Oh look, Dominic Raab, frothing-at-the-mouth rightwing Tory housing minister, belonged to a secret Facebook group in favour of privatising all council housing and reintroducing workhouses for debtors
The Tories' new housing minister was in a closed Facebook group with fellow Conservative MPs which argued for council housing to be sold off at market value, healthcare to be privatised, and the return of workhouses for the poor.
Dominic Raab was a member of a secret Facebook group called the Ultras that advocated bringing back workhouses for the poor.🍥
1/ Thread on our new #Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab: Raab was a member of a closed Facebook group that called for privatising healthcare and the return of workhouses for debtors #StopBrexit #FBPE
This Tory Housing Minister Was In A Private Facebook Group That Wants To Sell Off All Council Housing via