus 2 for 13 months running. Today is a decidedly average 42.4. [correcting 528 to 538 dammit]
_ Remember: More than half of Americans disapprove of Trumpā€™s Presidency () ā€¢
How popular is President Donald Trump?
One (very rough and incomplete) proxy measure of overall social stability in the US that I've been tracking: Trump's approval rating, from Currently at 45.3, a near peak for him, a few points above more typical averages (~40)
Reminder: almost no oneā€™s opinion about Trump has changed in ages. Nothing Trump did this week or last week or the one before led to any big shifts in his approval. I think of this as the second most depressing graph in existence right now. (Source: )
_ Trump bump from flag-rally effect is fading in recent days ā€¢ False drugs, inconsistent policies, lack of empathy will do that, IMHO ā€¢
Trump has set a new record: 55.1% disapprove. Paris may not decide elections, retreating & showing your a fool does.
Meanwhile Trump hits 41.2 percent approval, which is close to his high over the past 12 months.
We have Trump's approval at 38.6%. A bit toward the lower end of where he's been recently, but overall quite steady.
Hey! For his 200th day in office, Donald Trump got....below Bill Clinton's all-time low by 538's estimate
Trump's approval rating has improved by 2 points or so since Hurricane Harvey.
President Donald Trump has a 38.2% approval rating.
Ladies and gentleman, we have CONFIDENCE INTERVAL SEPARATION! šŸš€šŸš€šŸš€
President Donald Trump has a 38.4% approval rating.
How popular is ? An updating calculation of the president's approval rating:
Not much recovery in Trump approval numbers. Some in Gallup, but he remains at or near all-time lows in other polls.
That's only true if you put all of your eggs into one poll. He's as popular today as he was on Dec 3 if you look at the polling average. That was a decent polling number for him but 43.7% is still really low for incumbents. And no, it doesn't beat Obama.
I try not to get hung up no individual approval polls, but the average has Trump rapidly declining to a new low
Trump's approval ratings have recovered a bit since hitting lows after AHCA mess.
As of today, Donald Trump's approval rating, according to 's polling average, is the highest its been since... March 16, 2017
How Donald Trumpā€™s approval rating compares with past US president:
This is the highest disapproval rating we've measured for Trump so far.
How popular is ? An updating calculation of the president's approval rating:
Trump falls below 40% approval for the first time in our average -->
How popular is President Donald Trump?
One rough proxy measure of social stability in the US: Trump's approval rating, from
President Donald Trump has a 39.1% approval rating.
Some slightly better approval numbers for Trump lately.
_ Periodic reminder that more than half of Americans disapprove of the VSG ā€¢
Trump's approval numbers haven't really budged since Charlottesville.
Nope, it's the voters who support him (and will support others like him). Trump still has 37.8% approval rating:
Who the f**k are these 40% Bible-thumping, gun-toting, cousin-humping, cow-tipping, tea-bagging losers and their inbred wives who still support Trump? Wait... I answered my own question.
President Donald Trump has a 37.6% approval rating.
Trump disapprove minus approve is at 12.7 points now, widest gap since late April. Something there is that doesn't love a wall, or a shutdown.
Donald Trumpā€™s approval rating is 41.4%. Ronald Reaganā€™s approval at same point in presidency was 41.1% ā¦ā¦ā©
President Donald Trump has a 42.4% approval rating.
Trump at his highest disapproval rating yet (56.1%) in our tracking. Lowest approval (38.0%) was on 6/9.
how do his policies become less popular while his own popularity remain stable? He is about as popular now as most of are recent presidents were into their first terms
Here's a hypothesis for you to chew on: Will Trump's approval rating decline in the wake of the election on the theory that the one thing his image cannot sustain is losing badly? My guess is yes.
Trump approval rating: Before shutdown: 42.2% approve / 52.7% disapprove (-10.5% net) Current: 41.2% approve / 53.5% disapprove (-12.3% net)
On the one hand, Trump's approval rating in our average (40.7%) is now the lowest its been since April. On the other hand, it's never been higher than 42.7% in that period, so we aren't talking big movement.
Trump approval down from ~43% to ~41% since the Ukraine story broke.
Donald Trump continues to be an unpopular president.
Very few people changing their mind either way about Trump. Trump's average approval/disapproval: June 25, 2017: 39.6% approve, 55.2% disapprove. Eight months later, Feb. 25, 2018: 39.1% approve, 55.6% disapprove. And the range over that period is narrow.
Trump's *overall* approval is also flat (and low), when you might otherwise expect a rally-around-the-flag effect.
Despite all the news, Trump's approval rating is still at ... 42%, pretty much the same as it always is.
