It's hard to exaggerate the spitting vituperative nature of this crank screed against , who not only deserves this award, he deserves better than having "so-called" applied to his findings, which have been replicated, over, and over...
What does the world's biggest scientific org do to a famous climate scientist who bashes dissenting colleagues, demonizes his political foes and bullies philanthropist? Why, they give him a major award!
The continued politicization of science: Largest scientific society gives top award to Michael Mann, who spends his day tweeting unhinged, hateful rants at the president and GOP. Nice going Me for
AAAS gives award to "conspiracy-monger Michael Mann"? - what a load of fake news (AKA crap). Got to take "the source" (RNC supporters, Fossil Fuel advocates, Trump base) into consideration #Science #climatechange
Conspiracy mongers at "the Federalist" complain that the "Largest Science Org Gives Honor To Conspiracy-Monger Michael Mann." Mann's a scientist. "Federalist" pushes conspiracies. via