"A Russian friend explained vranyo this way: ‘You know I’m lying, and I know that you know, and you know that I know that you know, but I go ahead with a straight face, and you nod seriously and take notes." Another trick the WH adopted from Russia.
Grab your Russian dictionaries.
Vranyo: The Russian word for when you and everybody listening to you knows you’re totally lying but nobody calls you out so you keep doing it.
Nor is there anything magical about маскировка (maskirovka), as this article claims. It just means "camouflage" or "disguise," you gain nothing by using the Russian word instead of the English, and there's nothing inherently Russian about it.
Russian word of the day - Maskirovka."[A]n extremely helpful addition to America’s strategic lexicon. Or it will be, once Americans understand what it means."