Possibly noise, but Trump is down to a -13.5 in the *voters* version of our approval rating tracker, which is usually better for him than the default version (which also includes polls of all adults).
Contrary to pro-Trump spin, Trump has had no post-"exoneration" bounce. March 24, the day of the Barr letter, Trump: 42.1% approve, 52.9% disapprove. Today, Trump: 41.9% approve, 53.1% disapprove. And it's more likely than not downhill for Trump from here.
Trump's approval rating and support for impeachment have converged. But that's a mixed bag for Democrats. Even as support for impeachment is steady/increasing, Trump's approval rating is up to some of its highest levels of his presidency.
Trump approval (which has been getting better for the GOP) and the generic ballot (which has been getting worse) have now converged. We have Trump approval at -9.6 in all polls or -8.0 in polls of LV/RV only. GOP is down 8.4 on the generic ballot.
Trump approve/disapprove: July 30: 42.8%-52.5%. August 30: 41.3%-54.2%.
FYI: On election day 2018, Trump's approval/disapproval was 41.8% vs. 52.8%. Today it's 42.0% vs. 53.3%.
If you have a method like 538's that corrects for house effects, the swings tend to be smaller. We adjust for the fact that Rasmussen usually has good numbers for Trump and Quinnipiac usually has bad ones, for instance.
Always hard to tell because it always seems to be bounded within such a narrow range. But perhaps a downtick in Trump approval lately.
Sure does seem like ~42% is some sort of steady state for Trump's approval rating.
Has Trump's political standing strengthened in recent months? On election day 2018, when Democrats won 10 million more votes for the House than Republicans, Trump's approve/disapprove was 42.0%-52.8%. Today it's a virtually identical 42.2%-53%.
#Presidementia Reality Check: If you believe that Trump is a demented failure as POTUS, think again. The polls say otherwise. He may win again.
Trump back below 40% approval again in the 538 tracker for the first time since February 1.
The basic problem with any kind of ā€œTrump as messaging geniusā€ take.
Trump's aggregate approval rating is at the highest point since his election. Seems like a failed impeachment process had the same effect on Trump as it did Clinton
Trumpā€™s approval rating recovery is real, but I also think kinda overhyped given this context.
We also incorporated our new pollster ratings into our approval rating, generic ballot & impeachment poll averages, but they made almost no difference. Trump's approval rating fell by 0.1 points and the D-R gap on the generic ballot closed by 0.2 points.
This week marks two months since the end of the Mueller investigation. According to 538's poll tracker, the president's approval has changed since then from 41.9% to 41.8%.
p.s. That's among polls of all adults. Among polls of *voters*, he's at 41/42-ish percent approval. But that's down from 43/44-ish percent before.
Data available here
Congrats to , whose aggregate polling average has now fallen below the 40 percent mark on . Winning!
It has been a month since Trumpā€™s tweets against ā€œthe squad.ā€ Since then his approval in the 538 tracker has dropped from 43% toā€¦ uh, 42%.
How Popular Is Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight
Donald Trump won with 3 million less votes than his opponent. He's remained throughout 525 days the least popular president in ages (less than Nixon). And somehow we're gonna teach other countries how to Democracy?
At 54.4 percent, Trump disapproval in the average now just barely at its worst post-shutdown level.
And in case you are wondering, survey of surveys shows essentially the same numbers
On January 25, based on , Trump's average approval ratings was 43%. Today it's 43%. It's like absolutely nothing has happened in the last four months. Other than we're four months closer to the election and Trump is flailing in the waves.
Trump hits 42.6 percent approval in 538's aggregate, highest since late May.
When you come into office with a +4 approval rating and turn it into a -13, I would call that persuasive.
I'll allow myself one overtly political tweet for the year: I notice T's approval rating over his entire term (exc. the initial honeymoon) peaked the day before the impeachment vote in the House: (No, I'm not sure what to make of this.)
Those Gallup/Rasmussen polls showing Trump's approval rating approaching 50 percent seem to be outliers. Poll averages at 538 and RCP still have him 7-8 points underwater.
10 days on from the agreement to end the shutdown, we're not yet seeing signs Trump's regaining any of the approval rating ground he lost.
I'm bad for following every micro-fluctuation in the polls, but can't help but notice that Trump is now more popular now than at any time since a couple of weeks after the election. (He's still hugely unpopular, of course.)
Disapproval of Trump has held fairly steady throughout presidency; no signs of a spike now. In fact, it is less severe now than it was pre-impeachment. And approval spiked when Mueller report tanked. Is there danger here for overreaching Dems?
So.. lowest approval ratings of any president Highest disapproval ratings of any president. -Hes still doing better than I expected though. I expected him to do to the US what he did for Trump casinos/ Trump University FAR quicker!
I wouldn't have predicted Trump would hit his highest approval rating in nine months over the past week.
