In case you missed it, this interview a year ago with and includes some brilliant points about how sexual evolution can illuminate current ideological debates over gender, #MeToo, trans issues, masculinity, etc.
. and I sat down with to talk about sex, gender, sex and evolution. Thanks to both of you for an excellent conversation.
. had and me on to talk evolution of sex and gender. Bonus topics: Komodo dragons and helicopter parenting.
It’s possible that professors being expelled from colleges may actually lead to a tidal wave of knowledge dissemination to the public once these profs have the restraints of conventional academia removed. Have an opinion here ?
I started a live stream on
Excellent Joe Rogan podcast with and on evolution, sex, gender, and related current social issues.
Why women are not impressed with catcalls - listen for 2 mins at least! Now as he says, this is an empathy gap between men and women, It works both ways.
Q: "How can a population abandon sex and be able to tolerate change?" A: They can't Genetic #Diversity
1. Experience #1081 w & Paraphrased for Twitter: Faced with a singular passionate issue which they feel absolutely needs to be solved, many people direct all their energy and focus onto that issue to find a solution
Fascinating discussion. How can I develop Bret Weinstein's ability to make every sentence sound profound?
The paradoxical promise of a pair bond in casual hookups - two converging perspectives - Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein - Anne Campbell
The paradoxical promise of a pair bond in casual hookups - 2 perspectives
2..moment a fashionable philosophy which seems petty intent on suppressing reproductive success In biology it's an unconscious strategy to ENHANCE reproductive success.
#Metoo taken over by opportunists and bad actors (literally!)
Concealed ovulation as rape avoidance adaptation? Even Smuts didn't suggest that! #DangerousIdeas by Bret & Heather on Joe
In 4-5 THOUSAND species of mammal on Earth humans are the only ones with permanently swollen jungle pillows! #SexyIsntSexist