The bizarre world in which "California South University" and its star researcher "Alireza Heidari" exist. Prepare yourselves
Others have written before about this person and the mysterious California South University. This university, with "150-buildings occupying 50 city blocks", does not appear to exist on any map. Read: : and :
Massive thanks to for highlighting my research about "California South University" in his excellent blog post at Science Translational Medicine!
There are actually several blog posts about this author and his affiliation. Spoiler alert: the university is not real. Also, all his papers list only his own papers as citations.
Here's the article
Headed to in a couple weeks & wondering if I can fit in a side trip to the fabulous new California South University. meet you and Hoss there?
'Down the Rabbit Hole With Alireza Heidari
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