I find Americansā€™ binary regard for Trump weird. Nothing moves the needle. 53.6% now disapprove and 41.5% approveā€”almost exactly the median for 18 months now, with approval never dipping below 39% or above 43%, approval never above 56% or below 51%.
Interesting infographic of president's approval ratings over time (as compared to Trump in green)
In @538politicsā€™ average of opinion polls, the disapproving majority has steadily grown during the last five weeks to more than 55%, higher than itā€™s been in a year.
For the first time since 2x in September 2018, Trump dips below 40% in 's aggregate today. Those were brief lows. Does he keep going down this time? Next Marker: Lowest ever recorded was 36.4% (12/17). Does he break through THAT floor?
The Dems aren't going to win much in these midterms, look at Trump's approval rating. If Trump has as bad a poll effect as we saw in his election, he's above average for a US President...which is basically unbelievable to me. No midterm backlash this time?
_ Always worth remembering that the Very Stable Genius is not very popular with Americans
Trump's Carter-esque 42% approval rating is a huge problem for Democrats, because it might not be low enough to overcome the effects of gerrymandering. This is insane
Your daily reminder that is just as popular or, if you prefer, unpopular, as he was on Inauguration Day 2017
FWLIW (very little) @538 Trump approval now shows new low approval (36.4%) and tied for highest disapproval (57.5%).
_ Never forget: Trump is in popular with Americans, 53% of Americans disapprove of him as president ā€¢ ā€˜Fantastically positiveā€™: Government tries to smooth over Trumpā€™s Brexit bust-up via
How popular is Donald Trump?
at this point in their presidencies, both Reagan and Clinton had the same net approval numbers as Trump today -- and they were reelected 6 years later.
Trump popularity now edges past both Reagan and Clinton at same point in presidency.
If you look at Trump's polling history, Republicans who were luke-warm on him seem to mostly have cared about tax cuts (signed 12/22/2017)
Could the stability of #DonaldTrump's approval in light of #MichaelCohen #StormyDaniels etc be (in part) that folks are impressed he has a model wife and cheated on her with a porn star? Esp when he was 59 yrs old.
I thought last week's events only confirmed what we already knew, but they do seem to influence the polls of Trump's popularity. It is work to know what is true in America.
Trump approval has been remarkably stable for around 40-42% now for 10 months. Before that he had a period of steadily increasing popularity from its nadir around 37% about a year ago. I still think a recession could truly damage him, but... wow
It seems to hurt Trump. If you ask people what to spend 5 billion on, only 19% selects the stupid wall. Still the best politics is probably to give Trump is wall funding (it is anyway far from enough). He needs it & will be willing to pay a big price.
I have no idea why thinks he has a 50% approval rating. It's below 40%. #alternativefacts? #idiot
It is often hard to connect changes in Trump's popularity to what he does. The last 24 days it seems to work. #Shutdown
now has T approval at 39.9%, first time below 40% since Feb. 27. It's not that the daily perturbations matter so much, but that the tendency is clearly down, down, down.
Trump (dis)approval rating watch. After his approval hit 40.2% on 538's weighted average, it has gone steadily down. Now at 38.5%. Disapproval back up to 56.2% Govt shutdown? Porn star? Regression to mean?
Since May 1, both Trump's approval AND disapproval have increased. Looking at past data, I can't see any previous 2 week period where these two numbers have moved in the same direction. Weird.
On 538's (complex) measurement, Trump's approval is at a new post-inauguration low, 36.5%. His disapproval is at 57.4%, 0.1% below its highest. Prior extremes were early Aug.
Incompetent Trump hits a new low approval. The main thing Trump still has going for himself is that he is at least not a Democrat. If leading democrats would stand for policies popular with the population, rather than the donors/media Trump would be gone.
A US President's net approval rating at this point in the first term has little (if any) correlation with being re-elected.
After wavering, polls swinging against trump this morning. Hope its a trend
538 aggregate graph of Trump (dis)approval polling for likely and registered voters. Source: Let's hope the curve soon will become more complicated again.
Striking the lack of any effect due to tax bill
How popular is Donald Trump? FiveThirtyEight is tracking his approval ratings.
Gallup -5%, Ipsos -2%, Lucid -3%, Rasmussen +2% Hard to guess why: Supports pedophile Tweets doctored fascist video Increases taxes on normal Americans Castrates Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposal to destroy internet freedom Trump Russia
Trump's support is pretty low, but it's amazing how steady it is compared to past presidents. Has anyone explained why?
Trumpā€™s lowest net approval rating coincided with Charlottesville: Bidenā€™s entry corresponds to a potential post-Mueller return to similar levels, but (despite individual polls) not yet there
Trump's approval rating is now back to the same as it was before the release of the Mueller report, which *may* have caused about a 0.5% temporary dip.
