This Sunday's cover story entitled "The Case Against Google" has struck such a nerve that Google is paying to promote tweets at reporters in an attempt to discredit it. 's piece is a must-read: ...A thread on the anatomy of Google's spin
The fact that one Facebook algorithm change forced hundreds of layoffs in journalism shows why Big Tech is too powerful, and it's time to revive the anti-trust movement
If you love Google, you should hope the government sues it for antitrust offenses — and you should hope it happens soon, because who knows what wondrous new creations are waiting patiently in the wings
The anti-Big Tech sentiment grows stronger everyday. It’s one thing both the left and the right agree on. Down with Big Tech! The Case Against Google
"Google did everything it could to ensure that we’d never present a threat to them," says a Yelp executive. "It’s bullying, but they’re the 800-pound gorilla."
Should Google Be Sued for Antitrust? My latest from the NYT Magazine
The Case Against GOOGLE...
AMP allows Google to do this for more content - especially news - and they even use the same justification - performance. Perf is important, but it’s not so important that we need to shift so much power to Google.
Finally getting some time to dig into this. All I know is my inbox got an earful from lobbying and PR groups that Google funds, all refuting the story. So now I'm really interested
Is Foundem really the best example of "innovation" that antitrust enforcement against Google will generate?
Reading this, I'm struck by how much of the "case for breaking up Google" seems to rest on the assumption that the govt's antitrust case against Microsoft helped pave the way for new innovators. Seems to be a big misreading of history, no? Thoughts?
Great piece on Google's antitrust battle - and why it matters, by
Two years ago, did an cover story about the antitrust case against Google -- still a great primer about the underlying issues.
The Case Against Google “Google and the other tech titans understand the landscape is shifting. They realize that their halos have become tarnished.”
Case Against Google by is smart. Establishes (1) it would be a "waste of time" for an app to sue under AT laws; (2) "nobody cared" when app knocked on doors at the FTC. If only apps had a forum to pursue discrimination complaints outside of AT!
The Case Against Google
The Case Against Google
Really well done
Catching up on unread mags. This is a good one, accessible even to non techies. A bit surprised this made me feel empathy for Yelp. Totally unsurprised this confirmed my doubts about antitrust litigation as a vehicle for structural reform.
An in-depth read on how Google came to be the monopoly it is today – and why regulators and antitrust law enforcement are essential.
Interesting look at the history of Google and antitrust through the lens of one couple fighting the search giant for years by
Outstanding, fair, important Read: The Case Against Google via
“Antitrust prosecutions are part of how technology grows. “ Discuss. Interesting article
Full blown techlash, richly deserved. 2 of the best pieces, w/ common threads on squashing competitors, re: by by
Time to save Google, by suing it. Google has succeeded where Genghis Khan, communism and Esperanto all failed: It dominates the globe
The Case Against Google - The New York Times
What happens when the kitten becomes a cat? Interesting article on how superior technology creates superstar firms—which eventually become monopolies—then the threat of antitrust ensures the process can repeat.
Long weekend read on Google and the history of anti-trust allegations against it. Found the comparison to the story of Standard Oil most relevant.
This quote does not inspire confidence in the analysis: “Google has succeeded where Genghis Khan, communism and Esperanto all failed: It dominates the globe.”
The Case Against Google
The Case Against Google
The Case Against Google
Antitrust has never been just about costs and benefits or fairness. It’s never been about whether we love the monopolist. Antitrust has always been about progress
The Case Against Google
There’s strong irony in doing a series of shows on antitrust with ads from Microsoft in the breaks A major reason Google got a foothold was Microsoft pulled back from monopolizing internet/browser takeover for fear of antitrust suits
The Case Against Google #sociology
NYTimes: The Case Against Google, by Charles Duhigg /
Regulate Google and/or break it up?