Read on the "drivers of the permanent wagon circle" -- conservatives enabling Trump's behavior
Trump's "manufactured, self-inflicted, & pathological need for drama" is torpedoing his purported policy agenda.
I forgot to send my "news"letter by certified mail and now it's on the Internet.
ICYMI this is the piece just mentioned.
Shit happens ... explains
Attention G-File Subscribers. The missing Canine Update is in the web version. FWIW.
"A Mexican soap opera without the redeeming sex and cleavage." - Trump Drama
"But Neil Gorsuch" is "the everlasting gobstopper of Trump rationalizations," says
“Did you hear that Marge, he’s sending a certified letter to Lindsey Graham. It must be true.”
Wow. I hadn't been aware that is quite the expert on Piero Manzoni.
"Conservatives need to convince that he’s his own worst enemy."
This simultaneously made me laugh, cry, and barf. Thanks .
The Comey Debacle
I say with some confidence you will not read more about canned feces anywhere else this morning.