Don't make conclusions based on a single poll. However, it seems to have made an upward tick in the overall graph
Like, heā€™s not in terrible shape but this isnā€™t bulletproof either. What happens if he gets impeached and runs against someone who isnā€™t Hillary Clinton? Iā€™m surprised everyoneā€™s so confident just because he survived the Billy Bush tape
See the difference between all polls and polls of adults. Who knew kids, dogs, and cows had such an effect
Trump is not particularly unpopular among the public.
Trump's Net Approvals just hit a new low--lowest for any president in the history of this sort of polling.
Trump ties all-time low in FiveThirtyEight approval tracker: 39.8%
How popular is Donald Trump? FiveThirtyEight is tracking his approval ratings.
Interesting comparatives here and why itā€™s not good to make too much of 100 days.
Also of note, Trump's approval rating is the highest it's been in 45 days... Still only 42.4% though
Trump heads into this Comey crisis with weak approval numbers.
How popular is Donald Trump? FiveThirtyEight is tracking his approval ratings.
#Presldementia polls update: follow 538 for reliable poll results.
Pres. Trump's popularity is the highest that it has been since March 2017. Although I believe that impeachment is the right thing to do, it will probably (slightly) work in Trump's favor.
Rasmussen's "pool of likely voters" appears to be people currently using the swimming pool at the Trump Hotel.
That motivated (likely) voter effect is the thing to watch as the impeachment process plays out... Look at difference in poll tracking. Who will benefit most from the showdown? Which of will motivate turnout? TBD
Trump now more popular than at any time since the first few weeks of his presidency. Good news is he's still pretty unpopular. (43% approval)
Whoa. Trump hits 44.3 percent in 's aggregate today -- his highest number since March 14, 2017.
Trump's favourability now at 44.5, which is just about the highest it's ever been since a few weeks after the election.
Any evidence for that? Did Trump's favorability drop among people who watched Bloomberg ads the last four weeks? It is stable among the general public.
Trump is still at 42.8% support. But down by 0.5% since March 1. #USPolitics
In history today, Clinton's net approvals reached their low ebb. Trump's NAs are 3 points lower than that.
Trump approval at 36.8%, as compared with 37.6% pre-Charlottesville. Disapproval at 57.0%, versus 56.3%.
The evolution of Trump's approval rating since firing Comey does not exactly suggest a Beltway tempest in a teapot.
Trump approval/disapproval ratings on... Feb. 7: 45/49 March 7: 44/49 Apr. 7: 40/54 May 7: 42/52 June 7: 39/56
Trump's approval rating is at 42.3% down by 1% since March 1. A daily drop of 0.1%. Go ahead and extrapolate to your heart's content.
. How come his approval rating is still > 40%? Are you guys excluding infected people?
The election is long over. Still craving a political sentiment tracker w/ daily Bayesian updating?
It looks like Trump has gotten a small baby bump in support over the past few days. I'd guess it's the rally-round-the-flag effect that also comes with war....but it fades in response to performance.
Trump's approval is at 43.2%. Up by 0.9% since a week ago (42.3%)
The one graph I keep looking at when I want to convince myself that truth and common sense will prevail in the US
Trump now more popular than at any time since the election. He's still unpopular though.
Over the last 12 days Trump's approval ratings moved up by almost 2% (44.4%)
If I am reading the fivethirtyeight tracker correctly (and I would be very happy to find that I am not), President Trump's "all polls" approval rating (44.4%) is currently higher than at any point since his first hundred days in office
According to the 538 summary , Trump's approval rate is the HIGHEST it's been since early 2017! More evidence that he must be an idiot-savant of publicity.
And yet, somehow, Trumpā€™s approval rating has increased because of all this!
FiveThirtyEight has his approval at 44%, up 2% from November
I think the correct figure is near 44%
Polls of likely and registered voters show new records. Weak Trump disapproval: 56% Ignorant Trump approval: 39%
I wish there were any sign, any sign at all, that Trumpā€™s approval, esp among Republicans, were slipping. There isnā€™t. His approval is substantially higher now than it was during the entirety of 2017.
For the first time, Trump's net approvals just dipped below -20%.
Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.
The most depressing fact of the 2016 election, to me, remains how close to the results were to predictions that used no information about the candidates. The most depressing political fact about 2017-2020 is the stability of this
The estimated job approval has Trump roughly where Carter, Ford, Truman and Reagan were at this point in their presidencies. Quite a range of outcomes there for re-election bids (and midterms).
The 20-point gap is a bit of a cherry pick . There is a bit of an arch to the approval polls but theyā€™re noisy & seldom far from 54-40.