Diseases of the heart and brain often go hand-in-hand, with women often at twice the risk of men. A webcast on February 28 will explore these connections
STAT is excited to be involved in this discussion about women's health and links between heart and brain disease. We hope you'll join us.
Watch live now: Experts explore why diseases of the heart and brain often go hand-in-hand, and how this understanding can be translated into better treatments and prevention strategies
Starting now! Tune in to discussion on sex and #gender connections related to heart and brain disease in women
#Heart and #Brain #Disease in #Women: Sex and Gender Connections. Video of recent panel w/ Jill Goldstein Ana Langer British Robinson (open access). #gender #equity #justice #health #research #ethics
Next week at >> Heart and Brain Disease in Women: Sex and Gender Connections
Many of conditions that happen during pregnancy increase risk of health conditions later in life. Pregnancy is a window of opportunity for improving long-term health, says W&HI’s Ana Langer. Tune in now
Major depression and heart disease co-occur frequently—and will be #1 cause of disability worldwide. Women face twice risk. Tune in to discussion at now